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New Age & Metaphysics


What the Art on Your Walls Says About You, Your Friends, and Your Future

The photos and art in your home can enrich your life, your finances, and relationships—but it can also work against you. What do common wall decorations say about their owners?


Feng Shui Your Garage Before It Feng Shui-s You

Garage makeovers start by improving the good vibrations and energy flow in what is usually the suburban home's most neglected space: the attached garage. Discover how to feng shui your garage.


How to Wish Upon a Star and "Make It So"

Revisit the lore of "wishing on a star" and the childhood rhyme of "Star Light, Star Bright." With deeper knowledge about the mechanics of wishing on a star, learn how to try and reap a few more benefits from the universe.


Decluttering Your Jewelry Box for a Spiritual Lift

Organize your jewelry; organize your life. Broken, unused, or sentimental jewelry thrown randomly in a box cannot bring you the serenity or confidence jewelry symbolizes.


8 White and Colorless Crystals to Use for Power and Peace

If you call on crystal magic for support and self-care, it is important to know how gems such as diamonds, pearls, and opals might serve you—or not.


Ways to Use Lapis Lazuli to Enhance Dreamwork

Lapis lazuli is a stone that is often incorporated into dreamwork because of its resemblance to the night sky, which allows it to forge a link to the Divine. Read on to learn ways that you can use Lapis lazuli to add an element of ceremony to your dreamwork.


Gathering the Girls: How to Create a Women's Circle

Women's Circles can empower you and the Women around you. Discover how to plan and orchestrate a gathering.


The Mind-Body Problem Through Four Different Philosophical Perspectives

The mind-body problem may be the deepest of all mysteries and the last great problem. Let us look at some of its solutions.


3 Psychological Tricks to Effortlessly Manifest Whatever You Want

Once you realize that life is a game and anything conceivable is possible, you will find yourself a magnet for all things magical. All it takes is opening yourself up to a few key truths about this 3D reality. You can have anything you desire: money, a specific person and stimulating friendships.


Switchwords for Love, Relationships, and Friendships

From attracting love to letting it go; from building trust to having fun together. Magical Switchwords are an easy method of establishing a healthy love life—or ending a bad one.


Eight Major Downsides to Being an Empath

Being an empath is not easy. If you're an empath, I'm sure you can relate. It can be a lot to take on other people's emotions all the time. Which of these eight downsides is hardest for you?


How to Use Your Empathic Ability to Help Others

What may feel like a burden can become an asset that allows you to help change people’s lives.


5 Alternatives to Using Sage and Smoke to Cleanse and Purify

Tired of using sage and smoke as your only means of cleansing your space? Check out these five alternative smudging techniques known to cleanse and purify your space, belongings, tools, and yourself. No burning of sage or herbs required!


A Seeker's Guide: Energy, Vibration, and You

Everything is energy—including you. So what makes you unique?


Moon Magick: Utilize Lunar Energy for Manifestation

Each phase of the Moon has its own distinct magickal energy that can be utilized to help us with the manifestation of our desires and intentions.


Are You an Empath or an Empathetic Person? How to Tell the Difference

There is a difference between being empathic and empathetic. Which are you? If you're not sure, you can find out here.


The Influence of Thought

We have to take responsibility for our thinking as much as we do for our speech and our actions.


The Difference Between Intuition and Instinct

Is your feeling an instinct, or is it intuition? What's the difference, and how do you tell one from the other? Telling the difference can be important. Read on for my personal method of telling the difference.


How to Use Switchwords to Help Eliminate Problems

Switchwords have been around a while, though you might not have seen them before. Discover the Master Switchwords and find out how to use them. Together. Divine. Bring.


5 Common Intuition Blocks and How to Solve Them

There are many reasons that you might feel that your intuition is blocked or not as strong as it used to be. These are five common things that could be blocking or slowing your intuition down.


5 Ways to Increase Your Intuition

Everyone has the gift of intuition. Here are 5 exercises that you can practice to increase your ability to listen to your intuitive mind.


Feng Shui and Your Front Door

In Feng Shui, an entryway, like your front door, is considered the mouth of your home's chi as it is where new energy comes into your home. Learn how to make the most of your entryway's chi.


Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is your prosperity room. It is the room where you nourish your body and have family interactions. Here are some tips to help you create some balance using Feng Shui.


A Feng Shui Bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, feng shui practitioners often forget about them altogether. I personally feel that it is one of the most important rooms in the house.


How to Manifest With New Moon and Full Moon Rituals

Using the New Moon and Full Moon in tandem is one of my favorite ways to manifest. In this article, I share some of my rituals and thoughts so that you too can learn how to manifest. I will talk about how to prepare for your ceremony and give examples of intentions and affirmations that you can use.


