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Three Magical Home Protection Tricks

Bless your home this spooky season.

We all want our homes to be our fortresses, a place of safety and refuge for our family. For some, this means doorbell cameras and strong locks. For others, this means protection spells. For this TikTok witch, home protection can be achieved in three simple steps, and she’s here to show them to you.


The first step to magically protect your home is to wash your door with moonwater. What is moonwater, you might ask? Moonwater is water that has been magically “charged” by the light of the full moon. To make it, take a class container (an old jar works fine) and fill it with water. Rainwater is best, but if you plan to drink it, use something potable. Cover the water and leave it a porch or windowsill where the light of the full moon can hit it. Then, simply wet a rag with this moonwater and wash your door.

Next, sprinkle some protection salt on the threshold and doormat. Protection salt is another magical concoction that mixes sea salt (or even table salt), ashes from ritual fires, incense burning, or even the burned clippings from your hair or nails, along with your favorite herbs. This will help prevent anyone unwanted from coming inside your house.

Finally, hang three bells from your doorknob, so their cleansing chimes will keep bad spirits from entering your home and send a healing peal or jingle any time the door is opened. (This is also good for pets who want to let you know when they need to be let out.)

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On top of these witchy tools, I also recommend a study lock. 

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