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What It Means When You Get Aces in Tarot

This will supercharge your readings.

Few people know that the modern Tarot deck was originally designed to be a card game during the Renaissance. French occultists in the eighteenth century began to ascribe to them esoteric meanings and release their own Tarot decks specifically for the purpose of divination, and hardly anyone uses them for gaming purposes anymore. However, just as you can use what we call the standard 52-card deck for divination, you could, theoretically, play games with a Tarot deck. And it’s unsurprising that Tarot decks, like the standard one, have suits, numbers, “face cards”, and aces.

Here’s how to read the aces in a Tarot deck when used for divination.

Overall, aces are a card of energy and potential. But for what?

When you see an ace “facing another card, in the sense that the action on the card (such as a hand holding out an object) is moving in one way, then what it’s telling you is that the energy being released by the ace card is having a great effect on whatever is going on in the card it is facing.

Similarly, when the card is facing nothing (such as back toward the blank space past or forward toward the future) then the energy is being taken from the past or future.

Ace of Cups relates to something that is happening within you, be it spiritual intuition, creativity welling up, a new relationship or fertility.

Ace of Pentacles is dealing with the manifestation of something physical, and often financial.

Ace of Swords is about that “eureka” moment. Something is about to click for you in your mind.

Ace of Wands is about the energy that comes from inspiration, and excitement to get your project started.

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