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Canadian Captures Video of Orb UFO in Alberta

Or are they only birds?

A recent video of so-called “orb”-shaped UFOs shot in Alberta, Canada is causing controversy online among UFO enthusiasts who can’t decide if it’s evidence of extraterrestrial presence in the north, or just a flock of birds. 


In the video, which is taken from a high point near the Brazeau Dam, several flowing white specks seems to flit in and out of the clouds against a gray, overcast sky. The objects glow white against the dark sky, and occasionally seem to wink in and out of existence, as if exhibiting a “cloaking” ability.

Viewers are torn. Some are certain that what the video shows is nothing more than some white birds being shot at a distance against a contrast sky.

“Definitely birds,” says one. “You can tell by the way they're moving. I use to have a few videos very similar to this that I took myself. I could tell they were birds in person but on camera they came out looking like light orbs moving just like this.”

“I have seen large flocks of snowy egrets look like this particularly with dark skies like in this video,” says another. “They look surreal and very bright, even at a distance. Although I do see what looks like a flapping motion, they do appear to be very far away which makes me question the bird theory.”

But others aren’t so sure.

“I am pilot. I have NEVER seen a bird flying around with a source of energy, to create a bright, shiny light that emanated from it before. I've also never seen a bird that was a bright, shiny, silvery color,” argues one.

Another claims these look very similar to UFOs he has seen, and that if they are birds, they would have to be the size of helicopters.

What do you think?