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8 White and Colorless Crystals to Use for Power and Peace

Sylvia Sky, astrologer, Tarot reader, and gemstone enthusiast, is a widely published author of books and articles about spiritual matters.

Custom-cut moonstones in a silver mounting.

Custom-cut moonstones in a silver mounting.

Why Ditch the Diamonds?

Ever notice how the bride-to-be sporting a big diamond ring is usually overwhelmed by problems with family, bridesmaids and money? If she removed that diamond ring, conflicts would diminish instantly. Everyone intuitively knows that life becomes suddenly simpler when we ditch those showy engagement rings and wear plain wedding bands.

Most gems and crystals and minerals radiate energy. There are stones we can tap for vitality and strength, such as the ruby, or for prosperity, such as moss agate or aventurine. Diamonds, compressed for eons by the weight of the Earth, are unique: They absorb all energies. That includes human as well as cosmic energies. The larger the diamond, the more attention and energy it attracts—it drains energy from every living source, including its wearer.

Diamonds are gorgeous, but on the spiritual/metaphysical plane, they require from the wearer more energy than they give.

Put a diamond on a teenager for instant chaos.

The whiter the diamond – “white” meaning “colorless” – the more stress it attracts. Actress Elizabeth Taylor, a famous diamond wearer, was married eight times. Let's be fair: a diamond attracts admirers and gifts. But the wearer must be spiritually equipped to wear them. Put a diamond on a teenager for instant chaos. Diamonds are best worn by mature people who know that every day—not just their wedding day—is worth celebrating.

The soothing opposite of the white or colorless diamond is not the black diamond but a gentler white gem or stone that provides energy instead of feeding on it. Here below are some energy-giving white and colorless crystals and stones and their uses. Most white stones are semi-precious. Some might not be suitable for jewelry but have vibrations that soothe or heal if carried in a pocket or kept nearby.

1. Pearls

White pearls are associated with good relationships kept healthy through courtesy and manners. Use or wear perfectly spherical pearls, real or faux, if your goal is to act focused and civilized or persuade others to do the same. Wear pearls in your dating-site photos for better-than-average results. Naturally irregular white pearls, often called “baroque” or “keishi” pearls, draw people’s attention, and with it, their judgement. Wear baroque pearls to elicit other people’s thoughts and opinions. Be ready for their honesty.

We know pearls restore focus and self-control because we instinctively “clutch our pearls” when our inner equilibrium is threatened.

2. Clear Quartz

White and colorless crystals have the highest vibrations in the mineral kingdom. The transparent quartz crystal point, always six-sided, is the undisputed ruler of power gems. Transparent or white quartz points, especially in a cluster, excite and raise our spirits.

Don’t overlook quartz jewelry merely because quartz is common. Formed millions of years ago of hot liquid rock, quickly cooled, quartz crystals are available singly, in small sizes, or in enormous masses suitable for outdoor rock gardens. Quartz crystals generate sparks and power that runs watches and radios. It is lucky because it protects and balances personal energy, and will clear out an aura if it’s been invaded.

The Earth has richly provided us with quartz in many hues, such as yellow, purple, or pastels. Wear or carry colorless quartz for energy and expansion. Wear yellow quartz, called citrine, to inspire respect, amethyst to rise above difficulties, and rose quartz for inner peace. Transparent quartz crystals might have unusual traits, such as a "phantom crystal" formed within a larger crystal, or threads of natural gold inside.

Quartz crystals, or rock crystals, as they are found in nature.

Quartz crystals, or rock crystals, as they are found in nature.

3. Moonstone

Moonstones, milky white with shifting columns of blue and gray within, have been linked with witches, magicians, seducers and others who seemingly have otherworldly powers. Its reputation isn’t entirely without a basis, because, metaphysically, a moonstone turns our minds toward other worlds and our eyes toward the wonders of our existence.

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However, despite what a famous novel, The Moonstone*, published way back in 1868, said about the stone's negative powers, while you wear or hold a moonstone its vibrations cannot affect others. Moonstone does not deserve its reputation for attracting romantic love; rather, it seems to do the opposite. Moonstone’s divine energy is purely personal, just for you. You’ll vibrate higher. Wear it when you perform a ceremony.

*Gemstone devotees reading the novel will learn that the stone of the title was not a moonstone but a diamond.

A magnificent spray of white calcite, mined in Brazil.

A magnificent spray of white calcite, mined in Brazil.

4. Calcite

Calcite is what stalactites and stalagmites are made of. Its crystals are almost never transparent, but there might be transparent marbling in the midst of colors such as white, yellow, pink, or black.

White calcite provides quiet continuous energy in smaller, enclosed spaces, such as a house, so it is a good crystal to keep in home offices. Its mild effects support long-term projects. Calcite is a softer mineral and not suitable for jewelry.

5. White Opal

The beautiful, beloved rainbow opal is the exception to the “white stones are usually gentle” rule. The opal's vibration is high, and the throb of colors in its snowy depths enchants everyone, but the opal, although it is a gemstone, is not a crystal. Unlike crystals, the opal’s internal structure is unorganized. Wear white opals with rainbow shimmers only if you are eager to attract chaos and fragmentation. Chaos can be creative! Whether you are wearing it for looks or using opal for its powers (the full extent of its powers is unknown), have quartz on hand to protect your aura.

Synthetic opals, regardless of color, are less costly and more durable than real opals, are just as eye-catching, and wearers do not risk any metaphysical effects.

Riverstone, in polished beads. Excellent for self-care and prayer.

Riverstone, in polished beads. Excellent for self-care and prayer.

6. Riverstone

Riverstone isn't just any stone picked from a river. Real riverstone is cream-colored with light tan-colored swirls or crazing. Look closely because it tells its own history: layered rock gently compressed by flowing water, like a planet forming. Riverstone is a type of limestone, a sedimentary rock too fragile for everyday wear except maybe as a necklace. Riverstone is an excellent companion crystal for prayer and meditation and for inspiring bonding and forgiveness. A bridezilla would do well to give her family and bridesmaids gifts of riverstone after the wedding.

7. Howlite

Opaque with veins of pale gray, resembling fine white marble when it's polished, howlite is actually soft and crumbles like chalk, so is not for fine jewelry or meditation mala beads, but a pebble or sphere of howlite will spread calm. A howlite pebble placed between two argumentative people will soften the atmosphere. Sensitive people should carry howlite as a pocket stone to reduce travel stress or the noise and bustle of big cities. If it breaks apart during use, it’s protecting you.

Howlite is often dyed blue in imitation of turquoise.

Gypsum helps people think before they speak.

8. Gypsum or Selenite

Gypsum is white and translucent with a silky sheen; another name for it is Selenite, meaning "moon stone." A commonly seen type is formed from mineral fibers; a non-fibrous type is called alabaster. Gypsum is valued in industry, powdered for drywall or for soil emendation. But trinket stores today carry gypsum candle-holders: chunks of gypsum about the size of a roll of toilet paper, hollowed out with room for a votive candle. Light the candle and the whole stone will softly glow. Although brittle, gypsum will not burn.

Gypsum helps people think before they speak, so it’s useful at meetings, including family meetings. Don’t pay a lot for the candle holders, because gypsum is a common mineral and very inexpensive.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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