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A Seeker's Guide: Energy, Vibration, and You

Adele Cosgrove-Bray is a writer, poet and artist who lives on the Wirral Peninsula in England.

According to occult metaphysics, the physical universe is the body of God, and the mind of God is what drives and sustains the universe, which we are but one tiny part of.

According to occult metaphysics, the physical universe is the body of God, and the mind of God is what drives and sustains the universe, which we are but one tiny part of.


Planet Earth, our solar system, the universe and everything contained within it is formed of energy. Absolutely everything is formed from energy—your chair, your body, your thoughts etc., are all energy.

The difference between objects (i.e., the difference between your legs and the chair they rest upon) is due to the speed at which energy vibrates. All energy vibrates constantly; the higher the vibration, the finer the matter. Physics can demonstrate this easily enough.

When old philosophers declared, “All is One”, they can be shown, through our understanding of science, to have been quite correct.

The driving force which maintains the universe is termed by occult metaphysicians as God. This term does not imply the presence of a little old man sat in the sky, grouchily finding fault with us all. This is not a person whose name is God, as an alternative to being named John or Julie.

According to occult metaphysics, the physical universe is the body of God, and the mind of God is what drives and sustains the universe, which we are but one tiny part of. The mind of God, or Divine Consciousness if you prefer this term, is considered far too vast for us to fully comprehend, any more than a mayfly could grasp the complexity of the stock exchange or the finer points of architecture.

As Above, So Below

However, it is possible to train ourselves to become highly aware of the various divine laws and influences operating through us. “As above, so below”.

Physics can demonstrate that energy cannot be exhausted but is transformed into another form of energy. For example: burn wood, and it becomes charcoal, ash and smoke—three altered forms of energy. The wood itself is no longer there, but the energy which formed it has not gone but has been changed.

A similar process occurs with the human body at death. The heartbeat ceases, the lifeforce withdraws, the body begins to decay, its structure changing and returning to basic elements. “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust”.

“Everything in Life is Vibration”

— Albert Einstein

Change Is the Only Certainty

Another way of looking at this process is as a form of reciprocal feeding—the corpses which fed the land, which grew the grain which fed the animals, which then fed the people, whose corpses feed the land. A flowing circle; a hoop. Another way of describing this was the allegorical story of Jacob's ladder.

This concept is simplified here, of course. My point is that energy is in a constant state of flux, never being exhausted or diminishing but being in a state of continual change. Nothing stays still. “Change is the only certainty”.

Human thoughts, too, are energy; we can even record and study brain activity now by using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scanning machines.

When the body dies, many people believe that the psyche goes on in another form—the psyche being defined as the central core of consciousness which drove/sustained the flesh-and-blood body while it lived, just as the mind of God drives/sustains the physical universe. This is another facet of “As above, so below”.

Hence with reincarnation, the belief is that the released psyche is attracted to a plane (or dimension) of existence which is relative in vibration to its own—just as a magnet is attracted to iron. It’s the same divine law operating on another level of consciousness.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

— Nikola Tesla

"Journey Awaits", by Adele Cosgrove-Bray. Light has played a symbolic role in art and philosophy alike for millennia.

"Journey Awaits", by Adele Cosgrove-Bray. Light has played a symbolic role in art and philosophy alike for millennia.

Belief and Knowledge

Light is often used as a symbol of wisdom.

Wisdom is formed from a trinity comprised of knowledge, understanding and experience. This concept can be depicted as the three points of a triangle. Ideally, this ought to be an equilateral triangle, and in a spiritually advanced person, this would be the case if they were to be represented by this geometric symbol. However, few people on this Earth manifest such perfection of symmetry.

Each aspect of this trinity is dependent on the other. For example, an experience which is misunderstood is consequently misinterpreted. Any attempt to experience something without sufficient knowledge of the subject will yield few worthwhile results. Similarly, to possess knowledge of a thing without any understanding of that knowledge is as good as useless.

Therefore, each aspect of the trinity of wisdom—knowledge, understanding and experience—can be shown to compliment and expand the other facets of that same trinity.

Many people confuse knowledge with belief. These two concepts are totally separate. Initially, this may well sound like taking definitions to the extreme, but until a person learns to differentiate between the two, little, if any, real progress can be made.

Faith and belief constitute the same mindset. An idea is held to be true because the one who believes it insists upon its veracity despite having no evidence. Beliefs are clung to for many reasons, such as familiarity, social conditioning, convenience, partially understood experience, or because a particular belief is complimentary to pre-existing beliefs.

The Ego Protests!

Much of a person’s academic and philosophical repertoire tends to be founded upon belief; that is, upon absorbed ideas which have been assimilated without any demonstrable analysis or intellectual challenge. The human ego will loudly protest against this statement, of course.

Beliefs may be useful or useless, depending on context. A person need not thrust their hand into a roaring fire in order to validate belief in the danger of this act.

Knowledge, in contrast to even the most dearly cherished belief, is that which can be proven and demonstrated as being true. Remember, however, that knowledge is only one aspect of the trinity of wisdom.

Many people seek spiritual wisdom, but few truly find it. Most soon become complacent and discover that other occupations are more interesting to them. Others find a niche somewhere, a role in which they feel secure and/or important. Still, other people become lost in an academic forest of fascinating ideas, each one like a shiny bauble to engage the hungry mind; a person might decorate their ego like an Xmas tree with such tinsel.

What is the difference between a negative seeker, such as described above, and a positive seeker? It is a difference in attitude. The positive seeker constantly strives to recognise his or her beliefs and re-evaluate them for what they actually are. A person’s honest acknowledgement of how little they truly know will initiate a new degree of self-knowledge.

Man, know thyself.

— Socrates

Unique You

Energy is everything, and everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Higher vibration equates with finer matter. The vibration of a human thought is much higher than the vibration of granite, for example.

The vibration of each person reflects their accumulation of knowledge, experience and understanding. It reflects their health, and the condition of their body and mind.

The quality of vibration has nothing to do with how your face looks or how you dress. It has nothing to do with where you live, what you own or who you know or other cultural status symbols. It has everything to do with how you are within your inner self.

Vibration is in a constant state of flux. The quality of vibration can improve or degenerate. It is not a fixed level like some kind of spiritual diploma, once earned and forever owned.

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Adele Cosgrove-Bray (author) from Wirral, Cheshire, England. on September 23, 2019:

Thank you, Ron; I'm glad you enjoyed the article.

Ron Hooft from Ottawa on September 22, 2019:

Absolutely right. Yet some scientists will argue that energy is not a thing, it's a property of things. However, Quantum Field theory tells us everything is made by non-material fields. Fields of energy, in other words. Particles aren't solid matter, they are bundled up waves of energy.

Great article! I've been writing about this for years, but I couldn't have stated it better than you have.