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How to Turn Your Spirituality Into Your Career

Joanne has been writing about spirituality, dreams and psychic phenomenon online for over nine years.

Discover how to turn your passion into a spiritually based profession.

Discover how to turn your passion into a spiritually based profession.

Pursuing Your Passion and Purpose

If you aspire to have a spiritually based profession, whereby you are helping others and bringing enlightenment, healing, and love to the world, be encouraged to follow your passion. It is a sign of your destiny and soul path, and it is time to begin!

Soul Missions

Each person has a personal soul mission or life purpose. This mission is something you agreed to undertake and learn during this lifetime prior to incarnating. Lessons may include such themes as learning to be compassionate, self-reliant or a leader, or they may be about forgiveness, patience or sharing with others. There is any number of these soul growth lessons for us to learn and each of us has our own set of life themes and lessons.

In addition to their own personal soul missions, some people agreed to take on a ‘global’ or ‘Universal’ mission, which may involve helping other people or the environment, campaigning passionately about a cause or two (or more), helping and caring for animals and/or working for humanity’s benefit in general.

Lightworkers (and Other Names)

These souls/people are known by a variety of names such as Lightworkers, Star Seeds, Earth Angels, Indigos and Crystals amongst others. They come in the form of healers, teachers, authors, and speakers, whose primary goal is to enlighten and assist others.

How Do You Know If You're a Lightworker?

When you are a Lightworker, your higher-self and soul KNOW you are, whether your conscious mind realizes it (yet) or not.

Lightworkers, Star Seeds, Earth Angels etc feel a sense of purpose, a compulsion to help others and have a genuine love of the world and all it encompasses. They naturally attract people in need of help, and are innately sensitive to the needs of others. At times they may feel overwhelmed by others’ energies as they are so sensitive.

Lightworkers are aware that there is something important that they are destined to do during their lifetime. Although they may not be sure of what they may entail, they know within that they will be shown and guided in the divine at the right time.

For some, there may be a sense of urgency, as though there is so much to do, but not enough time to do it all. Follow this urge and get on with it!

Extending Divine Love and Healing

The main soul or life purpose of Lightworkers is to extend and send out divine love and healing. Radiating this healing light and energy naturally brings peace and love wherever they go. All that a Lightworker does is done with divine unconditional love.

Whether you are a spiritual teacher, life coach, author, speaker, healer, or any other spiritual facilitator, the most necessary ingredient is that divine spark of love infused with and into your work.

Tarot, runes, crystals and pendulum.

Tarot, runes, crystals and pendulum.

How to Discover Your Spiritual Profession

When considering your spiritual profession take a look at your passions. You may need to define your particular niche so have a look at your hobbies, your beliefs and values and WHO you really are.

What topics truly excite and motivate you? What are you naturally/divinely good at? Are you a talented writer, a brilliant public speaker, or are you naturally drawn towards the healing arts? Maybe you are a dab-hand at all of them. What is your topic or focus? What will you teach, write, or speak about?

Listen to your intuition, inner-voice, and your heart. Listen to your Higher Self as it already knows. Your feelings, when beginning or pursuing a career within the spiritual professions, is your best guide.

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Make sure you put your heart and soul into your work. Being genuinely passionate about what you do keeps the momentum and enthusiasm flowing.

Self-Confidence, Faith and Trust

That compulsive urge and/or dream of becoming a spiritual facilitator is much more than just an idea—it is a sign.

Often what holds many back from pursuing a spiritually based career is a ‘fear’ of lack. The questions raised may be along the lines of “how will I be able to support myself and my family financially?” “If I quit my day job, will I be able to survive financially?” “What would people think and say?”

Many people hesitate becoming public speakers, healers, and teachers due to fear of ridicule, rejection, and/or ostracism. Yes, there will be those who will criticize and judge you—but that happens regardless of whatever path you take, and there will always be those who dwell in the negative. Continue along your path, regardless. Don’t listen to nay-sayers or negative, unsupportive people.

These are common stumbling blocks, but ones which can be overcome with a little faith and trust in the Universe. When you are on your true soul mission, TRUST that all you need will come to you in divine right time. You’ll attract the people who you are to work with, the appropriate clients or students and the appropriate environment.

Earning Money for Your Work

When we love our work, everything else falls into place. When you genuinely love what you do, your main focus is not money-based but rather love-based—and the Universe will take care of the rest.

"When a man is willing and eager, the gods join in."
- Aeschylus

So, becoming a ‘professional’ spiritual worker entails being paid appropriately and fairly. Many Lightworkers have trouble accepting money for the work they do. The idea is uncomfortable to them as their only desire is to shed their divine love and light. Consciously, money doesn’t enter into it. Those who are uncomfortable with the idea of accepting payment for spiritual work are often those who subconsciously recall past lives when many lived in communal or kibbutz type settings. In those times all food and shelter was provided for them, leaving one free to focus on their spiritual practice without concern for the need to derive an income.

In today’s world, though, we need an income to pay our bills, rent, mortgage, transportation, and day to day living expenses. How can you expect to run a business (and your life) without the appropriate resources?

People around the world go off to their ‘jobs’ everyday with the knowledge that they will be paid for their efforts. Why should it be any different for you? Many people are paid an hourly rate or a salary for the work they do—that’s why they go to work. Why should that be any different for those who work in the spiritual fields? Your payment for the work you do is no different to that of any other healer, such as nurses, doctors and the like.

