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Switchwords for Love, Relationships, and Friendships

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I've been writing about spiritual topics for many years. Switchwords have helped me, both professionally and personally. Together—Love.

Yes, Love is a Switchword.

Yes, Love is a Switchword.

Switchwords Can Help With Relationships

We all need a little help from time to time, and Switch Words—or Switchwords—are the perfect little helpers to enable you to create an easier and more flowing life. They are particularly useful in the arenas of romance and relationships. From attracting love to letting it go; from building trust to having fun together, Switchwords are an easy method of establishing a healthy love life. They also work extremely well in forging strong, long-lasting friendships, as well as smooth interactions between family and coworkers. Here’s how to get started.

How Do Switchwords Work?

Without going into too much detail, Switchwords are special words that hold certain vibrations. These act on a level of your consciousness which helps you to manifest the circumstances you desire. Simplistically put, change starts from within. And, as you impress these word vibrations onto ‘universal energy’, things begin to happen in your external situation. I go into more detail here: How to Use Switchwords.

However, they are not mini-miracles. Think of them as aids, rather than a solution all by themselves. You are not going to meet the love of your life by sitting in your living room chanting Switchwords, well it's unlikely. You have to take practical steps towards your goal, whether that be getting out to places where you might meet a variety of people or registering with an online dating app.

How to Get Started With Switchwords

It’s really easy to bring Switchwords into your daily life. Decide on a word, or word combination, you feel will be suitable for you. Then whisper it to yourself a few times and then as you go through the day, remember to silently speak them or, better still, ‘tune-in to them’. In other words, try to feel the words in your whole body.

You can also write your Switchwords down, say, 10 times, and carry them around in a notebook or piece of paper. I like to incorporate them into simple written or candle spells. If you, too, regularly practice magick, you might enjoy this article: Boost Your Spells with Switchwords.

Power Words

There are three major ‘power words’ which have extra strong vibrations. Place one of these before any other word to increase the strength of your intention.

These three power words are:

  • Together
  • Divine
  • Bring.

Together is the Master Switch word. If you use no other, make it a habit of using this one. It has a coalescing vibration which has the effect of gathering energy and pushing it where you want it.

Divine has the effect of informing the universe that you expect a miracle to happen.

Bring is the manifestation word. Use it when you want to bring an idea or wish into your reality.

When you want to find romance, to attract your soulmate, say, whisper, think, or write, "Bring Love."

Switchwords for New Romance

When it seems like all the world is in love and you are on the outside looking in, all you want is someone hold you. To make you feel cared for, loved and attractive. And of course that feeling is not limited to those looking for romance. Get your notebook out and write down these words:

  • Bluff: will help you release anxiety, increase your confidence and radiate good vibes. People are attracted to those who give off a good energy.
  • Chuckle: will also increase confidence and also fire up your inner spirit. It’s like a personality booster.
  • Cover: will calm you. Let’s say you do get asked out on a date and the very thought turns you into a heap of nervous energy, use Cover to relax and subdue over-excitement.
  • Curve: increases self-esteem and beauty. It’s a gorgeous word in its own right. Use it often.
  • Ho: will also help you release nervous energy. Use it as you exhale or sigh. Feel its calming effect immediately. You can also say Oh in the same manner.
  • Hole or Whole: to boost your attractiveness and charisma. It ensures that you present an enticing, well-rounded personality.
  • Learn: will give you a youthful attitude and appearance. For those of us who are a little older, Learn bestows a little perkiness.
  • Praise: is one word we should all use everyday. It helps us to feel and, therefore, appear beautiful in the widest sense. Beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. It also helps us to overlook flaws in others.
  • Reach: will help you find things to say just when you feel that rational thought has deserted you. You know, when someone interesting smiles at you or tries to start a conversation. Mentally whisper, ‘Reach,’ and the words will come.
  • Smile: just smile. There’s nothing like it for a potent self-advertisement.
  • Spend: to help you choose the right clothes, to put together the right outfit for the occasion, and to make yourself look downright gorgeous.
  • Stretch: to prolong a good feeling, to make a good time memorable, to increase enjoyment of being with another.
  • Sweet: to join in, to be great company for others, to make people glad that they are with you.
  • With: similar to Sweet. Helps to harmonize with other people; to be on the same wavelength.
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Those Switchwords are useful for anyone looking for new love or who is right at the beginning of a potential relationship. They will also work for anyone who thinks they will be helpful, romance or not. And remember you can preface any of the above with one of the three Power Words for extra oomph.

Switchwords for Long-Term Relationships

It’s so easy to slip into a routine when in an established relationship. Sometimes it’s just like putting on an old, but loved sweater. Often, though, long-term relationships benefit from an interjection of energy and Switchwords are just the thing to help things along. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to make an effort—of course you do—but these little magic words will encourage you to get things moving . . . and you don’t even need to tell your partner.

Go through the list above for new romance and see if any of those might work for you. Additionally, you can try any of the following that fit your needs.

