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Woman Explains How she Psychically Communicates with Animals

What if you could know what your dog was thinking?

I’m always amused by those scientific studies that claim “research shows animals actually feel emotions” or “pets can understand the concept of fairness.” Have any of these scientists ever had a pet? If so, surely they’d know how complex their adorable little minds are. My companion animals are able to communicate quite a range of emotions and desires to me, and I make no claims to be psychic. The lady in the following video, however, has two decades of working as an animal psychic, and here she gives tips on how to understand the thoughts your pet is trying to beam into your brain.


In the video, pet psychic Danielle MacKinnon explains that when she receives communications from animals, it’s not in their own words, as they don’t have our language. Instead it is in thoughts or feelings which have been translated by her brain into understandable English, the same way that when you talk to your animal, they translate it into whatever they understand, using your history together, tone of voice, and the love they know you feel for them.

This is why your dog might listen when you tell them to sit but not when a stranger does. They don’t understand the word “sit.” They understand you.

When it comes to animal communications, I know a few of the sounds my animals make — my cat has one meow she uses whenever I’m opening her up a can of food, and a very different one when she’s wandering the halls wondering where we all went. And the more careful notice we take of our furry little friends, the more we might realize that neither of us need to talk at all. 

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