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The Existence of Parallel Dimensions and Universes Is Highly Probable

I am an aspiring science-fiction author who wants to inform others in their journey for the truth. Join me in that quest.

"geralt" is the creator of this image.

"geralt" is the creator of this image.

Depictions of Parallel Universes

You may or may not have seen the 2011 science-fiction film titled Another Earth, about the discovery of a planet identical to ours in our solar system. In that movie, scientists here on our Earth one day find out that there is an Earth-like planet that is orbiting our Sun and has people living on it. Nobody can seem to figure out the origin of this Earth-like planet. As the planet continues to move closer and closer to our Earth, scientists desire to learn more about it.

After scientists find out that virtually everything about this planet is identical to our Earth, including its geographical design and atmospheric conditions, it is suggested that perhaps this same planet could be an astral twin of our Earth that crossed over from a parallel dimension or a parallel universe through some kind of wormhole. In watching the movie and feeling the seriousness of it, conventional wisdom holds that we could not have gone all these years without noticing its presence. Moreover, it could not have drifted in from another solar system because then everyone on it would have been dead.

This movie's plot thickens when scientists from our Earth establish contact with the inhabitants of this twin Earth, and the female scientist who is doing so on live television finds out that the woman from that other Earth with whom she is speaking is her cosmic doppelganger. Both women share memories of events that took place in their earlier years and discover that they don't even really have to ask questions about each other's respective pasts since they know everything about each other because of their identical lives.

Other Depictions of Parallel Universes in Television

Back in the 1990s, many of you may have liked watching the science-fiction series titled Sliders, about a group of individuals who get sucked into a wormhole and travel to Earths in different dimensions. In their adventures on different Earths, all four of these characters learn how their lives would have been if they had made different choices. I would have to say that this series was the best thing that Jerry O'Connell ever did with his acting career. There was never another science-fiction series quite like it afterwards.

The Twilight Zone even entertained a script about a man named Arthur Curtis who crosses over into a parallel dimension back in the 1960s. The episode is titled "A World of Difference." Mr. Curtis has a wife and a family that he loves dearly. As he is getting ready to finish his day at the office, suddenly a man yells, "Cut!" Then it turns out that he is in a filming studio and that his office has become nothing more than a movie set. Afterwards, this man's nightmare begins, and he realizes how horrible this alternate reality is in that the woman who claims to be his wife is looking to shaft him in a divorce proceeding and people act so cruel toward him.

Mr. Curtis ultimately returns to his own dimension, which is our dimension, and he emphatically makes sure to appreciate everything that he has. He even tells his wife in his dimension that he does not want to lose her. The episode ends with a scene in which an airplane is taking off, and he and his wife are going on some kind of excursion together.

Morgan Freeman once assembled a group of scientists on his science-based television documentary series titled Through The Wormhole to explore the different types of evidence that support that parallel dimensions, parallel universes, and parallel time bands may exist that contain worlds identical or similar to ours where our cosmic doppelgangers live. For some time now, the scientific community has taken this phenomenon quite seriously as described in an article titled "Time Travel Is Actually Possible With Parallel Dimensions, Say Physicists" by Jaimee Bruce. However, up to this point in time, scientists have only really been able to offer circumstantial evidence that alternate realities do exist. I am a skeptic who needs the proof in the pudding to be convinced of such a phenomenon, although the thought of it does spark an interest in me.

Nevertheless, every new discovery in quantum physics that brings us closer to proving for sure that there are parallel dimensions, parallel universes, parallel worlds, and parallel time bands continues to fascinate me. It was recently that NASA researchers found circumstantial evidence of the existence of a parallel universe that runs backwards through time. Below is a video that provides all the details of such a discovery.

The video above brings to mind something that Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson said about the laws of physics possibly being different in parallel universes. In the video above, NASA researchers claimed that time would move backward in this parallel universe that they believe in having discovered. Dr. deGrasse Tyson warns us all that if we attempted to cross over into a parallel universe somehow, the difference in the laws of physics between that universe and ours could cause us to turn into a blob of goo in the most lethal way possible.

We do not only have to question whether there is a way to travel to parallel dimensions, parallel universes, parallel worlds, and parallel time bands, but we also have to question whether there is a safe way to do so. However, first, we must come up with conclusive evidence to prove that these places do exist. There certainly appear to be plenty of interesting stories on the Internet about people who have traveled to such places, as described in Gene W. Strasser's article titled "Stories of Crossing Over to Parallel Dimensions or Worlds."

As skeptical as I am about the existence of parallel dimensions, parallel universes, parallel time bands, and parallel worlds, every so often, there are always one or two extremely bizarre stories related to this phenomenon that catch my attention and get me wondering whether scientists may very well be one hairline away from nailing down the conclusive evidence that would prove the existence of such alternate realities to be a fact. Well, not too long ago, two suspiciously-timed events came out in the news that brought me close to setting aside my skepticism regarding this phenomenon altogether.

