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Psychic Shares 5 "Myths About Ghosts" That Just Aren't True

These are some valid points...

It seems like everyone is an expert in the spirit world these days, and very few people agree when it comes to what is happening with spirits and ghosts. Are they evil, good? Are they really the dead, or are they other dimensional beings? Are houses haunted by specific souls, or is there a residual energy permeating the place?

This psychic is sharing five common myths about the spirit world he’d like to debunk.


1) Graveyards are not haunted. As the psychic says, “No one gets the freedom to be a spirit and then hangs out around their decomposing body. Graveyards are NOT haunted.” Maybe this guy isn’t aware of how beautiful many graveyards are. Quiet gardens, stone statuary? Graveyards are cool.

2) Your deceased family member is not your spiritual guide. According to this guy, spirits have to live at least seven lifetimes before they can become a guide. However, this does not account for the fact that the lifetime in which they were your family member might have been their seventh. (He does admit they are watching over you in some capacity.)

3) New buildings can be haunted. Every building was new once, and the land the house is built on could be the source of the residual energy haunting. (See also: the Poltergeist movie, in which the family’s brand new house is haunted because it was build on an old burial ground.)

4) Ouija boards do not summon demons. This is a religious based bit of superstition. However, he warns that if you don’t know how to “close” a Ouija board, don’t “open” one. (No more info given.)

5) Spirits can hurt you physically. But this is unlikely—just as it is unlikely you will be assaulted while walking down the street.

That’s his takedown on several pervasive ghost myths. Which ones do you buy?