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How to Use Switchwords

Updated on March 16, 2017
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I've been writing about spiritual and self-development topics for many years. Switchwords are my new favorite thing. Together--Love.

What Are Switchwords?

Switchwords were first noted by the psychotherapist, Freud. He suggested that certain words have the power to reach into, and alter, our subconscious. This idea was seized upon by businessman, James T. Mangan, who wrote his book, “The Secret of Perfect Living”, but it didn’t sell very well at the time. The reading public was not ready for such a radical concept. They are now, and it's back in print.

So what are Switchwords? Well, they are just words. Simple, everyday words. No-one is certain exactly how they work, but it is likely that it is connected to the vibrational frequency of the word. The meaning of the word is not important - it may be related to its function or it may not.

Who Can Use Switchwords?

Anyone can make use of Switchwords. There’s no danger of harm by their use, so feel free to try them for any situation that they could relieve or improve.

What Can I Use Switchwords For?

In a word, no pun intended, anything. Switchwords will increase your energy, unleash your creativity, help you find lost objects, deepen your connection to other, promote wealth, attract others to you, and increase your confidence.

Use them to promote your business by increasing your client base. Help you lose weight by making you motivated, deepen your understanding and even relieve constipation. There’s no end to their usefulness.

A long time ago, I was contacted via my tarot website by a gentleman called Shunyam Nirav. He gifted me a copy of an e-book that he had written after finding an old remaindered edition of Mangan’s book in a second-hand store. He’d been fascinated by the idea of these ‘Switchwords’. Nirav did a lot more research into the concept and identified many more words to add to Mangan’s original list. I was sad to hear that Shunyam Nirav passed away in 2008. I used some Switchwords as a scrolling banner (remember those?) across my page to attract business and make a connection with my readers.

How To Use Switchwords

Switchwords are used in many ways. You can:

  • Whisper or speak one throughout the day.
  • Write them down in a journal.
  • Use them in art or drop them into your writing.
  • Meditate on one or more Switchwords.
  • Some suggest writing them on your skin, or labeling your water.
  • Simply use them when you need to.

There are no hard and fast rules for Switchwords. Try them all, or simply use the one that resonates with you. I’ve included the three power words below, these are like the ignition switch in your vehicle. They are ‘power ups’.

Liz Dean has picked up the Switchword baton, and brought the concept right up to date in her book, "Switchwords: How to Use One Word to Get What You Want." It's available in print and as Kindle download. During my reading of Liz's book, I found it easy to pick up the Switchword concept where I'd left off all those years earlier.


10 Switchwords To Attract Money

To attract money
To grow a fortune
Generate new business ideas
To persuade, or convince
To appear wealthy
To eliminate debt
To advertise, promote a business
Request a money miracle
To reach a stated goal
To increase wealth

Power Switchwords

There are three major power words:

  • Together - the Master Switchword. It helps you to focus on your intention. It can be spoken on its own or prior to any other Switchword. Think of it as a kind of magnifying glass through which you are guiding a beam of sunshine. It ignites your desire.
  • Divine - tells the universe/all-that-is to execute a miracle.
  • Bring - is the manifestation power word. Use it alone or with other words to bring you what you want or need.

There are many other power words:

  • Adjust - creates balance and helps you handle difficult and unpleasant circumstances.
  • Bingo - finds the right answer and promotes excitement.
  • Bluff - reduces or dispels fear, encourages inspiration.
  • Care - to remember, memorize and learn.
  • Charm - to bring your heart’s desire.
  • Crystal - to clarify, to see the future clearly.
  • Cut - to improve willpower; to sever ties.
  • Do - to stop procrastinating.
  • Jewel - to raise your vibration.
  • Limit - to set boundaries.
  • Next - to finish detailed or boring work.
  • Plethora - abundance.
  • Quiet - to stop being selfish.
  • Spend - to improve your appearance; dress better.
  • Wait - to learn a secret.

10 Switchwords To Attract or Deepen Love

To feel as one
To generate love, bring it to you
Eliminate jealousy and possessiveness
Improve your connection with another
To end loneliness
To create a love miracle
To eliminate arguments
To be agreeable
To be patient and tolerant
To prolong a good feeling

Multiple and Combined Switchwords

I’ve noticed that some people are using them in groups of words, all at the same time, by stringing a number of Switchwords together. Probably because they think they will have a greater effect. I disagree. I think doing this messes up their vibration. At most, I would only use two, or possibly three, together - a power word plus the relevant ‘instruction’ word - some of which are listed in the tables. The energy that makes all this work is not stupid. As long as you know what you want and choose the most appropriate word, it will deliver.

Examples of Combined Words

Divine Order -- to clean your home fast and efficiently.

Together Giggle -- to work on a team project.

Adjust Alone -- to speed up recuperation from an illness.

10 Switchwords for General Situations

To create beauty; to be beautiful
Ice Blue
To de-stress
To shorten distance
Efficiency; organized; tidy
To sleep; to quit a habit
To heal
To turn on your writing mojo
To increase physical energy
Find an object, idea, word, memory
To turn on your personality

Switchwords and Your Spiritual Path

Switchwords seamlessly integrate with any other spiritual path, whether it be religious, prayer, energy work, healing, Law of Attraction-based, New Age, meditative, or if you are simply on a journey of self-discovery. It is enough to be aware of them and use them whenever you need to.

Oh, and that word to relieve constipation?- 'Swivel'.


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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 6 weeks ago from New Jersey

      Hi Bev,

      That was really interesting, I never heard of Switchwords before. So it's the vibrational frequency of the words. That's really neat.

    • theraggededge profile image

      Bev 6 weeks ago from Wales

      Aren't they fun, Jean? I used Count this evening because I hadn't received a payment I was hoping for. It arrived within the hour :)

    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 6 weeks ago from Northern Ireland

      Never heard of switch words before. They sound rather like magic. I must take a look at those books. Maybe there are also switchwords we use unconsciously that make us more stressed or harried than we were!

    • theraggededge profile image

      Bev 6 weeks ago from Wales

      I never thought of that, Dreamer Meg. I expect we all know the things we say to ourselves that reinforce a negative mood. And still keep saying them! :D xx

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