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Updated on September 26, 2017
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Intuition is natural to everyone.
Intuition is natural to everyone. | Source

Intuition Helps You Reach Your Goals

Many people feel like they don’t live up to their potential. They have all these big dreams locked inside of themselves. They want to release them, but don’t know how.

The answer is intuition, and your intuition comes to you one step at a time.

Once you set an intention to reach a goal, you need to release it to the Universe. You must then expect your intuition to guide you to it.

What Does Intuition Feel Like?

My own intuition always shows up in my physical heart—I feel a physical prompt or feeling. Everyone can experience their intuition uniquely:

  • Some people get a feeling in their gut.
  • Some actually see pictures in their minds or hear their guides talking to them.

Intuition can be experienced through dreams, whispers, hunches, ideas, or even signs from the Universe. Ultimately, you get to know how your own intuition works through practical experience.

How My Intuition Got Me a Freelance Job

Here’s a practical example of intuition from my own life.

A few years ago, I quit my job as a full-time music director at a big church in Chicago. I had an intuition to go freelance, but didn’t know where to begin. I began visualizing my ideal freelance job: close to home, paying well, and working with congenial people.

Then, I waited. During that time, I dealt with a lot of issues: fear, anxiety, and stress. I was learning to distinguish between my fears and the voice of my intuition.

A few months later, I got an email from a group of organists inviting me to a luncheon. I got a feeling to reply, letting the group know I could play for services during the weekdays. I had already let this group know I was available, but my intuition told me to tell them again.

And then the magic happened. A school music teacher who needed a pianist to play for the weekly school mass got the email. Her accompanist had gotten sick, and the school had been discussing the need for a new musician the very day I had my intuition.

Later, she said to me, “Your email couldn’t have come at a better time!” I could only silently thank my intuition. One of the main hallmarks of intuition is its perfect timing.

I’m still working at this steady freelance job which is only a half a mile from my home.

Four Steps to Get Intuition Working for You

Here's a quick four-step process to get intuition working for you:

  1. Evoke intuition.
  2. Remove obstacles that get in the way of intuition.
  3. Experiment with small intuitions at first.
  4. Support your intuition journey by journalling your results.

Step 1: Evoking Intuition

What do I mean by evoking intuition?

Basically, it means to get into the right frame of mind. Intuition comes to you if you're open and expectant.

You can do many things to get into an intuitive frame of mind. You can go for a relaxing walk, have a cup of tea, hang with friends, play with your kids, read a great book, or just do something you enjoy.

Having goals and intentions is a great way to engage your intuition.

Step 2: Removing Obstacles to Intuition

Intuition doesn't usually come to you if you're stressed out, tired, or feeling afraid.

You can release fears by taking some deep breaths, a hot bath, or just talking to yourself and saying positive things.

Some people worry that their intuition might tell them to do something that is wrong. A good way to deal with this fear is to say a quick prayer. The prayer I like to say is, "God, please only allow that which is in your will and for my highest good."

Step 3: Experiment With Small Intuitions at First

If you have a "noodge" to take a different route to work or to try a different restaurant for lunch, follow it.

It can't do any harm, and it's a way of building confidence in your intuition. That way, when you're engaging your intuition in a big decision like trying for a new career or making a commitment to a partner, you can feel more trust.

Step 4: Support Your Intuition Journey by Journaling

Once you start following your intuitions, you are going to get some great results. It's a good idea to write down your intuitions in a journal.

That way, you can celebrate your successes. You can also note intuitions that you have on a consistent basis, or even intuitions you have that you don't feel ready to follow yet.

Just the act of keeping a journal will tell your subconscious that you're ready to live your life in a different way, and then you'll be even more aware of the intuitions that come your way.


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      Charles 5 months ago

      Had a feeling to write you a BIG HUG Dear friend! (((((adding some more well deserved HUGS for you))))

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