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Clker-Free-Vector-Images created this image.

The Odd Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

In the spring of 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 had been flying from Malaysia and was destined for Beijing, the People's Republic of China. While this airplane was flying over the South China Sea, it mysteriously disappeared and was never found. Hailey Elizabeth provides you with the details of this bizarre incident starting at location 19:00 of her YouTube video below.

After this same airline disappeared without a single trace, search units looked high and low to find this airplane and came up bone dry. However, as the video above indicates, they did not recover even one body of any passenger from the airplane.

Hailey Elizabeth clarified in her video above that it would have been nearly impossible for this airplane to vanish into thin air. It was significantly larger than most airplanes. It even had what is called a black box that was programmed to send out a ping to the nearest radar automatically for at least 30 days until its battery died out in case anything were to happen to the airplane and it was submerged in water. It was supposed to be indestructible. However, like the airplane and everything else inside it, this black box was never found.

In her video above, Hailey Elizabeth provides three different explanations of what theorists believe may have happened to this same airplane. However, what is concerning is that the year after this same disappearance, something very strange took place in that region of the world. People witnessed floating cities over towns in the People's Republic of China. Below is a YouTube video that describes these sightings.

Mysterious Floating Cities Sighted Over The People's Republic of China

What do these floating cities have to do with Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? Well, what is so disturbing about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in 2014 and the sightings of these floating cities in 2015 is that they occurred in the same region of the world.

Arguments have surfaced from all directions that perhaps these floating cities could have been portals that had opened up to parallel dimensions and a parallel world much like our Earth. If it were so, then it would only to stand to reason that perhaps Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 flew too close to one of these types of portals and got absorbed into its vortex. Hence, the airplane ended up in a parallel dimension. If scientists were able to prove that such an event took place, then the good news would be that all the passengers on that same airplane would still be alive and carrying on with their lives in that parallel dimension. The bad news would be that they would likely never see their loved ones here in our dimension ever again.

Now, some of you are probably thinking that I have a fairly vivid imagination for a self-admitted skeptic. Well, don't jump to conclusions about me in that respect just yet. There is another incident that took place in this same region of the world that sticks in my mind insofar as it causes me to wonder if inter-dimensional travel is more common and easier to achieve than we all realize.

The Man From Taured

In 1954, customs officers at a Tokyo airport in Japan encountered a mysterious man who claimed to be from a nation named Taured that nobody had ever heard of before. When they had this man point this same nation out on a map, he pointed his finger to the Principality of Andorra. Interestingly enough, this man was able to communicate in some of the languages that were spoken in that country. The YouTube video below gives you the full lowdown of what happened.

As explained in the video above, after Japanese immigration officials detained this man from Taured in a hotel room overnight, he disappeared into thin air the following morning. His documents, some of which were at the airport, vanished also. His disappearance was as bizarre as the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 along with its passengers. When you connect all the dots, it would seem that perhaps they all disappeared into a parallel universe or a parallel dimension.

We may never know what actually happened with any of these missing people to this very day. However, the closer we get to finding conclusive evidence to prove that parallel dimensions, parallel universes, parallel worlds, and parallel time bands do exist, the more we should open our minds up to the probability that people from our planet may have disappeared into one of those alternate realities. Quantum physicists may be closer to making that one breakthrough they need to prove that these alternate realities do exist than we think.

"geralt" is the creator of this image.

"geralt" is the creator of this image.

Final Thoughts

Television is constantly inundating us with stories about alien abductions and UFO encounters. Skeptics have produced the science to demonstrate that the existence of intelligent life in the far reaches of our universe is highly unlikely. In other words, we really may be alone in that one respect.

Nevertheless, simply because we may be alone in our own universe, it does not mean that humans like us may not exist in parallel universes. Parallel dimensions? Parallel time bands? Parallel worlds? Whatever you want to call it, the design is fairly much the same.

Can two objects occupy the same space simultaneously? Quantum physics appears to offer the suggestion that it may be possible despite that mainstream scientists reject that theory, and if it is possible, then alternate realities may exist in the form of parallel dimensions, parallel universes, parallel worlds, and parallel time bands.

Interstellar travel may not be possible in our lifetime. However, people among us may have inadvertently slipped in and out of other dimensions or universes. We may have even encountered people from those alternate realities and not even realize it. Quantum physics could bring us an infinite number of possibilities of how such parallel worlds interconnect.

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Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on October 23, 2021:

Thank you, John. Yeah, some people claim that the story about the man from Taured was nothing more than a hoax, but I believe that it really happened. As the amount of evidence of parallel universes, parallel dimensions, parallel time bands, and parallel worlds continues to pile up, it becomes more and more difficult for even the toughest of skeptics to deny that some kind alternate reality does exist.

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on October 22, 2021:

Jason, this was a very interesting article, and you offer much food for thought. I would not discount the possibility of parallel dimensions existing. The Man from Taured is particularly intriguing.