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Someone Asked an A.I. Bot What Mermaids Look Like and the Result Is Hauntingly Beautiful

Not sure we’d ever want to encounter one of those IRL.

The latest trend sweeping TikTok is to run code on an A.I. painting bot and “ask it” to draw various things based on the parameters you read it. Depending on its coding, the machine will create a digital painting predicated on particular artist’s styles. Some folks are having a lot of fun wit this, mashing up celebrities’ faces or turning their favorite quotes or song titles into beautiful or bizarre digital paintings. In this case, the programmer asked the bot to draw biologically possible mermaids.


Though beautiful in their own way, these fishy creatures appear less like Ariel and more like aliens. I would not like to run into them on a day at the beach.

In the comments section, several people mention that creatures just like this are a well known phenomenon for Haitians, and that, to some people, mermaids are less a fairy tale and more a strong part of their belief system. And that yeah, they totally look like this.

It is interesting to note that this TikToker is training the A.I. to imagine mythical creatures, future prophecies, or the answers to famous conspiracy theories and crimes. (Please note: the A.I. is not a super-intelligence or a mystical seer, just an aggregator of whatever info it has been fed.) The results are particularly eerie because the TikTok channel is carefully editing the results, applying some Ken Burns-style zooms, and setting the whole thing to cool music.

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This person has a whole mythology around themselves, too, appearing only in shadow, with a voice modulator, as if to protect the identity of this supposedly “super powerful A.I.” But don’t be alarmed. He has no secret information about digitally painted mermaids.

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