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There Are Many Unnerving Urban Legends Behind This Cemetry Angel Gravemarker in Raleigh, North Carolina

The tales are only slightly creepier than the story behind this statue.

The Historic Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, North Carolina, was constructed right after the Civil War. Many casualties of that war are buried there, as well as several North Carolina statement. But the most curious grave in this cemetery is one belonging to Etta Rebecca White, who died of a brain hemorrhage in her thirties and is memorialized by a giant statues of an angel that many say is haunted.


The angel statue, which was carved in Italy out of marble, with a face said to resemble that of Etta herself, has a history almost as curious as the urban legends that now surround it. The ship carrying the statue to North Carolina from Europe sank off the coast, and the statue spent many years at the bottom of the ocean before being retrieved and put in place.

Now known as the “Guardian of Oakwood,” the memorial has several spooky legends surrounding it. Some say its intense eyes follow you around the cemetery during the day, and that its head spins at night. (There is a giant crack on the angel’s neck.)

Viewers flooded the comments section of this video with “weeping angel” references from Doctor Who, but I’m more interested in the story behind the woman in this grave. Before her death, she had been committed to a psychiatric hospital, and her husband was so overcome with grief that he sent her photo to Italy to make sure sculptures could capture her likeness in marble? Also, it can’t be that easy to get a life sized statue off the sea floor. There’s definitely a bigger story here.