Your Intuition and Trusting Your Gut Feeling

Updated on December 30, 2016
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Your Gut Is Trying To Tell You Something

A Quick Background on My Intuition

I have always been in tune with my intuition, I am now at the point that all I have to do is ask. I've known about this gift since I was a child. Premonitions here and there that seemed to come true.

During a Catholic confession when I was around 7 or 8, I remember asking the priest "If I told a lie and it came true, then was it really a lie?". I don't recall exactly what the priest said. But I'm pretty sure that he just told me to say 10 Hail Mary's and to ask for forgiveness. I didn't realize it at the time but I was really asking about intuition.

Coming from a Catholic background, I learned about rituals and that helped me to be comfortable with doing ritual type practices such as space cleansing. I've studied many different religions and new age beliefs. So I'm a big mixed breed when it comes to spirituality. All of these things have made my intuition stronger over the years.

Intuition Is A Gift

Expanded Intuition Training
Expanded Intuition Training

This is an amazing way to hone your intuition. It helps to teach you how to trust what your gut feeling is trying to tell you. Great meditation exercises that help improve your ability to tune into your inner self. Take just an hour of each week and revisit different parts of the training to keep them fresh in your mind. You will always get something new from it no matter how many times that you revisit it. It is a investment that you can use for a lifetime.


What is Intuition?

I would first like to say that we are all born with the ability to tap into our intuition. It is a gift that we have been using in our every day life since the beginning of man. In ancient times, we used it for survival. Unfortunately in the present time, we have lost our ability to tap into it as easily as we used to. Most of us dismiss our gut feelings as paranoia or overthinking something.

Intuition is really our guides, angels, the universe, God or whatever it is that you believe in, trying to tell us something. Trying to warn us of possible danger or something as simple as who is calling on the phone.

Intuition can come in many different forms. You can feel it in your gut. A nagging thought that just won't go away. A dream. Or it could just be a feeling that you get about something. As you start to work with honing your intuition skills and trusting it, you will be amazed at how often it is right.

The Voices In Your Head

Gut Feelings

We've all at one point or another said "I have/had a gut feeling about that". It's that strong uneasy almost pain in the middle of your stomach.It can just come out of the blue and you just know that something is not right.

Sometimes you get a mystery gut feeling where you just can't put your finger on what it is, but you have a gut feeling that something might need your attention. When I get one of these, I've learned to start checking into everything. My finances, something that I might have missed at work and so on. More times than not, I find something that needed to be taken care of in order to advert whatever was lurking in the background.

The direct gut feeling happens either at the time of something happening or about someone. It's when you are talking to or thinking about someone and you get a gut feeling that something is going on with them. Your gut tells you that your child is hurt then the nurse calls to tell you that he or she fell on the playground. You get that gut feeling that it isn't a good idea to go somewhere.Then you hear that you would have run into someone that you would rather not see.


Intuitive dreams are my favorite ways to get messages. These kinds of dreams you can remember for a long time after you wake up. Sometimes forever. I once had an ectopic pregnancy which I had no idea about. I had a dream about being rushed to the hospital and having surgery. Two days later, I was helping a friend move and it ruptured.

Dreams can also send intuitive messages about the people in your life or the ones that are coming into it. You haven't seen your sister in a very long time and you have a dream about her - She calls that next day and says that she's coming for a visit.

The Most Powerful Type Of Intuition

Woman's Intuition

Women tend to have more of a connection with intuition than men do. As women, we are connected to the cycles of the moon. The tarot card "The Moon" has the meaning of intuitiveness, and psychic abilities or awakenings.

Woman have the ability to know if their partner is cheating or being deceitful. Most times down to the moment that it started.

Woman's intuition is more than just a cheater alarm. We also have the ability to know that our loved ones are in need. You wake up and for some reason, you feel the need to visit your favorite aunt. You get there and she tells you that her car won't start, She has to get to an important appointment and if you can take her now, she'll be on time.

Get Some Clarity

Ask for Clarity

When in doubt ask for clarity. God, the universe, or whatever you believe in. You will get a message in some way. Either something will happen that will show you that your intuitive feelings are right on, or you could have a dream that clarifies the situation.

I once had a relationship with a guy who suffered from Chronic Cheating Disease. My woman's intuition had been kicking in for about 2 weeks about him having yet another relapse. The feeling was getting pretty strong so I asked my angels for clarity one night before I went to sleep. The next day he came to pick me up from work. When I got into his car, he was talking on the phone. Not a big deal right? Out of nowhere I had a gut feeling that he was talking to his ex girlfriend. He gets off of the phone and professes that he was talking to his mom. (One of the side effects of having chronic cheating disease is having Liar Tourettes Syndrome And he had a very bad case of that. This man has the ability to look you square in the eye and without missing a beat lie with great eloquence.) Anyway, we stopped at a store and he ran in really quick. Low and behold he left his phone in the car which he never did. I had never looked through his phone before but I had this uncontrollable need to do it. He was indeed talking to his ex girlfriend when he came to pick me up. There was the clarity that I had asked for.

Exercise Your Intuition

Working to Build Your Intuition

There are so many ways that you can build your intuition. Some tools that you can use are meditation exercises and training programs that you can take to name just a few.

  • Tarot Cards are a great for building your intuition. I like to pull one card in the morning. Then think about the meaning or a symbol that I really noticed in the card when I first looked at it through out the day. Notice who you interact with that day or what the overall feeling of the day is. It will end up being somehow related to that card. If you get a warning card, make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row that day to avoid any mishaps.
  • Meditation is really very powerful. It opens up your mind. Often times meditation will reveal intuitive messages. Just 10 minutes a day will help boost your intuition muscle more than anything else that you can do.
  • Being near water has a strong power to help with intuition. I have had some of my best intuitive dreams when I was vacationing at the beach. Focusing in on the movement of the water and letting your mind just wonder is a calming way to make your intuition stronger.
  • Practicing Feng Shui is an interesting and beneficial way to strengthen your intuition. Once you've practiced for awhile, you will start to know intuitively what needs to be changed in your home in order to make the life adjustments that you need. In Denise Linn's book "Feng Shui for the Soul", she teaches how to use your intuition when practicing Feng Shui.

Trust Is The Key


Learning to trust your intuition can be hard at times. Maybe we don't really want to believe that what we are feeling is true. We second guess ourselves for too long and miss the time frame where we could have adverted something.

The more that you trust, the stronger your intuitive abilities become. Never let someone tell you that you are wrong about something that you are getting strong intuitive feelings about. People lie but your intuition doesn't.

The Magical Gut Feeling


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    • Intuitive Clarity profile image

      Allisyn 12 months ago from Texas

      Thanks Catherine. You are just like I am. I forget sometimes too and regret it later. I always have to come to terms with my intuition being there for a reason. I'm so glad that you enjoyed reading my hub.

    • profile image

      Catherine Giordano 12 months ago

      You are so right about intuition. Ever time I override my intuition, I regret it. Thanks for the reminder to "trust my gut."