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Feng Shui Your Garage Before It Feng Shui-s You

Sylvia Sky, astrologer, Tarot reader, and gemstone enthusiast, is a widely published author of books and articles about spiritual matters.


In Feng Shui, Every Room Counts

If your house has an attached garage, it counts as a room in your house’s layout and needs positive feng shui like any other room.

Chances are, however, that the garage is dim, cluttered, smelly, and grimy. It likely either holds flammables, toxic chemicals, and trash cans, or is the graveyard of unwanted or broken items. Often it holds supplies set aside for some catastrophe, which can keep a homeowner imagining dire emergency scenarios.

Habitually entering your living quarters through a door that opens from the garage into the house, often into a utility or laundry room, is convenient. But through that door, we funnel into our homes the disruptive energy and exhaust of vehicles constantly coming and going. With such a setup, even a consciously well-designed living space receives daily infusions of toxins and stress.

Entering your house through a Van Allen Belt of trash will not serve you well. Your health, life, and bank account could all improve with better garage feng shui.

A garage needs clarity. Some people are even giving their garages a theme or total makeovers.

A Fine Home for Your Vehicles

Feng shui, the art of placement, says life energy, called qi, is like a light breeze, not visible but always trying to flow and bring freshness and health into every home. Qi can be guided in, or be blocked or become stagnant. When qi is trapped or repelled, or the laws of feng shui aren’t followed, qi ceases to deliver benefits.

We spend fortunes on our vehicles and care enough to shelter them under our own roofs. We depend on them daily. Start today to consider their shelter part of your home and your best life.

If mapping your dwelling using a classic feng shui bagua map, include your attached garage. Photograph the garage interior as it is today. That will provide an objective view about what might be done. Read on for some tips. Do what you find do-able.

The Fad for Turning Garages Into Clubs and Rec Rooms

Resolving Garage Problems

A garage or one side of it so crammed with stuff it can’t hold a car totally blocks any life energy from entering through that sector of the residence. The owner of a garage packed with clutter is unhappy even thinking about it—so they don’t think about it. Meanwhile part of their life is stuck on hold, or a problem won’t resolve, and they wonder why.

Ways to Feng Shui Your Garage

  • Sell, donate or haul away what you do not use or like.
  • Organize what must be kept in the garage, such as sports gear, pet gear, or gardening equipment.
  • Get a cabinet or hutches in which to keep unsightly items such as torn half-bags of potting soil.
  • Take recyclable items, such as cardboard or old cans of paint, to the recycling center. This will bring you a sense of relief.
  • Install good warm lighting (not fluorescent tubes) that switches on when you enter and park.
  • Paint any paintable walls with restful colors.
  • Feng shui says that garaged cars should be parked facing streetward, but as an alternative, on the wall in front of the car hang a large painting or photo of a beautiful outdoor scene.
  • Put in attractive and well-secured carpets or runners, a padded bench, and perhaps a mirror.
  • Solve the trash-can issue and its odor. Feng shui recommends trash cans be kept outdoors, but it is terrible feng shui to keep them permanently in front of the house.

That Door Between the Garage and House

Of course the whole point of an attached garage (with an automatic garage-door opener) is that we never have to step outside! Reasons for doing this include weather, convenience, cleanliness, fear, and privacy.

Feng Shui Rules for the Garage

  • Qi always enters through your home’s front door, the one facing the curb or street. By entering through the attached garage you’re constantly using a service door—like a servant, and not the owner of the house. Most likely you step from the garage into a room that stores dirty laundry, dirty shoes, chemicals, or cat litter, or has a slop sink. Can you imagine why you stay irritable, or fame or favor is slow to come your way?
  • Do you rarely open that front door? Unless you do, qi can’t get in. Stress and pressure then build within the house and affect its occupants.
  • We don’t want muddy sneakers tracking up our front entryway, because that entryway "must" be kept immaculate, to impress and welcome guests and strangers! So, kids, it's through the garage into the house! But why would an owner value formal and hard-to-keep-clean decor over their family’s vigor and good fortune?
  • Yes, the garage-to-house entry prevents neighbors from seeing what or whom is brought into the house. But if you are that self-conscious about your shopping bags or your visitors, leave the bags or your sketchy date in the garage and then go by yourself to enter your house through the front door. It might get you thinking.
  • The weather isn’t always bad, so weather is not an excuse to use that inside door all the time.

Garage Doors and People Doors

Suburban houses are now built so that from the curb the garage often looks more prominent than the house. This is for convenience; suburbanites use cars a lot.

The open garage’ s “gaping mouth” is a problem for qi. Qi can enter a garage, but becomes unsettled by openings and closings and the comings and goings of very large wheeled machines. Shut the electric garage doors and you’re offering trapped qi entry into your living quarters only through what is probably its weakest and trashiest door.

For safety and better feng shui, keep that inner door shut and locked, even if your automatic garage doors are down and locked. An unlocked door might be convenient, but it will be a source of anxiety, not only because it invites crime but because qi trapped in your garage creates pressure you’ll feel everywhere in your home.

In feng shui everything counts, and that includes your garage. Today, take one step toward improving your luck and social life by visiting your garage intending to love and improve it.

Try having the block's most creative garage, or the most dignified, or one like a nightclub. It might well become a room you are proud to show and share.

Have you considered flooring for your garage?

Have you considered flooring for your garage?

It Could Be Worth the Trouble

Too much trouble, even if it would improve your social life and stress level?

Do not blame yourself. Modern houses are designed to have an attached garage that enters a utility room, and to have an impressive front door and foyer, and to ignore feng shui. This is one reason why a poll of 150,000 American adults found that 55 percent say they are stressed. Americans are the most stressed people in the world. We’re also the only ones for whom two- and three-car garages are normal and treated like an extra-large junk drawer or a dumping ground.

If they don't welcome us to our home sweet home, they should. They can even become the happiest part of our home.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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