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You Know That Viral AI Manga Ghost Filter? Don't Take It to a Graveyard

System overload!
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Nowadays, lots of people are claiming that their gadgets are catching clues of the spiritual world. The Xbox Kinect’s seeming ability to “locate” invisible people in haunted houses make some call it a “digital Ouija board.” Others are convinced that their Tesla detects ghosts trying to cross the street. And of course, there are the trusty “spirit boxes”— modified AM/FM radios that ghost hunters use to supposedly catch the voices of the dead. Even smart phones have gotten in on the paranormal tech boom, developing apps that supposedly let you talk to the other side.

The latest craze on TikTok is an “AI Manga filter” that supposedly adds a manga style animation pinto photos of you and your surroundings. However, users were quick note that even taking pictures of supposedly empty rooms reveals figures lurking in the corners, as if the AI is picking up on invisible spirits in your home. As is the won’t of ghost hunters on social media, they immediately harnessed this new app to detect ghosts in their homes, with truly mysterious results. 

In this video, a person using the filter went to a local graveyard to see if it could detect ghosts there, kind of like people do with their Teslas. They most likely expected to see a variety of anime “spirits” draped across tombstones or leaning languidly against a tree trunk.

Instead, they got a surprising response from the AI: it froze.

The filter went to 99%, then clocked out, saying the AI was “too busy” to process the request.

Is it because the filter was not made to do large outdoor scenes like this, or because it detected way too many ghosts to properly render?

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