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Security Camera Catches Man Having Eerie, Hostile Conversation With Ghost Through Amazon Alexa

Not sure Jeffery Bezos envisioned Alexa being able to do that…

If you stop and think about the smart speakers in your house, they are kind of terrifying. This is a spy that we have willingly placed in our homes to listen to everything we say and to tell us the weather. Everyone who owns one of these gadgets has had the experience of it talking to them when they least expected it. Mine likes to answer questions we didn’t ask it sometimes. I used to think this glitch was harmless, but after watching this video, I’m not so sure. 


This particular haunted video offers a nice long clip where a man sleeping on the couch is awakened by an unholy banging that seems to be coming from the next room over. He gets up to investigate (why, oh why do these people never turn on the lights when they get up to check weird noises in the night? Tell me I’m not alone on this one?) but the ghost has something more interesting in store than rattling pots and pans.

From the corner, the Amazon Alexa, in a voice we all know well, chirps, “She was my wife.”

The man pads back into the room, baffled. He then proceeds to have the world’s strangest conversation with this tiny speaker, which variously claims, “You took her from me,” and “I found her here…my wife.”

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Then, after not achieving the kind of closure it is seeking, the ghost or whatever it is controlling this speaker causes Alexa to begin repeating an eerie, laugh-like “tee hee, tee hee, tee hee, tee hee…” But it's not remotely funny.

Though there have been many instances of “hacked Alexas”, this is the first time I’ve seen one combine with some good old fashioned poltergeist action, as in those banging pots and pans.

I suggest moving. 

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