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Strange Aerial Creature in Glendale, Arizona Resembles Sentinels From the Matrix

It's probably just a kite... a really weird kite.

A strangely flowing dark spot stands out against a clear blue sky and the camera zooms in to show what looks like a giant black octopus undulating through the air. A few different camera angles are shown, indicating the cameraman followed it in an attempt to get clear footage. A clear shot is finally revealed and it seems to be a dark spherical object with glowing stripes and thin tentacles, like some sort of bizarre sky octopus.  

Commenters guesses on what this strange aerial creature is range from a sentinel from The Matrix to a dementor from Harry Potter to some sort of undocumented sky creature. The reality, in this case, is much less interesting. 

For less than $50 you, too, can baffle your neighbors and stump onlookers with a twenty-six foot long sky octopus kite. With one of these and a remote operated drone it would be easy to fool many casual observers into thinking something paranormal was occurring.  

There has been a huge increase in UFO sightings over the past year, which means there has been a correspondingly large increase in explainable phenomenon as well due to the increased attention to the skies. Many attribute this renewed interest in part to the government declassification of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena that indicates there have been coverups, at least in admitting that they were collecting the data in the first place.  

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