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Someone Asked A.I. to Draw What Hell Looks Like and It's Pretty Terrifying

If hell is a real place, we hope it’s not THIS scary.
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The latest trend sweeping TikTok is to run code on an A.I. painting bot and “ask it” to draw various things based on the parameters you read it. Depending on its coding, the machine will create a digital painting predicated on particular artist’s styles. Some folks are having a lot of fun wit this, mashing up celebrities’ faces or turning their favorite quotes or song titles into beautiful or bizarre digital paintings. And then there’s this fellow, who has asked the artificial intelligence to draw “hell.”


In the television show Severance, the character played by Patricia Arquette says, “The good news is hell is just the product of a morbid human imagination. The bad news is whatever humans can imagine, they can usually create.” And that is certainly the case for this terrifying depiction of burning, teeming masses. Because of course, even though “A.I.” came up with this drawing, it did it based on the millions of images of “hell” that humans have previously created.

The topic of hell has been a popular subject for artists to draw from medieval Europe on. From Jan Van Eyck’s painting The Last Judgment, in which masses of naked bodies are shown being devoured torn apart, and otherwise tortured by demons, to the red-hued landscape of torture and despair depicted in Hieronymus Bosch’s An Angel Leading A Soul Into Hell, there is no lack of terrifying images of the “bad place” for an aggregator like these artificial intelligence “artists” to draw from. If we humans knew what was good for us, we’d stop giving artificial intelligence these scary ideas.