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Atheist Lyft Driver Thinks She May Have Just Encountered Real Angels

She's visibly shook.

Perception is a funny thing. The old saying goes that in the land of the blind, the one-eyes man is king. We have a consensus reality—that what is real and what is not is fixed, observable, even measurable, but it’s also possible that we just don’t have the tools to measure what other people are able to perceive. Some animals, for example, are capable of perceiving ultraviolet light. Studies have shown that people who “hear voices” are actually hearing sublingual audio produced in their own skulls.

I’ve heard enough stories like this one never to discount the things that other people are earnestly seeing, hearing, and otherwise perceiving. Hallucinations are of course real, and can be very harmful, but as more and more research goes into the field of so-called “benign hallucinations” then it’s possible we need another word to describe what psychics, prophets, and other seers are actually seeing, and how they perceive the world in an entirely different way.


In the video, a Lyft driver describes her recent extraordinary experience after a man and his mother got into her car. The man, who the driver explains seemed to have some sort of disability, was chatting amiably with her, and revealed that ever since he experienced a traumatic brain injury, he’s been able to see angels.

He further shared with the driver that there are angels all around her car, and that they stay close with her, ever since she had a near-death experience several years earlier.

The woman, a self-described atheist, was shocked! She had had a near-death experience, and there was no way for the man to have known. As she recounts this story, she is visibly shocked, and admits she’s starting to wonder what else she might need to reconsider.