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5 Common Intuition Blocks and How to Solve Them

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Is Your Third Eye Sleeping?

Intuition, or your third eye, can become blocked every now and then, especially when you are first starting to tap into your intuition. When you are trying to open up your third eye, which is your 6th chakra, there are many things that can slow down or even revert the process.

If you are experiencing a lack of creativity or imagination then you are probably blocking your intuition in some way. For example, writer's block or not being able to get into the zone when you are doing whatever your passion may be can be indicative of an intuition blockage. Another sign would be that you aren't remembering your dreams, or you are not dreaming at all for long periods of time. You can usually sense when your third eye is dozing.

5 Ways to Improve Your Intuition

What is blocking your intuition is something that you need to really think about and adjust. Your awakening journey is yours personally and is not like anyone else's. These are just five common blocks that could be happening to you.

1. Clutter

I know it sounds more like Feng shui advice, but clutter has a connection to how easily the intuitive vibration moves about. The positive Chi (energy) is not running through your space freely and raising up the vibration of the space as well as your own vibration. Energy and intention are vital when you are working on developing your intuition.

Solution: De-Clutter

Obviously, the fix to this problem is to get rid of the clutter. If this is a possible issue for you, start with where you meditate or do any ritual work and where you sleep. If it's necessary, work your way through out your home and your life. Clear off your desk at work. Do this with the intention of awakening your intuition. Do a space cleansing to get the Chi flowing smoothly again. If it isn't appropriate to burn a sage stick, then use a bell to clear the space with the vibration of sound.


2. Not Eating Your Fruits and Veggies

If you have a diet that consists primarily of meat and fast food, then you are not getting enough nutrients that your brain needs to function clearly. Overeating also makes you sluggish and slows down intuition. Fruits and vegetables have a high vibration of the earth and the cycle of life without being killed in order to provide nourishment. I'm not by any means a vegetarian, but for some reason I've noticed that the stronger my intuition, the less I crave meat.

Solution: Eat Fresh

There is something sort of spiritual about eating a rich piece of fruit. Fresh vegetables taste so much better than canned. Pick your favorites and eat them everyday. Eat a salad without meat or a vegetarian pizza for lunch instead of a three-meat taco. A great hot weather thing to do is to cut bananas in half, put them in freezer bags, and freeze them for a hot weather treat. Delicious!

3. Lack of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep will affect your full R.E.M (rapid eye movement) sleep state. This is when you are getting the most benefit of your sleep and when you have dreams. When you are working on strengthening your intuition, and even when you are not, it is during your sleep state that your higher self and guides work on "awakening" you.

Solution: Prioritize Rest

Eight hours is what is recommended as the optimal amount of sleep—not too much and not too little. If you are busy and eight hours of sleep sounds like a dream in itself to you, then start going to bed or staying in bed a half hour more. Figure out at what amount of hours it is that you dream. If it is seven hours and you have only been getting five, then find a way to adjust your sleep schedule.


4. Overindulging

Overindulgence of alcohol or any other mind-altering substance changes our vibrations. Alcohol lowers our vibration while intuition and our higher self work at a high vibration. This contradiction in vibratory levels makes it harder for intuition to get in when we drink. The energy of our higher self has to lower itself to be in sync. Even just having a glass of wine with dinner creates a change in your vibration level.

Solution: Practice Moderation

I used to really enjoy my wine, especially with dinner. However, as I've been on my awakening journey, I am now really turned off by the smell of it. This started a few years back. Now if I do decide to have a few drinks, I have noticed that it can take me up to a couple of days to get my normal level of intuition back. It makes using alcohol not really worth it.

5. Lack of Meditation

Meditation is the most important way to awaken your intuition. If you have not been doing as much or you are not doing it at all, then you are not opening up your third eye to its present potential. Slowing down our minds and thoughts allows our intuition to be heard. Meditation is often when we get glimpses of what our higher self or source is trying to tell us. It opens up our ability to recognize signs that are being sent both externally and internally.

Solution: Schedule Meditation

If you are meditating regularly, then maybe it is time to step it up a bit. It could be that you have reached a peak and it's time for the next plateau. Add a couple of minutes to your session or even add another session. If time is an issue, then add a tool that has the energy of intuition—like a charged amethyst, which is the crystal that has the energy of intuition and psychic abilities.

If you are not meditating at all because it just seems too hard, or for whatever reason that you have conjured up, then my suggestion is to just do it. Start out with just a couple of minutes sitting completely still and not letting your mind wonder. Do this until it becomes easier to control your thoughts. Concentrate on the rhythm of your breath or the flicker of a candle. Whatever slows your mind down. Add more time as you progress. Use music or guided meditation if you want. Do what makes it enjoyable to you. Set aside an exact time everyday. Add it to your phone alerts as a reminder that you have a date with your higher self.

5 More Intuition Blocks

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Stephanie Dolzall from Danville on June 23, 2020:

Thank you for writing this. I'm a writer that has writer's block and a dreamer that can't remember her dreams. I want them both back.

I have not been meditating... I need to resume. Thank you

Allisyn Nichols (author) from Texas on February 08, 2017:

Thanks coffeequeeen. If your hub name is any indication for your love of coffee, I can't live without mine, then try sipping some herbal tea before bed. I can drink coffee all day and still do sometimes. I try to replace that last cup of coffee with herbal tea and it seems to help.

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on February 08, 2017:

Lack of sleep is something I suffer with most nights. Thanks for writing this hub, it's certainly been very interesting to read.

Allisyn Nichols (author) from Texas on February 08, 2017:

Thanks Luke! And thanks for the idea. I really enjoyed writing it and thank you for giving me the inspiration.

JourneyHolm on February 08, 2017:

I see you did a spin on your last article with a what to avoid article. Well done! I thought these were good suggestions for improving intuition. I always liked the quote that goes something like, "Our eyes help us to see, but our third eye helps us to understand what we see." Keep up the good work :)