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Ways to Use Lapis Lazuli to Enhance Dreamwork

Lydia is a practicing Druid who has dipped her toes into various occult organizations over the years.

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful stone that can enhance your dream magick.

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful stone that can enhance your dream magick.

A Crystal Resembling the Night Sky

Lapis lazuli is an intense blue crystal that contains flecks of golden pyrite and is a stone that is believed to link us to the Divine. The beautiful golden specks of pyrite remind us of the stars, and this natural resemblance to the night sky invokes a sense of dreaminess and imagination.

Ways to Bring Lapis Lazuli Into Dreamwork

  1. Use it to open your third eye for enhanced psychic abilities.
  2. Use it to focus your meditation practice before bed.
  3. Use it to apply essential oils before bed to enhance sleep.
  4. Create a dream pillow to hold Lapis lazuli while you sleep.
  5. Find ways to keep Lapis lazuli close to you while you sleep.

History and Uses

This stone was much loved by ancient royalty in Egypt, and the burial mask of King Tut contains inlays of this attractive stone. It has been mined since the 7th millennium BCE. Lapis lazuli was also used in Mesopotamia for jewelry and seals.

In the Middle Ages, Lapis lazuli was exported to Europe where it was ground into ultramarine pigment and used by famous artists like Titian, Masaccio, and Vermeer during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. These days, Lapis lazuli is rarely used as a pigment in fine art. It is only used when art from the past needs to undergo a bit of restorative work.

If you are looking to add an element of wonder and beauty to your dreamwork, bring this serene stone into your ritual or practice. Begin integrating it with just a small piece of tumble stone. If you enjoy working with it, you can then buy a larger piece or try wearing Lapis lazuli jewelry. Lapis lazuli jewelry is not as expensive as it once was as it is a semi-precious stone and is easily affordable.

Vermeer used ground Lapis lazuli as a pigment in his masterpieces.

Vermeer used ground Lapis lazuli as a pigment in his masterpieces.

Ways to Use Lapis Lazuli to Enhance Dreamwork

Below are five ways this crystal can be used alone or with other tools in your dreamwork rituals.

1. Open the Third Eye to Enhance Psychic Dreaming

Are you hoping to have psychic dreams? Do you simply want to become more receptive to the subtle breezes of intuition as they drift into the mind? If these are your intentions, then Lapis lazuli is a great stone to work with!

Some sources claim this crystal connects to your third eye, which is the source of your sixth sense. Opening this center gives you access to your higher wisdom and higher levels of perception. These higher states of mental focus are terrific ways to increase your dream quality. As you gain wisdom, your mind will work out the deeper problems of your life, rather than focusing on mere trifles. It essentially allows your dreamwork to focus on the bigger questions in life.

2. Use in Meditation to Calm Your Mind Before Bed

Silence the mind and focus on this crystal of serenity. Mental chatter can inhibit our ability to tune into our psychic abilities and have revealing dreams. This calming stone may help us relax and find inner peace. If you are looking for ways to quiet your mind, you can buy a larger piece of Lapis lazuli and set it on an altar for you to gaze at while you meditate. Taking some time to meditate on Lapis lazuli before bed can put us in a relaxed frame of mind when we drift off to sleep. Rising above our anxiety regularly through meditation can help our minds to not be so focused on mundane concerns as we drift off to sleep.

On a metaphysical level, Lapis lazuli may prevent psychic attacks. It helps you along your spiritual journey by connecting you to the Divine. Use this stone if you have emotional baggage you are hoping to clear away.

Another way to integrate this crystal into your dreamwork is to stare at a piece of artwork in which Lapis lazuli was used as a pigment. Get a print of a painting that is evocative for you and hang it in your bedroom. In addition to being soothing to the soul, fine art is something that inspires awe and wonder. Looking at a painting before bedtime can get your imagination working by thinking in the language of pictures, symbolism, and dreams. After all, both paintings and dreams are illusions of reality. They already have a lot in common!

Lapis lazuli is a crystal linked to the third eye.

Lapis lazuli is a crystal linked to the third eye.

3. Combine With Essential Oils Before Bed

Scent is a powerful sense that can bring up strong memories, can help establish a meditative state, and can be used to support better sleep.You can make use of this in your dream work. Many people like to use essential oils or essential oil blends to invite sleep and enhance dreamwork. What does this have to do with Lapis lazuli you ask? Well, Lapis lazuli stones make great tools to use when anointing your wrists or forehead with oil before bed!

If you're doing dreamwork to connect to an ancestor, you can pick an essential oil related to your relative's tastes. Perhaps they had a favorite flower, tree, or spice. If you are asking for the assistance of a deity, you can pick a fragrance sacred to that God or Goddess. After you have chosen which scents you wish to work with, dip your Lapis lazuli tumble stone into the oil or oil blend you've created. Once dipped, use the stone to dab the oil on your third eye, forehead, and/or wrists before going to sleep.

These blue stones can easily be placed in a dream pillow or placed on an altar.

These blue stones can easily be placed in a dream pillow or placed on an altar.

4. Create a Dream Pillow to Hold Your Crystal

Lapis lazuli may help to prevent nightmares. In the past, it was used by alchemists to draw out evil. Essentially, keeping the crystal close to you as you sleep can support dreams and deter nightmares. You can keep your stone close to you by creating a dream pillow or sachet. Simply fill the pillow or sachet with sleep herbs like chamomile, lavender, hops, or rose, and place your piece of Lapis lazuli inside. If you don't want to create a sachet or pillow, you can also try putting Lapis lazuli on your night stand or underneath your bed. Another method is to grid your bed by putting this crystal at each of the four corners.

This is an especially useful crystal if you are a Virgo—it is your birthstone.

5. Wear Lapis Lazuli to Bed

If you can find a piece of jewelry that is comfortable to wear to bed at night that incorporates Lapis lazuli, this is another effective way to bring the crystal into your dreamwork. You can also wear it to attract success, friendship, and deflect negativity. At one time, Lapis lazuli was considered just as precious as sapphire and our ancestors had a great deal of trouble differentiating the two stones. It is thought that biblical references to sapphire may have actually been Lapis lazuli.


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