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Man Tours Abandoned Michigan Farmhouse and Shares Its Chilling Backstory

We wouldn’t step foot in there.

This abandoned farmhouse in northern Michigan has a long and horrifying history. The local legends around the place are appalling. According to rumor, more than a hundred years ago, the home was owned by a farming family, who made the mistake one night of inviting a strange man to stay. Unbeknownst to the farmer and his family, this person was a vicious murderer. He killed everyone in the house except for the farmer’s daughter, whom he took out to the barn and hanged. The house has been uninhabited ever since.

And that’s not even the weirdest part of the story.


Now known as the Estelle Farm in Gaylord, Michigan, the place grew into the stuff of local legend, all centered around this one gruesome, but not necessarily verifiable story. Though the legend says: “it was reported in newspapers at the time,” there is no detail about, say, what newspapers, or if this mass murderer was ever caught and punished for his crimes.

Paranormal investigators report the usual signs of hauntings, like disembodied footsteps, unexpected scratches, and unexplainable cold spots, especially (if not totally surprisingly) in the house’s cellar.

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Its reputation was so strong that about ten years ago, it was briefly home to a “haunted house” attraction called Slaughter House, where performers would scare paying customers by re-enacting the dreadful scenes as well as concocting other horrific tableaux. The Slaughter House attraction was short-lived, however, and according to news stories, moved elsewhere for “safety reasons.”

Was that due to the extreme state of disrepair of the house? After all, collapsing ceilings and rubble-strewn floors are no joke. Or was it something else that drove the actors from this already quite haunted abode? 

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