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Woman Puts 5 Pennies Outside Her Door and Needs a Witch’s Help to Figure Out What Happened

She’s suspicious of her “good luck.”

Here’s the thing I don’t get about viral trends. If I saw someone post a spell or a good luck charm or something of that nature on social media, the time to ask yourself if it’s a good idea, if it’s safe, and what in the world you are actually doing by performing it is before you do it, right Apparently I’m alone in this assessment, if the nightly news is to be believed. From Tide pods to the cinnamon challenge, people are always and forever taking part in viral games without stopping to think if the thing they are doing is safe, and that impulse seems just as strong when they are dealing with the unseen world.

Take this woman, who made an offering of five pennies on her threshold, and now wants to know (again, from TikTok) who it is she made that offering to.


In the video, she details the good luck and wondrous happenings that have occurred since leaving her offering of five pennies at the door. But, she doesn’t entirely trust the door that she’s opening. Did she really want to take a walk with a bear through her neighborhood this morning?

Lady, the time to consider this was before you put those pennies out.

In comments, people tell her as much. Whatever spirit found her offering has answered, and there's no way of knowing if it's one she really wants to work with. 

There’s a lot of witchcraft tips and tricks to be found on social media, but it behooves you to know what you’re doing and think about it. Spirits don’t like to be trifled with.

And congrats on that bear.