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Quantum Self-Transformation: Reality or a Dream?


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In a Reality That's Been Said to Be "Stranger Than Fiction" We Are the Unsuspecting Creators of It All

In a Reality That's Been Said to Be "Stranger Than Fiction" We Are the Unsuspecting Creators of It All

Music in the soul is heard by the universe.

-- Lao Tzu

Law of Attraction -- a Spinoff from Quantum Theory

Hovering over the border between science fiction and true science, almost as if not sure where to belong due to its mind-twisting character, is this stuff called quantum mechanics or quantum theory. The very fact that it used to be an intellectual toy of Albert Einstein and other biggies of the field, should suffice to explain my humble ambition to write about it.

However, if such a claim could serve me as an excuse, it may be worth pointing that even those smartest ones that are burning their brain fuses over that material readily admit that "no one can say they understand quantum physics".

Maybe that's what encouraged a whole army of enthusiasts to borrow that name "quantum" for their superficial and only partially correct, or possibly altogether wrong interpretation, as they came up with that ambitious theory which they called the Law of Attraction.

While it may not be anything more than another interpretation of "What goes around---comes around", or "karma", it certainly has its highly promising elegance. Those two movies on the subject: What the Bleep Do We Know, and The Secret caused some ripples in the scientific community, while it didn't take them long to dismiss the tenets of the Law of Attraction as being a "nonsense".

Quantum realm -- something so unfathomably mysterious, and yet recognizable in our lives.

However, by doing that, those fine scholars did shoot themselves in the foot, by first claiming how no one could understand quantum physics which would include themselves -- but then debunking Law of Attraction, as if they had any solid standard of comparison between the two.

You know what I mean? We would have to know something in order to say that something else has nothing to do with it.

So, here comes yet another, my own, take on the Law of Attraction; but first, let's see a bit about the quantum theory -- of course, as superficial as it may come from the interpretation from a layman of my small caliber.

Good, Old Newtonian Physics---Looking So Recognizable at This Side of the "Rabbit Hole"

Good, Old Newtonian Physics---Looking So Recognizable at This Side of the "Rabbit Hole"

Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends anything.

-- Napoleon Hill

Let Us Not Enter the "Rabbit Hole"

Before it gets possibly a little more interesting, where it will touch its application in our life and our very personality traits, a few words are due to be said about that mind-boggling stuff.

Apparently, the physical aspect of our reality consists of two sets of laws, not only of these well known Newtonian ones which are dealing with solid matter, liquids, and gases and how they interact. This other aspect is the one of quantum. The word itself originates from the Latin language---(from where else?)---meaning "how much".

How much of what? Well, as we break an atom down into its subatomic particles, we come to a point of breaking when that matter hardly has any mass at all, and seems to be flickering in and out of existence in form of energy waves filling up a field of infinite potentiality.

Then, as the astonishing results of some experimentation revealed, those energy waves are collapsing into a material manifestation while behaving in a fashion---listen to this---depending on who is the observer, and what that observer is expecting to happen. Two different observers will make those "how-much?"-particles do two different things.

It's a head spinning aspect of the cosmic unexplored reality.

But then the theory goes into a maddening deep rabbit hole (a pet expression of those talking about quantum, denoting realm of the unknown) -- and that's where we won't go.

Not because we might find ourselves lost in there, but because I could not write about it without constantly peeking in those smart books, while also making your reading extremely uninteresting in the process.

For our purposes of talking about the Law of Attraction we can stay at the entrance of the rabbit hole, scratch our curious foreheads, together with all those other curious folks already there -- including those returning from the hole.

Even though it's quite needless to say. remember -- we are also made of matter, and we are also observers. And then, what makes the whole story of the Law of Attraction so juicy, is another aspect in the theory of quantum -- the one of entanglement of everything in this universe on that realm.

While We May Think That Our Body Is Doing Our Business of Vitality and Health---Why Rush so Much to Kick the Mind Out of the Equation?

While We May Think That Our Body Is Doing Our Business of Vitality and Health---Why Rush so Much to Kick the Mind Out of the Equation?

The body isn't the foundation of your health. The body is the physical manifestation of the sum of your life experiences.

-- Lissa Rankin, MD

Mind over Body

What they are trying to tell us is that we, humans, and the whole material world for that matter on our tiniest level are all just a part of a quantum soup of highly organized and "intelligent energy", and ruled by the law of like-attracting-like.

