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Family Thinks They Captured An Alien On Camera

Does this seem legit?

Nobody wants to think there’s a monster lurking around outside their home, especially when they are at home alone. In my younger days, when I was home alone, I once called the police on what turned out to be a nutria (think giant ugly rat creature of Florida) on our screened in porch. So I can definitely understand the fear in this woman’s voice as she investigates whatever it is banging around on her back porch.

But….is it an alien?


The small gray creature in the video certainly has the correct shape for what we consider to be the “little gray men” of media saturation. Viewers of this video are quick to say that the creature doesn’t look extraterrestrial at all. To them, it resembles Dobby, the hairless gray-beige “house elf” from the Harry Potter series of films.

If it’s a house elf’s he should probably invite it inside. These loyal creatures will do your cooking, cleaning, and other housework for gifts as small as a sock, I’m told.

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The video is not super clear, but its “peekaboo” movements and pale coloration can be described by another creature, one more terrestrial and far less fantastic than either an alien or an elf. I think what she is seeing —and what the camera is picking up in the darkness—is nothing more mysterious than the lighter underside of a small woodland creature. Its movements resemble a creeping rodent, raccoon, or even a cat. Maybe what she is seeing is an opossum, or the white underside of a black and white cat. Not, fortunately (or maybe unfortunately), an alien creature. 

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