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Cleansing and Smudging Your House

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How do you cleanse your home of negative energy?

How do you cleanse your home of negative energy?

Cleanse Your Home With Intention

Cleansing (or "smudging") your home is an ancient custom that has become increasingly popular and widely used today. I have used cleansing for many years and I can attest that it really does help the feel of your home. Of course, the intention always plays a big role in any ritual, but the act of cleansing itself can still help make changes in the energy of your home.

Cleansing can be done for many reasons. A good overall thorough cleansing should be done after someone has moved out or at the end of a relationship. If there has been an argument in the house, it's a good idea to rid the house of the negative energy as soon as possible. Spot smudging can be done in just one room of interest or throughout the whole house. Any room that you walk into that just feels heavy to you can be smudged.

I have created a simple step-by-step process to help you get your home on the right energy track. Feel free to add steps as you become more in tune with the energy in your home. Over time and practice, you will start to notice when something doesn't feel quite right in a particular room and notice how your mood can sometimes change when you walk into a certain area of your home.

Your home is your sanctuary from the outside world and should have a nice peaceful energy to come home to.

Always Keep These House Cleansing Items on Hand

You will need a white sage stick, a feather, and a vessel that is burn-proof. For the burn-proof vessel, I prefer a large seashell, but you can use whatever feels right to you as long as it is safe from catching on fire.

When using incense for cleansing, the best scents are sandalwood, lavender, and sage. If you don't already have a few burners, get a few inexpensive ones so that you can burn it in a couple of different rooms at the same time. Always remember to be safe and watch it closely until it burns completely out.

Candles are great for removing negative energy and also help with the smell of the sage stick. Using tea light candles is the most economical. I like to let them completely burn out and throw them away after cleansing. The scents that are best for bringing in positive energies are fruity, such as green apple, orange, or lemon.



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Decluttering Is the First Step in a Thorough House Cleansing

The first step for a thorough cleansing is to do a little decluttering. Don't be afraid to toss out what no longer works or you no longer need. Clutter can trap negative energy and also makes energy stagnant. Declutter your countertops, put away clothes, and throw away old mail. You get the idea. The decluttering alone will help how the room feels to you. You should notice a quick change when the room is clutter-free.

Sweep and mop as well

Sweep and mop as well

House Cleansing Works Best When You Start With a Clean Slate

Clean each room paying special attention to the corners. Corners are a spot that can trap negative energy and more so if they are dusty or dirty. House cleansing intensifies when the house has been cleaned which is why I like to smudge a room right after I've cleaned it. As you clean each room, do it with the intention of bringing in positive energy to replace any negative energy. Enjoy cleaning each room, put on music if it makes you feel lighter, and dance. Whatever makes it a fun and happy experience.



Smudging With Sage Is the Best Way to Do a House Cleansing

Now that your home is clutter-free and clean, it's time to smudge it. Start in whatever room that you like but I like to work from the bedrooms out or the back of the house to the front.

Light your sage stick and get a nice smoke going. Hold your burn-proof vessel under the burning part of the stick to catch the ashes and use your feather to wave the smoke around the room. Be sure to do the corners and the furniture. While you are doing this, you can chant or just say out loud that you are removing any negative energy and welcoming positive energy. The intention is a big key factor in cleansing and chanting or repeating out loud what your intentions are will help to keep you focused and let the universe know what you are wanting.

Once you've done every room, put out the sage stick in your burn-proof vessel. Once all of the ashes are cool, you can either bury them or simply throw them outside to release the energy out of the house.

The Final Touch to a House Cleansing

Once your room has been cleaned and smudged, add the final touch with your incense and candles. Light your incense and then light your candle with the flame from the incense and say thank you to the universe for bringing in positive energy. Do this in every room that you cleaned and cleansed. If it's a tea light candle that you are using, let it burn completely out and throw it away when it is done.

And that's it. Sit back and enjoy the lighter and more positive energy. Do a quick smudging as needed to keep the energy light and positive. If you don't want to use the smudge stick, you can just use your incense or candles. Do the same things with your incense that you did with your sage stick by lighting it and waving the smoke around with a feather.

Your house cleansing frequency

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