  • Add: will increase what you already have. Often this one is applied to prosperity, but it can also apply to the security of a marriage or long-term relationship.
  • Ambrosia: to heal, to look forward to a happy-ever-after.
  • Around: to help you see things from their point of view. A change of perspective.
  • Attention: to help you listen to your partner, to actually pay attention to their words and feelings.
  • Balance: will promote stability and strength in your relationship.
  • Be: to feel comfortable, to be resilient, to avoid any negative emotions that your partner may be giving out.
  • Care: to retain information. Works well with ‘attention’. In other words to listen and remember what your partner is saying. So often we allow their words to go in one ear and out of the other, leading to their complaint of, “You never listen to me anymore.”
  • Cheers: will enable you to encourage your partner, to be their personal cheerleader.
  • Copy: to boost fertility if you are intending starting a family.
  • Curve: to create a beautiful, mutually satisfying relationship.
  • Drop: to immediately let go of an entrenched point of view or unwanted idea. Good for when in the middle of an argument. Reduces confrontation.
  • Duck: will reduce hypersensitivity. You know those times when your love can say nothing right? When you are looking for anything they say to take offense to? Use ‘duck’ to remove that inclination.
  • Elate: Heal a rift; good for post-disagreement when you can use the upset to make some forward progress, to get your grievances out and use them in a positive way to make improvements.
  • Embrace: to show complete acceptance. To love your partner for all that they are.
  • Give: for generosity, to be helpful, to volunteer to reduce the burden on your partner. Sometimes we completely miss that they are stressed, under pressure and just a small offer of help would make all the difference.
  • Heart: to connect to your own soul. To feed the inner self. Necessary when you feel pulled in many directions.
  • Holiday: use to break up the monotony. To bring sparkle and a change of routine.
  • Keep: this word will create security within a relationship. It will help you feel cherished and safe.
  • Love: I’d make this a Master Switchword. ‘Love’ opens your heart, increases gratitude, allows love to flow.
  • Magnanimity: for those times when either partner gets a little petulant or petty over trivial issues. This is the ‘let it go’ switch word.
  • Postpone: to end a period of sulking. You can use it on yourself or direct it at your partner. Try using ‘Around’ to see why they are upset.
  • Release: to stop controlling; to let others take responsibility. To ease pressure on yourself.
  • Reverse: to let go of a grudge and eliminate regret. To get past an obstacle that is preventing you communicating properly.
  • Save: to stop drinking alcohol. Some relationships are blighted by one or both partners drinking too much. If it’s time to stop, then use ‘save’ to reduce and kick the drinking habit.
  • Slow: will help you have patience at those times when you feel frustrated by your partner’s behavior, attitude or conversation. Use in conjunction with ‘around’ and/or ‘attention’.
  • Smile: smile, please.
  • Tap: to persuade your partner to see your point of view. To enable them to come round to your way of thinking. Works in many other situations too, such as business meetings.
  • Thanks: to put old hurts and pain in the past where they belong.
  • Tiny: to be considerate and kind… and polite. It’s so easy to overlook these basic qualities when you get used to having someone else around. We tend to tear them just like that old sweater and being polite to them often goes out of the window. They know we love them, right? No, be nice. Use ‘tiny’ to help you with that.
  • Together: a Master Switchword, and should be part of your thinking throughout the day. Promotes a sense of completeness and builds trust.
  • Uncle: to tap into and retain your sense of self when being undermined, or being around your partner when they are particularly negative. Their bad mood is not yours.
  • With: to be agreeable, compatible and in harmony with your partner.
Together is the Master Switchword

Together is the Master Switchword

Switchwords for Friendship and Other Situations

Relationships are no only about romantic connections; we have a relationship with everyone we know, whether they be friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, or acquaintances. And some of those connections can be fraught with problems. Switchwords can help in these realms too. There are words I have included in the above categories that would also work with other relationships.

And not only relationships, there are numerous situations that call for Switch words. There is nothing that can’t be improved with a whispered word or two.

