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A Four-Step Technique to Manifesting Your Best Life

Name it and claim it!
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The idea of “manifestation” or “the law of attraction” is not new. It wasn’t even knew when the blockbuster book The Secret made the concept a household name. Basically the idea is that you attract to you the things you are putting out in the universe, and that you are capable of “manifesting” things if you wish about them or think about them or chant about them hard enough. Kind of like prayer, but with a New Age twist.

Helene Hadsell, a twentieth century metaphysical teacher and author, was known as the “contest queen” for her uncanny contest-winning abilities. She developed her own methods for manifestation, and some of them are described in this video.

The four-step manifesting technique is known as SPEC: Select it, Project it, Expect it, and Collect it.

Select it is easy enough: use pick out what it is you want in the world.

Project it out into the world via visualization.

Expect it is the key to the whole enterprise, according to Hadsell. You must live as if this is definitely going to happen. Believe you have already gotten the job, the boyfriend, the contest win.

And finally: Collect it.

Hadsell believed strongly in these techniques. In the middle of the last century, after winning many contests, including a fully furnished house, she went from being part of “contester” (i.e., contest winning) societies and clubs, she moved on to learning about psychic powers, manifesting, and even mind control and self-hypnosis techniques.

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