How to Develop Your Intuition: Trusting Your Gut Feeling

Intuition is a gift that is underutilized, or ignored, by many people. Discover how to identify, develop, and honor your intuitive voice.


Cleansing and Smudging Your House

Wondering why your house feels energetically stale? You might need to clean it... but not in the way that you think. Read on for tips on how to cleanse your home from stale and negative energy.


Ley Lines: The Real Story Behind the Magical, Imaginative Lines

What are ley lines? Some say ley lines have magical powers while others are not so convinced. Still, one has to wonder: What's the real story behind these imaginary lines? And are they the real deal? Read on for everything you need to know.


Karmic Partners and Cosmic Souls

Everyone wants to find their soulmate. But they aren't always lovers who make life really wonderful. Sometimes they are people who drive you crazy, but teach you the most important lessons.


How to Create With Your Mind Power

Many people know "The Secret" that deals with how to create matter and health for yourself. This article describes how techniques are applied to create material phenomena with the power of mind.


5 Stumbling Blocks to Spiritual Enlightenment

This article will help readers when exploring common hindrances to understanding spirituality. It will also prove useful by identifying the intellectual and egoistic diversions that mimic the spiritual experience.


Spiritual Awakening: Characteristics of an Awakened Person

An individual encounters many ups and downs over the course of a spiritual journey. Discover how to work towards your own spiritual awakening.


Review of Burt Goldman's Quantum Jumping Intro Training Set

Save your time and money and read my in-depth review of Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping technique.


Feng Shui: Lucky Objects and Where to Put Them to Bring Luck

Feng Shui facilitates harmony and balance in your life through object placement and orientation. These lucky objects will help attract your desires including wealth, love, health, success, and more.


How to Be Luckier: Tips for Attracting Good Luck

Do you want to be luckier in life? Find out what you can do to bring more good fortune your way!


Spiritual Laws That Increase Wealth, Health, and Happiness

If you want to increase your luck and live more affluently, you must learn how to think and act like a blessed and prosperous person!


How to Perform a Smudging Ritual and Prayer

Learn about various smudging rituals, ceremonies, and tools so that you can smudge yourself or your home with sage or other herbs.


How to Use Mirrors to Harness Positive Feng Shui Energy

Mirrors can have either a postive impact or a negative impact upon the feng shui energy in your home. Learn how to use mirrors to expand positive energy in your home or physical space.


20 Feng Shui Tips for Creating a Prosperous Work Environment

Here are some hints and tips to help create a well balanced and prosperous work environment using the ancient practice of Feng Shui.


Ley Lines in the Americas: Theory, History, and Resources

Sacred sites like Stonehenge are said to be situated at ley lines. Learn the theories about these energy vortexes and the North and South American sacred sites that fall on their grid.


Spiritual Insights From "The Celestine Prophecy"

James Redfield introduced twelve spiritual insights in his four books of "The Celestine Prophecies." This is not a book review, but a reminder of these great insights and how they can bring peace to each of us.

Empath Science: Where Does the Empathic Ability Come From?

Are you an empath? Why? Why are some people empaths while others aren't? Read on for some thoughts on how a person becomes an Empath from a scientific, metaphysical, and spiritual point of view.


How to Manifest Desires Through the Use of Thought Waves

As the world becomes more competitive, people are beginning to forget their inner world in favor of the outer. The key to learning how to manifest desires though comes from within.


3 Tips for Controlling the Subconscious Mind and Taking Control of Your Life

The subconscious mind is our greatest ally, but most people aren't aware of this fact. The power of the subconscious mind can help you achieve any goal you set for yourself—it works just like autopilot.


How to Easily Manifest Your Desires: The Neville Goddard Technique

Do you believe it is possible for your desires to be brought into this realm simply through thought? Learn all about the Neville Goddard technique to achieving your desires, as well as my own prayer technique.


Rediscover the Seven Hermetic Principles

The Seven Hermetic Laws are gems of wisdom taken from a book called "The Kybalion," which is said to have come down to us from many centuries ago. Hermes was believed to be a contemporary of Abraham of the Bible.


How to Turn Your Spirituality Into Your Career

If you aspire to have a spiritually based profession, whereby you are helping others and bringing enlightenment, healing and love to the world, be encouraged to follow your passion. It is a sign of your destiny and soul path to turn your spirituality into a career.


Is It a Coincidence, or Is the Universe Telling You Something?

Do you know how to interpret the signs the universe is giving you? Is it just a coincidence, or is the universe trying to tell you something?


Law of Attraction: Journaling to Manifest Your Desires

This article explores how to use the law of attraction by journaling to manifest your desires.


How New Moon Abundance Checks Can Bring You Riches

Create financial abundance by writing a check from the Universe.