We could as well dismiss it as a nonsense right here and now, if our own lives did not attest to the correctness of that law. A depressed dude is likely to "attract" to himself more "reasons" to be depressed; and a happy-go-lucky one somehow maneuvers through life with a string of favorable happenstances and blessings, oftentimes without even trying much.

Hence that expression: "It made my day", or "By its morning is a day recognized" ---as one lousy experience seems to breed a series of others in the course of a day.

Then we come to an aspect of the Law of Attraction where it is manifesting as our good or bad health. There we could apparently replace the whole quantum "mambo-jumbo" with simple bio-chemistry; or, as some new sciences seem to be popping up-- like neuro-chemistry which is telling us how certain chemicals called neuropeptides and neurotransmitters are changing our very biology, our immunity, our model of functioning, and affecting our lifespan.

We are like toddlers in a plane's cockpit -- handling those hi-tech commands and unaware what we are doing to the course of the flight.

However, those neuropeptides must be getting their qualitative character from somewhere, right? Observed under microscope they are not more than some protein molecules, resembling so many others in the body, and the question is -- who told them to be so nasty, or so good, for our health.

Which brings us back to the observer. By observer, I mean our mindset consisting by our beliefs, attitudes, and predominant daily emotions and thoughts. Then, we would all become some terrific wizards changing our health conditions, our physical appearance, even our external circumstances -- if only it was not for one little problem.

Namely, it's the fact of all those processes of attraction going on unconsciously, without our conscious and persistent intention to affect the manifestation of our desired outcomes.

What if the Healthiest Foods Do Nothing for Us Without a Good Dose of Our Mind's Proactive Positive Participation?

What if the Healthiest Foods Do Nothing for Us Without a Good Dose of Our Mind's Proactive Positive Participation?

Beware of those who are bored and not passionate about life, for they will bore you with reasons for not living.

-- Suzy Kassem

The Unconscious Spoiler

Well, here is my little contribution to the whole popular genre of the Law of Attraction: it doesn't work for us because our hardware and software have been programmed with our self-limiting beliefs just enough to spoil any good conscious intentions, while they are working "behind the scene" like that proverbial grey eminence.

Ever since those two movies (What the Bleep Do We Know, and Secret) gave a birth to a whole subculture of hopefuls, those folks have been asking themselves why it doesn't work for them. Well, it does, every single moment of their lives---but not the way they want it.

O.K., we could easily junk the whole thing and replace it with a good book on nutrition to make our lives better. But what if that quantum stuff is really working? What if we even can't escape from its workings---because those good physicists are telling us how this universe of ours is a participatory universe, in which we are taking a part of observers whether we like it or not?

So, let's forget about those nutrition books for a moment, we can always get back to them later on. For, crazy as this stuff is, what if even those good veggies are "vibrating with frequencies that should be matched by our good will to live healthy and happy---in order to work for us at all"?

Have you ever heard of those so called "health nuts" living by the book, measuring their calories, exercising, and loading their bodies with the finest nutrients---and then croaking younger than their smoking and drinking friends?

Ultimately it's our mind running -- or ruining -- our biological show

Really, why is that? Isn't the Newtonian law referring to body's biochemistry enough to keep us well with all those goodies ingested, and that gym frequented? Could it be that our mechanistic view of ourselves as biochemical machines doesn't work, while providing all those pills, herbal elixirs, right diets, what not?

O.K. enough of these question marks, we all know of those folks who seemingly defy the good laws of healthy living and outlive everyone else of their generation around them.

There must be something in their mental model of functioning that makes them so ridiculously resilient.

Please, don't anyone tell me about their "good genes". There is an overwhelming amount of evidence in modern science that has clearly demonstrated how our mind can override our genetic predisposition.

Our "bad genes" are only partially valid excuse -- as they mean something only if we are doing nothing to prevent their activation.

Our Intention Sends the Ripples of Change Affecting Who We Are and What Our Life Is

Our Intention Sends the Ripples of Change Affecting Who We Are and What Our Life Is

When you gain higher consciousness, your consciousness becomes universal, and you become ageless and universal.

