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Woman's Dead Grandmother Has Photo of Alien Hidden in Her Belongings

Um, grandma, what weren’t you telling them?!
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I’m not sure everyone really “gets” TikTok. One of the more popular activities on the app is to post a funny video to go along with a popular song or sound effect. If you hang out on the “for your page” (FYP, for the fans) a lot, it can result in understanding what these trendy sound clips are, and making your own. But if you haven’t yet succumbed to the addiction of the Tok, it can lead you to not always understanding what the heck you’re seeing on your screen.

Such seems to be the case for this viral photo, which features a young woman claiming that she found a photo of an alien among the belongings of her grandmother after she passed, and led to a discussion about granny’s goings-on with the diminutive visitors from beyond.

Only…not quite. What this picture actually was, as the woman explains in a follow-up video, exasperated by all the comments and clearly not expecting to have gone viral—was just a joke. Yes, she found the photo, and yes, she found it a little odd, but she didn’t actually believe that her family was visited by little gray men. She was just trying to participate in the meme.

However, she has a theory about the origin of the photo. One of the many, many comments claims she has a similar photo, and that it was taken in a venue in Roswell, New Mexico—one of those tourist locations in the area that capitalize on Roswell’s reputation as a UFO hotspot.

Sorry to disappoint the TikTok newbies out there. Next time, check the meme.

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