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Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen

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The Heart of Your Home

In Feng Shui, the kitchen is considered the heart of your home—it rules your prosperity and your health. Keeping your kitchen Feng Shui-friendly will make your whole house and the people that live in it healthier and wealthier.

If you look at your kitchen and your house in the same way that you think of your heart and your body, you will understand the importance of Feng Shui in your kitchen. When our hearts are weak, it affects our energy and our entire body. Even having a broken heart can deplete our energy and cause other problems within our bodies. It works the same way with your kitchen and your home. Just like we give ourselves a blood pressure test to check on our hearts, we should give our kitchens an occasional Feng Shui check-up.

A Room Bagua Map


Using a Bagua Map

Using a Bagua map to locate the parts of a room that rule the aspects of our lives is fairly simple. Using your main entrance into the kitchen as your beginning point, place the Bagua map in the center of the room with the words facing yourself. Now, observe what is in each of those areas. Do you have clutter in your prosperity corner? Is there something broken in your Family area?

If you are wanting to enhance or work on an area of your life, pay attention to that area in every room of the house. Choose decor, color, symbols, and elements that represent that aspect. For instance, if love and relationships are your focus, place pictures and accents in pairs in the far right corner of every room. Doing so will symbolize unity and partnerships.

In a Perfect World

The perfect Feng Shui kitchen layout is a triangle. Your stove being at the top of the triangle and your refrigerator across from the sink. Unfortunately, not all architects and contractors think about the basics of Feng Shui when they are advising on building or remodeling. So we sometimes get stuck with a poor layout that we need to work at to make it balanced.

Your stove is the most important piece in your kitchen. It represents both your health and abundance. You use it to create meals for yourself and your family. As long as you have abundance, you will always have enough food for your family. This is why it is so important to pay close attention to the element of your stove and what weakens it so that you don't discourage its natural energy flow.

The element that your stove represents is of course fire. Water puts out a fire so having your stove right next to or across from a sink or dishwasher can be an abundance suicide. Something needs to be added in order to stop the energy of water going to your stove. And at the same time, enhance each element. An excellent solution is to use a green rug in between the stove and the sink or in front of them if they are next to each other. The green represents wood. Water makes plants grow and wood feeds a fire.

The refrigerator represents two elements. Water and Metal. So again, having the stove next to the refrigerator is bad Feng Shui. If you have a small counter in between, place a silk plant or flowers in between. If not, use a green runner in front of them.

Having your refrigerator next to your sink creates an overflow of water. Too much water decreases the fire element of the stove. Earth soaks up water so if you have a small counter in between, then put some pottery on it. If they are right next to each other, try an earth tone runner in front of them.

Although Feng Shui suggests not to have a microwave at all, it has become a natural appliance in the kitchen. So you should treat it just like your stove and oven. Keep it so that it isn't next to either the refrigerator or the sink if at all possible. If not, use the remedies that were suggested above.

A Feng Shui Fridge

Your refrigerator also represents your health and prosperity. Keeping your refrigerator neat and clean helps a positive energy flow for health and abundance. Store your food with an organization and throw out any spoiled food or empty containers.

Having spoiled food in your fridge also creates disharmony in relationships and having empty containers creates a symbol of scarcity. A well-stocked refrigerator is a happy abundance flowing energy so do your best to maintain it that way. If you live alone or eat out most of the time, then at least make sure that what is in the refrigerator is fresh. And always have the ability to prepare a meal.

Clear clutter from the front of your refrigerator. Magnets, pictures, notes. Clutter always slows down energy flow no matter where it is. As tempting as it may be to use your refrigerator as a vision board of sorts, having clutter on the front of your refrigerator will slow down the positive energy flow of abundance and health.

Helpful Tips

  • Do not use much red in your kitchen. Too much fire can actually burn up your abundance and deplete your energy.
  • Cover up your drains in the sink in order to keep your prosperity, represented by water, from going down the drain. Hanging crystals above the drain help to disperse the energy of water in all directions.
  • If there are multiple entryways into your kitchen and one of them is facing the stove, hang a wind chime in the doorway. If your kitchen is a major walkthrough, then you are depleting the chi in the kitchen each time that you walk through. Wind chimes have both movement and sound. They will keep the chi flowing in and out in a balanced way.
  • Do not let dishes pile up in the sink. Dirty dishes are a sure way to clog up your health and abundance. A sink full of dishes will also cause trouble in any renewal work that you might be doing.
  • No clutter on counters. Have your counters as clean and open as possible. Have them ready to prepare your next fabulous meal at all times. That means putting away small appliances when they are not in use. If you are a daily coffee drinker and have to have the coffee maker out at all times, create a coffee bar away from the counters. If you cannot do that, keep the area clean and tidy.
  • Choose earth and wood colors as your main color pallet. Greens, lighter tones of brown, and clay colors.
  • Put a mirror behind your stove so that it reflects the burners. The more burners that it appears you have, the more prosperity you are calling in. The burners correlate with abundance, adding the illusion of more creates a bigger abundance. You can also substitute a shiny metal teapot to reflect your burners.
  • Always keep cabinet doors and drawers closed.
  • Keep your floors swept especially in front of any entrances. Dirty kitchen floors stagnate the flow of chi. Always pay attention to corners and do not let them get dusty. Remember that your wealth sector is in the far left side of the room so do not have clutter or a dusty corner in that spot.
  • Put your cleaning tools in a closet and not out in the open such as brooms and mops.
  • Cook on the far left burner to promote prosperity.
  • When stirring, stir clockwise to bring in positive energy and counter-clockwise to drive negative energy out.

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