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Five Signs A Passed Loved One Is Trying To Contact You

Keep an eye out for these!

Losing a loved one is difficult, no matter what the circumstances, and what your belief system. It comes as a great comfort to people to feel like the person they lost is still out there somewhere, and what’s more, can send them meaningful signs and symbols to let them know that although bodies die, souls never do.

This psychic medium claims that there are five simple signs to look for to know when someone you care about is sending you messages from the afterlife.


1) You see robins. According to this video, robins are a sen that your loved one is trying to get in touch with you. Many cultures believe that birds are messenger spirits and capable of bringing visitations from beyond the grave. Popular messenger avians include ravens, crows, falcons, doves, and cardinals, but robins work, too.

2) You hear songs playing that remind you of them. Ever play radio oracle, where you turn on the music and whatever song is playing answers your question? This is like that, but with messages from beyond.

3) You simply sense their presence. (This is called clairsentience.) You may think this is just your imagination, but it’s not.

4) You dream about them. Spirits visit us in our dreams, when the veil between the physical world and the spiritual one are thinnest. For me, this is the time I most often feel the presence of passed love ones.

5) They suddenly pop into your head for no reason at all. This is a sign that they are nearby.