-- Debasish Mridha

It Takes Some Conscious Self-Brainwashing

So, what are we ending up with in our quest to get smarter, and healthier, and happier with this quantum lesson? Looking back at my own life, and the lives of many of those people of my past and present---there is no doubt in my mind that the Law of Attraction works.

But, just the same like by "wishing alone" to be thinner we won't lose a single ounce of our body fat---we can't transform ourselves and our lives by a half-hearted effort of "writing our objectives down and reading them aloud every day"---as some instructions would have you believe in that Law of Attraction genre.

It gets more complex than that, but definitely not out of our reach. Apparently, our emotions, imagination, and ability to see those objectives as already achieved does it. We usually fail in one of these three aspects, and then we wonder why it didn't work for us.

Like, wanting to attract a soulmate, or more money, we can't do it by feeling lonely, and wishing that we could have enough money to pay off our mortgage. When you closely examine both, you see something like inner focusing on a "lack". Then we simply get more of the same that we have been focused on with our thoughts, our dark imagination, and our emotions echoing it.

In my own estimate, we would really have to deceive ourselves with a "schizoid" passion by feeling that we already live in abundance, and everything around us spells it, proves it, means it; and we should even place an extra pillow on our bed for that desired soulmate to place their handsome/pretty head on it one day.

A lukewarm approach to utilizing the Law of Attraction filled with doubts -- won't give us results we want, but will be a reflection of our effort.

You know what I mean? Our posture, our choice of words and tone of our voice, amount of our daily laughing, our belief that we have something like the power of the "abracadabra" -- that will do. And by the way, the word is not the fun word reserved for fairy tales with wizards in them, but a real Arabic expression meaning something like "As I think, so I do".

If by any chance you are inclined to think how it's impossible to maintain a mindset, then take a loo in the mirror and around yourself, and you will be facing the precise reflection of what your mindset has been attracting to you so far. You will see what you, as possibly mostly unconscious observer have been collapsing for yourself from the quantum flied.

It will be a reflection of your beliefs about your "deserving", about your "luck", about your "destiny" -- none of which you might have challenged with a conscious intent.

Dare to Dream With an Intent---and Turn into a Divine Little Creator of Your Own Version

Dare to Dream With an Intent---and Turn into a Divine Little Creator of Your Own Version

Once you realize you deserve a better future, letting go of your dark past is the best choice you will ever make.

-- Roy T. Bennett

Ultimately -- It's Our Choice

Well, let's face it, folks---for quite a while this world of ours hasn't been in a short supply of good ideas, and we can't blame our "human condition" on a lack of information. It's everywhere, if we would just care to look.

What this world is missing is a healthy willingness to apply some of those ideas. It's one thing to say "I don't know how to change myself and my life", and entirely another to avoid facing that other statement: "I don't feel like doing anything if it doesn't involve merely swallowing some life-changing pills and foods".

For, that first thought has a solution---the other one doesn't, because then we are shutting ourselves in a dungeon of mental laziness, while allowing our spirits to go "fat" similar to our couch-potato daily routine making our bodies fat. Sit and complain, with both mind and body getting the same treatment, and our life more of the same crap.

There are many paths towards manifestation of our desired outcomes, and this one with the Law of Attraction could be the common denominator to all of them. It all starts with our mind deciding to observe another reality that's more rewarding, and then sticking to it.

Should it really be hard? No, we only make it hard for ourselves. The moment we decide to make it easy, so it becomes, we implement the factor of flexibility, we pretend that it's all a "piece of cake", we act, talk, and smile as if that has from ever been the only way we could possibly be.

We can make it hard, or we can make it easy. What will it be?

Yes, we can brainwash ourselves into a new reality. We have proven our ability to do that, by coming to this point of life with these circumstances, this quality of health, and this level of happiness.

Nothing else made us this way. Just think how two siblings, even identical twins, may go through same traumatic childhood experiences, and while one may be scarred for life, another may take it as merely a valuable experience that made him stronger.

But then, all this may be read as just another story and forgotten like the rest of them. We can junk this Law of Attraction and quantum field in its background, and open that book on nutrition, because less is expected from us to do.

Or we can turn the TV on and lose ourselves in the world news, with life going on "as usual". Normal, whatever normal may be to us -- but far away from anything that even remotely looks like an entrance to a rabbit hole.

Our choice. Hasn't it been all along?

Law of Attraction: Quantum Mechanics in Daily Life

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