A Feng Shui Bathroom

Updated on February 20, 2020

The Age Old Thought

Bathrooms did not and do not exist in many cultures. So when it comes to Feng Shui, it is no wonder that it is hard to find a lot of ideas on how to make the most of your bathroom. Most books on feng shui will dismiss the bathroom altogether as if it doesn't exist or matter. I've even read that we should just close the door all of the time so that it doesn't interfere with the good energy of the house.

I believe that our bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in our house. This is where we cleanse ourselves and prepare for our day. I've gotten some of my best creative ideas while in the shower, and who doesn't enjoy soaking in a nice hot tub to unwind from the day.

Using the Elements

Just like any other room, balance is key to good Feng Shui in your bathroom. The natural elements in the bathroom are water and metal which actually work very well together. Water rules our career and prosperity, metal rules creation and synchronicity. It is still important to bring in some earth, fire, and wood to balance the natural elements.

Bringing in the Element of Fire

  • Add nightlights and accent lights.
  • Bring in candles.
  • The fire colors are reds, oranges, pinks, yellows, and purples.
  • Use accents that have angular shapes such as triangles and stars.
  • Fire scents are spicy. Like amber, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Bringing in the Element of Earth

  • Artwork of landscapes and mountains.
  • Crystals and rocks.
  • Salt lamps.
  • Earth colors are sand, light browns, and terracotta.
  • Natural stone wall and floor tiles.
  • Use square shapes.
  • Earth scents are floral, vanilla, and citrus.

Bringing in the Wood Element

  • Plants and flowers either natural or silk.
  • Artwork of plants or flowers.
  • Wooden vases and bowls.
  • Wooden accent furniture.
  • Wood colors are tones of brown and green.
  • Use rectangular-shaped accents.
  • Wood floors. Bamboo is my favorite for a bathroom.
  • Wood scents include teak, sandalwood, spearmint, and other woodsy scents.

Votivo Reed Diffuser - Teak
Votivo Reed Diffuser - Teak
I absolutely love to bring the teak scent into my bathroom as the feng shui symbol of wood. I still have candles in my bathrooms but I have diffusers in the bathroom for that constant fresh scent when I don't want to burn candles. I've used several different brands over the years but this one is the one that I always come back to. I've given them as gifts to my Feng Shui clients to put in their bathrooms and they all just loved them as much as I do. Bring the element of wood with the nice fresh woodsy scent of teak.

Keeping Your Prosperity From Going Down the Drain

One of the negative thoughts about bathrooms in Feng Shui is that the energy of prosperity escapes down the many drains in the bathroom. There are things that you can do to eliminate some of that happening.

My favorite idea for the sink is to put medium-sized sea glass or polished rocks over the drain. This way, water can still flow through the pebbles and down the drain for washing your hands but the drain is still covered.

Keep the drain closed in your tub and always keep your shower curtain closed. Most importantly, keep your toilet lid closed. So much energy becomes lost by not closing the toilet lid and leaving the shower curtain open.

Using Color to Accentuate Your Intentions

Color is quite important for good Feng Shui. I prefer to keep my walls and floors as neutral as possible in my bathrooms so that I can change out my accessories with ease. I keep several different colored accent rugs, toilet seat covers, towels, and shower curtains so that I can quickly switch them out when I am working on different manifestations.

If you are wanting to bring more prosperity into your life, using purple tones is a good choice for your bathroom. The bathroom already has an abundance of the prosperity water element; so adding purple in your accents will make that intention even more powerful. Wood is also a prosperity element. Add in some wood colors, such as browns and greens.

For bringing fame into your life, tones of reds are the colors to focus on. The bathroom has an abundance of the element metal which rules creation and synchronicity. Using red as your main accent color will enhance the power of the metal element and bring more fame to your life. Add in a little white as your second accent color to promote creativity.

Do you have love or romance on your radar? Then pink is the color to use for bringing more of it into your life. The element of earth is also associated with love and romance so add in a little green or brown. If you keep the tones light, you can mix pinks and greens very well together and have stylish decor.

To promote good health, yellow is the key. There is nothing more happy and sunny than a pretty yellow bathroom. Once again, green representing the element of earth is a good second accent color.

For stronger family ties and bonds, green is the color to use. Sprinkle in touches of white for intentions surrounding children. A nice crisp green and white bathroom always has such a calming feeling. It is my favorite to use in a bathroom. I feel that it helps with the spa look that I love so much in a bathroom. Another great accent color to use with green is the colors for the earth element. Sand, light browns and terracotta.

A Few Tips for a Feng Shui Bathroom

  • Fix a leaky or dripping faucet as soon as possible. It's not only expensive but it drains your prosperity energy.
  • Use round mirrors and make sure that they do not reflect the toilet.
  • Use wooden furniture accents as opposed to metal. Use teak or bamboo to eliminate any surface issues to do with water and moisture.
  • Do a space cleansing in your bathroom at least once a month being sure to pay close attention to the tub enclosure where bad energy can get trapped.
  • Keep all of your mirrors and metal shiny and clean to help the metal element move freely for your creativity and synchronicity.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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