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Five Things To Do To Keep Bad Luck From Latching On To You

Can't hurt.
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Hoping to go into the fall with a little extra luck? Try these tricks from a self-professed cottage witch who comes from a long line of folk magic practitioners. 


In the video, a woman has some folk magic tips to help you avoid dangerously spooky stuff this upcoming spooky season.

1. Do not have a “welcome” mat. According to some, writing the word “welcome” or “come in” or any variation thereof on a doormat can be a read as a universal invitation to any entity (such as a saint, demon, or evil fairy) to walk into your house. You know the old story about how vampires need to be invited? Well, con’t invite them!

2. Never touch a nail, button, or other trinket that you find on the ground. The woman explains that her grandmother, a folk magic practitioner, used to “talk” warts away using a penny and then throw the cursed penny away. You don’t want to be the one to find that thing.

3. Never pick up money that you find on the ground. Wait, what? As a corollary to the above, money left on the ground may have been left there as a “test”. You’re not supposed to pick it up. Rather, you’re supposed to recognize it as a sign of abundance and walk on by.

4. Do not go past a threshold uninvited. If there’s a sign that says “no trespassing,” believe it.

5. Leave a broom or something to count (such as a basket full of sand, pebbles, shells, etc.) near the front door of your home. Evil spirits will be forced to stop and count the stars or shells and will be distracted from coming inside.