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Woman Finds Mysterious ‘Alien Object’ In the Middle Of the Woods

Uh, what is that thing?

There’s nothing more relaxing than a stroll through the woods on a crisp autumn day. The breeze through the trees, the crunch of the leaves underfoot… the weird alien beacon set up in the middle of nowhere? In the below video, a woman is disturbed by the mysterious object she discovers while out for a hike.


The video shows a stone or cement column about the height of a table, topped with a glass plate covered in strange markings. “What am I seeing here?” she exclaims to her viewers. “This is crazy!” And so it might seem, to an unsuspecting hiker who is not also a fan of classic sci-fi.

The people in the comments section come to her rescue however, poking gentle fun at her ignorance and warning her not to activate the markings, lest she open the “Stargate.” The woman was correct in claiming that the object looked alien, as the script around the outside is written in the Ancient Language, designed and popularized by the science fiction television show Stargate. Savvy Stargate fans can even translate the symbols etched into the glass. 

But that’s not all! The plate itself appears to either be a variation on a compass rose or a “pulsar map”, such as the kind included on the Voyager’s golden record. Whoever its creator was, they wanted to add a little extra sci-fi oomph to their classical wayfinder. 

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Why this work of art was abandoned in the woods (or used to cover an old well, as some commenters speculated), remains a mystery, but it’s likely that whoever put it there got a real kick out of the idea that its bizarre presence might freak out hikers who saw it but had no idea what it was.

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