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California Woman Believes She Caught An Alien Shapeshifter In The Trees

They make it *look* like a trick of the light...

Hang out among UFO enthusiasts for any length of time and you’ll learn a lot about the taxonomy of the apes of aliens believed to have visited or be visiting Earth. One is the big-eyed, hairless, “gray” creatures most people think of when they imagine an alien. Another type are said to be the tall, blonde, beautiful “Venutians” or “Pleiadians” (from the Pleiades star cluster). There are also the “sky fish” which supposedly fly squid like UFOs. And finally, you’ve got the supposed reptilian shapeshifter. According to the long-lived conspiracy theories about this creature, it can take on the appearance of normal humans and has infiltrated all the world governments. But this one seems to be hanging out in the woods in California, which, frankly, is a far better deal.


It starts out as a normal video of a bird on a branch, but something strange and almost cloaked seem to be moving behind the trees. Is it, as the caption reads, “classic alien shapeshifter behavior?”

Others have noticed invisible creatures in the woods in California. A group of hikers in the state recently reported being stalked by something weirdly transparent in the woods for hours. But was this sighting an alien, an invisible monster, or something far more prosaic?

The secret is watching the video a lot, and not being distracted by the bird. On about the fourth or fifth careful viewing, I was able to tell that what looks like the careful sneaking gait of a cloaked figure, it’s actually just branches waving in the breeze behind a bush.

At least…that’s what they WANT you to think.