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Hospital Security Camera Purports to Show "Angel" Comforting Patient in Last Moments

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There are many stories of “angels” coming to visit and sit with the sick and dying in their hospital rooms. Hospice nurses and ICU staff all have stories about the profound and mystical things they experienced in their job when their patients were near death. And it’s also what we want to believe, too. That there is something bigger in this universe than our earthly pain and suffering, that our life has meaning beyond the momentary blip of earthly existence. That there are, in fact, angels watching over us.

Which is why a video like this one can go viral, despite what it may or may not actually show.

This video claims to be from a “hospital security camera.” It also claims to show a brilliant, angelic feature comforting a sick woman in a hospital bed in the moment of her death.

But people have questions.

First of all, it doesn’t look much like a “security camera video.” The angle is an unusual one for a hospital security camera as it appears to be taken from the foot of the patient’s bed. Even the video clip itself, which is of filming the screen on a tablet or even cell phone, is suspect.

Additionally, anyone who has ever taken a low light video knows that perfectly normal figures can seem to glow in such images due to the way the camera is interpreting the data its receiving through less-than-ideal lenses.

This video—of a filmed room, taken on some other machine, in bad lighting conditions, and badly reproduced—could be anything, frankly.

But what is important to its tens of thousands of viewers is that it “feels” right. We want to think angels visit the bedsides of the sick. And that’s why so many were quick to smash that heart symbol on TikTok.

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