The Three Ways Humans Exchange Energy

Updated on June 7, 2019
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I am a healer and author of spiritual books. Visit authorkarenredmond to read about my mission to teach spiritual clarity to all.

Energy exists all around us. Every aspect of our world consists of energy in varied degrees of vibrational density. From the Divine energy that created your soul to the negative energy created through the judgment of a damaged person, the energy that surrounds us is constantly moving and changing, redefining us and everything around us.

Loving energy vibrates at a higher frequency while darker energy vibrates at a lower frequency. The happier the energy, the higher the frequency.

This is all part of the Great Creator’s design for the human experience, known as “The Polarity of Life.” For more information, see my article on Understanding your Spiritual Self.

Just as there are three aspects of our incarnated soul—the mind, body, and spirit—there are three ways that humans exchange energy. These exchanges occur through:

  • Thought (mind)
  • Physical contact (body)
  • Spiritual Centers, known as our chakras (spirit)

The Mind Aspect

Energy does not dissipate or fade, it combines and redefines itself, while influencing you as you move through life. The truth is that your core energy is imposed upon countless times on a daily basis, because the most common method of energy exchange between humans is core-to-core transfer.

The most common method of core-to-core transfer is through thoughts and words. Thoughts generate words, and words create energy, so when someone speaks to you their energy is attempting to alter your energy.

In order for someone to alter your energy with their words you have to believe what they are saying. Otherwise their words will have no impact on you.

This mental resolve is known as Mental Fortitude, and it is a key element in any incarnation, just like Karma. It is vital to your spiritual growth and your ability to achieve your Life Mission.

What exactly is Mental Fortitude? It is your ability to stay focused and follow the teachings of your mentor (prior to your incarnation) to achieve your Life Mission. In fact, the weaker your Mental Fortitude, the more you will struggle in all aspects of life, and achievement of anything you try will be a struggle.

The saddest aspect of a weakened Mental Fortitude in a soul is that the weakness is self-imposed, because that soul allowed the words and beliefs of another to redefine how that soul viewed his Spiritual Self. A strong Mental Fortitude never allows anyone to change their belief in the Divine beauty that created them, which is the foundation of their Spiritual Self.

Think about it: the Great Creator designed you. So who are you—or anyone else—to judge His work? I would love for the Great Creator to interrupt each and every one of us during our moments of self-loathing and say, “Excuse me, but why are you disrespecting my work? I did not create you so that you could demean yourself and let others abuse your goodness. What are you doing with my beautiful creation? I put thought into you. I personally designed your beauty and grace, and I gave you a unique gift to share with the world around you. This is not why you incarnated so snap out of it!”

The Body Aspect

Physical touch is a very powerful way to share energy. Where the energy generated from thoughts and words can only combine with our core energy if we invite it in, the energy exchange that occurs through physical contact is instantaneous. There is no contemplation involved because touch is reality where thought and words are open to interpretation.

Like every other aspect of our world, the Polarity of Live provides us with the necessary elements for choice and spiritual growth:

  • To touch another person in any way that is not beneficial to their spiritual growth is wrong. To touch another person to feed your needs instead of their needs is wrong.

  • To use your hands to lift up the broken, protect the frightened, heal the injured, or steady the unsure creates positive energy that is immediately shared between everyone involved.

If you choose to strike down, restrain, or cause any type of pain (physical or emotional) through physical contact the negative Karma you will place upon yourself will be immense, because you will carry not only the Karma associated with your hurtful act, but all Karma associated with the Karmic Ripple you set in motion the moment you chose to lash out at another human being.

For more information on Karmic Ripples, see my article on Karma and Your Spiritual Self.

The Spiritual Aspect

Another way for energy to redefine us is through our spiritual channels, known as our Chakra system or Seven Spiritual Centers. All energy can be defined by type, and energy is drawn to the spiritual center associated with its energy. While positive energy can serve to rejuvenate a chakra, negative energy that can clog or even close down a chakra.

For example, when someone tells you that they love you, what you feel in your heart is the human emotion created by that energy entering your core through the heart chakra. If someone tells you that they do not love you anymore, you also feel the human emotion of rejection in your heart chakra as that energy moves through and into your core.

Mass Energy

The larger a gathering, the more powerful our energy becomes as it seeks out similar energy and attaches itself, combining and redefining its vibrational aspect. A good example is a rock concert. Rock Stars will tell you that there is nothing more exhilarating than performing on stage in front of large crowds. The reason is that they are receiving the combined energy of thousands of adoring friends. Adoration is a powerful energy because you are giving or sharing the best part of yourself, your joy and love with the person you adore, so when someone is on stage and they have tens-of-thousands of people adoring them, the energy is overwhelming. The base chakra has to work very hard in those cases.

Because our world requires polarity for balance, this is also how negative energy travels through a crowd of people. It is how riots start. The more people who engage in the negative or destructive energy, the more powerful and overwhelming it becomes.

Protect Your Chakra System and Your Core

I once had a spiritual teacher who placed her hand over her core when counseling people with negative energy. When you place your hand over your core, you are telling negative energy to “stay out." Although a symbolic gesture, it produces positive energy that redefines the negative energy trying to enter your core.

Taking Ownership

If humankind wants to create a kinder world, we need to take ownership of the energy that we put out into the world.

Always be beautiful in your interaction with everyone you meet. And if the Polarity of Life causes you to hiccup during your spiritual journey, and it may; always release the energy created from your negative misunderstanding of the incident safely, so that it causes no further harm to anyone.