The Universal Spiritual Law of Giving and Receiving

Making money from the work you do is in line with the Universal Spiritual Law of Giving and Receiving. The energy and vibration of your intentions will dictate the viability of your spiritual endeavor. If you enter a spiritually based career with the sole intent of making money and/or finding fame, then you are most likely to fail. It is appropriate to earn an income from your spiritual work, but it can not be your main focal point.

The Universal Spiritual Law of Action

Some Lightworkers suffer from being shy, timid, lack self-confidence, or are indecisive. This is ‘fear’ based and may stop them in their tracks. This is where the Universal Spiritual Law of Action comes into play. This law states that when you take action in the direction of your soul purpose (no matter how small that step may be) the Universe will take greater action in your desired direction, supporting your goal and encouraging further positive action on your behalf.

By taking action in the direction of your aspirations, you are making a commitment to yourself and something that is of the utmost importance to you - and is of benefit to the world around you. That action step can be large or small—it doesn’t matter as long as it is a positive step forward. The Universe reacts and responds to your intentions, so any step or action you take in the direction of becoming and ‘being’ a professional spiritual healer/teacher/writer/speaker will be a declaration of your intentions. Trust the Universe to open the right doors for you.

So it’s time to take action—NOW!

How to Find and Teach Clients

The best and most authentic way to teach (in all its’ forms) is to live your life in accordance with your principles and values. Live your life as a role model of what you are teaching. Walk your talk and talk your walk.

Allow people to familiarize themselves with you prior to booking an appointment. This can be achieved in many ways such as by writing an article for a metaphysical/New Age magazine in print or on the internet; set up a website or blog and write a short biography about yourself and the services you offer; organize and run a workshop; use word-of-mouth, and of course, keep a positive focus and attitude. The Universe will respond in kind by providing your audience.

The Power of Visualization

Visualize yourself living your spiritual career right now. Bring it into the present rather than some far-flung time in the future. Visualizing it happening in the future rather than in the present keeps it in the future. Visualizations and affirmations are very powerful tools to utilize when bringing your dreams to fruition. Affirming your intentions is an integral part of engaging the laws of the Universe. Visualizing, affirming, and taking action steps bring the reality of your successful and fulfilling spiritual practice to the forefront, in the present moment. Declare it to the Universe today.

Present yourself and your spiritual services to the public and have faith and trust that the Universe will send you appropriate opportunities.

When you put your efforts, heart, and soul into giving someone a spiritual reading, a healing, are running a workshop or giving a counseling session, it is appropriate that you receive something in exchange. This is important in regards to living a balanced life.

Remember: Giving and Receiving

When you give, give, give and keep giving of yourself your energies become depleted and enthusiasm and passion wain. It is vital to balance the ‘giving’ with an equal measure of ‘receiving’. This is a need of basic human life. Do not deny yourself what you deserve and require as this is undermining yourself in every way.

If you only give out and do not allow yourself to receive, eventually you will begin to have feelings of resentment, of being bound, burnt-out and drained of energy. Deep down you’ll wish that others would acknowledge and fulfil your needs—but if you do not clearly stipulate those needs, then others will be unaware of them. This can become an on-going cycle—therefore it is important for all involved to be clear on what is required on behalf of both parties.

When someone requests a reading or appointment with you, make sure that you are clear about your needs (e.g., Fees). If they choose not to book because they do not wish to pay a fee for your services, that is their choice. Do NOT sell yourself short.

Balanced Exchanges

On the flip-side, many people want to pay you for your services. They are thankful for and appreciate your loving help, guidance, and/or healing, and genuinely wish to reward you. Not accepting their ‘gift of exchange’ can be seen as a bit of a rebuff, and may lead your client or student to feel unnecessarily indebted to you. They may even feel ‘guilty’ about taking from you and not being able to give back in return.

By accepting payment for your spiritual services, you and your client/student are performing a balanced exchange of energy. The giving of yourself is balanced out by receiving the payment. Your client values your services, as in order to have received them, they have had to exchange something of value.

When you accept payment for your services, you are being supported. The income allows you to focus and devote more of your time and efforts to your spiritual practice. If you do not accept payment and cannot derive an appropriate income, you will be needing to spend your valuable time and energy at a job to earn money. This detracts from your soul purpose.

What If I Want to Help Without Payment?

Of course, there will always be the odd occasion when your soul urges you to help, guide, and/or heal, with payment being irrelevant. You’ll intuitively know when these situations arise and will proceed accordingly. Although no payment may change hands, you’ll be racking up some bonus good karma along the way.

It is of the utmost importance to yourself, your clients/students and your spiritual practice that you receive with thanks and gratitude.

A Commitment to Yourself and to the World

Your purpose and soul mission as a spiritual practitioner (in all forms) is a life-long commitment—one that will bring healing, joy and rewards to yourself, others and the world. Along the way you’ll be sharing and sending out blessings, love and light to all.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2011 Joanne Sacred Scribes


JoyB on June 04, 2020:

Thanks so much for this beautify and amazing article- not only is it motiviating its empowering as I am in the process of getting my spiritual business in full motion. I am very encouraged and ready to launch my business. My Greatest Gratitude