  • Adjust: helps you deal with any difficult situation whether it be work, friendships, or even when dealing with those who provide you with a service, such as your plumber or vehicle mechanic. And talking of mechanics (and engineers), if you are one, ‘consider’ is a great word to help you find mechanical problems quickly.
  • Around: goes well with ‘adjust’ as it can give you a wider perspective and understanding.
  • Between: works well with a close friendship; it can boost your psychic connection with others.
  • Blush: to have intimate chats, warm conversations, to touch someone’s heart with your words.
  • Chuckle: to turn on your fabulous personality. Great for nights out with your besties.
  • Classic: when you want to make a good impression. Excellent for job interviews, meeting the in-laws, attending an important event where you need to be at your best.
  • Continue: there are situations where you have to grit your teeth and get on with it. ‘Continue’ will get you through it, however hard it is. Especially those times when you have to be with people you are not comfortable with.
  • Crowd: is invaluable with children. Use it when you want them to do something but they don’t. Remember to use ‘smile’ at the same time.
  • Forever: will enable you to keep a promise or a secret.
  • Give: when you want to be generous of time and money. It also works when you are trying to sell something. Great for garage sales and fund raising.
  • Praise: I’m repeating this one because it is useful for most relationships; it aids in promoting confidence in yourself, eliciting praise from others, such as your boss or those in-laws and it also helps you look for the good in others.
  • Show: helps you with sincerity, keeps you in the moment with your best self on display. It sets your ego aside.
  • Smile: always. Counteracts loneliness.
  • Take: to be a good leader. Will work with children too. So if you are a parent, a teacher, a supervisor, or a boss, use ‘take’ often to establish a gentle authority.
  • Together: repeating this Master word because it is THE word to use, if you don’t use any other. Together unites people, unites your conscious and sub-conscious, and improves all situations.
  • Up: when you feel overlooked or are suffering from an inferiority complex. ‘Up’ helps you shine and raises your happy hormones. If you are feeling good anyway, ‘up’ will increase the fun quotient.

Ending a Relationship

At some point, we all have to let go of a relationship, whether romantic, long-term or a friendship that is dragging us down. Use Switchwords to bolster your confidence and to release unwanted things and people.

  • Delete: to rid yourself of unwanted and unhelpful emotion.
  • Deliver: to gain power over a situation.
  • Diminish: will help reduce the significance of a relationship. Good when you don’t want it to end abruptly.
  • Drop: to let it go, right now. Use it in conversation when you want to end a relationship or friendship.
  • End: to stop thinking about your ex. That’s ex-spouse, ex-lover, ex-friend, or ex-boss. Any ex who continues to pop into your thoughts uninvited. Useful for when you’ve been dumped.
  • Extinct: similar to ‘end’, above. To convince yourself it is over. Gone. Finished.
  • Finally: to achieve closure, to smooth off the ends, to feel peace.
  • Freedom: to stop feeling guilty.
  • Gone: Use ahead of ending a relationship - think of it as already done. Then the actual end will be very quick.
  • Guard: when someone is being too assertive. Protect your personal space.
  • Hide: when you can’t avoid someone, use ‘hide’ to make them less noticeable to you.
  • Peace: to maintain a pleasant but distant relationship. Good if you and your ex have children together and cannot avoid contact.
  • Release: to release someone from a bond, to release negativity and painful emotions. This is one of those ‘almost power words’ that can be helpful in many situations where you need to let go.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: Is it better to use love Switchwords first thing in the morning and last thing at night? Also, what is the best combo of Switchwords to make my neighbor fall in love with me?

Answer: You can use Switchwords at any time of the day or night. Time makes no difference. You cannot 'make' someone fall in love with you. Switchwords will help ease the path of love but they cannot change someone's feelings. All the Switchwords you need are in the lists above, choose from the New Romance section.

Question: My partner is angry with me, which switchwords can I use to cool his anger?

Answer: All the Switchwords you need for this are in the lists above. For example, Together is the Master Switchword to promote 'bringing it all together'. There are lots more that will help you depending on what the problem is.

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Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on September 16, 2020:

Rachel, pick the ones from the list that resonate with you. Use the ones appropriate for the situation at the time.

Hope it works for you.

Rachel on September 15, 2020:

lot of fighting happening and slowly loosing the connection..what switchword can i use?

Tammy Winters from Oregon on September 02, 2020:

This is very interesting.... I specially like the "uncle" switch word. I will give it a try.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on July 21, 2020:

Jaya, 'sweet' or 'with' may help. But you can't make someone do something unless they are in alignment with that action.

Jaya on July 20, 2020:

Switchword for How to make him accept my friends request?

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on June 22, 2020:

Hi KWK112,

Yes, have a look at the ones on this page:

KWK112 on June 22, 2020:

Are there any switchwords to boost or encourage yourself to begin a career or specific kind of work?

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on January 16, 2020:

Good question, Natasha, you can try Divine Diminish, so that the connection gently drifts away.

Natasha Tungare from India on January 16, 2020:

Wow!! These are totally awesome! I am going to start using these. I shall definitely let you know the results. I would love to read more on SwitchWords. Also if i want it to end slowly but not in a hurtful way, what should I do? Which words should I use?

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on January 10, 2020:

Aw, thanks Maurice.

Maurice Glaude from Mobile on January 10, 2020:

How awesome is this Bev! It's not often I see something I've never seen before. This is very informative as well as inspiring.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on January 10, 2020:

Thank you so much for your kind words, Sumit. I hope they will help you in all areas of your life.

Sumit Chakrabarti from Kolkata on January 10, 2020:

Hi Bev, an amazing write-up on switch words! Perhaps the most interesting Hub I read in recent times! You have made the impossible task of listing nearly all switch words possible with a seamless flow. The best part is the transition of different phases including the beginning love, friendship, and also ending relationships. I will keep this article handy for real-life use for sure. Thanks for sharing!

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