The best way is through meditation because negative energy needs to be reconditioned before you release it to the world:

Call up the energy and focus on it. Do not be afraid of it; you created it and you control it. Next, call upon the Universe to change the energy into pure positive energy. There are many visualizations that you can use to accomplish this; such as a bright light changing the dark energy into white energy. You can also encapsulate it in a violet bubble. Just do not visualize your energy being released until it has been modified. Once you visualize it released, it is gone and you have no more control over it.

Energy is all around us and it is constantly in motion, defining, and redefining itself. The energy that we allow into our lives, the energy that we allow to define us, is completely under our control, we simply have to take ownership of our energy; the energy we allow into our core as well as the energy that we release to the world.

Always remember to protect your core with the diligence it deserves.

Questions & Answers

  • What should you do if you feel like you’ve recently been fooled and now your core has saturated with negative energy?

    I'm sorry to hear that you feel saturated with negative energy. Since I do not know the specifics of your situation, it would be irresponsible of me to comment on a specific treatment. Please move forward in a positive manner and read my article on cleansing your core. Always respect yourself enough to rise above the negative actions of others. Negative behavior is taught behavior, so this person's actions may have less to do with you and more to do with who they are as a damaged soul. You can feel sorry for that person, but don't let his/her actions impact you in a negative manner.

  • How can I have better control over letting random peoples energies distract me in public?

    There's no simple solution that serves everyone. If you talk to someone or touch someone, you're going to exchange energy with them.

    You want to avoid the negative energy so be aware when conversing with others. You can always put your hand over your core while talking to a negative person. If you're empathic, I suggest you carry a protection stone on your person such as a Kyanite blade that will also ground you while blocking negative energy. Amethyst is also a good idea. These may sound strange but they are actually effective solutions.

  • Where is the human core located that needs to be protected?

    It basically sits behind your solar plexus chakra but extends down to just above your sacral chakra. Please refer to the drawing for the location of the core. When you feel queasy or "off" in your solar plexus chakra, check your throat chakra. If it is pulsing or also feels "off," you are taking in someone else's energy. The quickest way to break the flow is to remove yourself and/or place your hands over your throat and solar plexus chakras until they stop pulsing.

  • I conduct workshops at festivals, and sometimes I cannot sleep. I feel full of energy, what I could do?

    You are always full of energy. The trick is to control that energy so that it works for you. You want your energy relaxed when trying to sleep. Meditate and do relaxation breathing before going to bed. Make sure there are no electronics next to your bed, including your cell phone. You can also play ocean sounds or other sounds that promote relaxation. It's all about controlling that energy.


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    • kredmond123 profile imageAUTHOR

      Karen Redmond 

      2 weeks ago from Atlanta, GA

      Dear MsRose777. The answer to your question is "Yes." Millions of people sense and see energy; be it positive or negative. Negative energy is always a dark shade, whereas light and love energy is white and often combined with lovely hues of blues, violet, and the other wonderful colors of our chakras. If you are able to see and feel the colors and vibrations of the energy within and around you, you have an intuitive gift. Please click on the contact author link at the top of this article if you have additional questions.

    • profile image


      2 weeks ago

      Wonderful article and very enlightening! Question though- Is it possible to “feel” negative energy and see it as a dark color? New to trying to get in tuned with my chakras and trying to understand what I’m feeling/ sensing.

    • kredmond123 profile imageAUTHOR

      Karen Redmond 

      2 weeks ago from Atlanta, GA

      I would like to invite those who are interested in learning how to clear, control, and repurpose the energy around them to read Ethereal Meditation. I wrote this book on meditation and visualizations to teach people how to take control of the flow of personal and environmental energy, in order to bring about the spiritual peace and harmony that we all deserve. I hope you will check it out on Amazon.

    • profile image

      Bel Filippone 

      7 months ago

      BEAUTIFUL article. Such beautiful content. Enlightening. Thank you so, so much :)

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      I appreciate your Grace, honestly. Ever so often I'd lose sight of what's important because I fall victim to negative energies infiltrating my own. This is the kind of guidance I look for in times like these. I'm enthused already! Thank you.

    • profile image


      23 months ago

      Very well observed and explained . Please it would be great if you could have added something about not to begrudging on realizing something dark side of yours...and how one can actually redefine their life at the same moment....

      thanks .... I personally liked it a lot and got some take away which would help me to be a happy and better person for self and environment

    • profile image

      Shree Prakash 

      24 months ago

      I am a mother energy worshipper and I found your article scientific and simple -bless you

    • kredmond123 profile imageAUTHOR

      Karen Redmond 

      2 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I would like to invite readers to visit my new website at: and check out my latest book titled "Rise of Starseed Nation", which is the second book in my Terrastar Series. I would also like to ask for your support in joining my "Roar for Peace" campaign!

    • profile image


      2 years ago


      This is a first article I read on you Blog, and it is great. Thank you!

      I looked for this topic deliberately, and I have a question. Do you believe or have some kind of information if people who associate together become similar, not only in their nature, character, but also in their body appearance, especially those who hang out together all the time and for a long time? I see that in dog owners and their pets, but I assume that in many cases people just choose dogs that resemble them.

    • kredmond123 profile imageAUTHOR

      Karen Redmond 

      4 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Well said Uplifting Light. If we truly understood the value of our personal energy, and how it combines and redefines us as well as those around us, most of us would be more gracious, kind, and loving in our interaction with the world.

    • Uplifting Light profile image


      4 years ago from Flagstaff AZ

      Perpetual Transmutation of energy.

      I have seen it, felt it, and lived it.

      energies are transmittable

      life is the essence of energy in form.

    • Setab profile image


      5 years ago

      Good article. Lots of good information. I really have a hard time keeping my energy positive, I need to work on it more. Thanks for the information.


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