Alchemy 101: The Law of Vibration

Updated on July 3, 2017

The Law of Vibration Begins With Thought

The Seven Hermetic Laws and Why You Need Them

The seven Great Hermetic Principles are crucial not only for understanding alchemy but for understanding life and the way of the universe itself. These are the universal laws that govern reality in the greater sense (spiritual), just as the laws of physics govern the physical sense. These laws were presented to humanity by the great teacher Hermes/Thoth/Tehuti (hence, they are called the Hermetic laws), but they are as old as reality itself. As children of God or Source, these laws are our birthright to know, understand, and use to create our own realities.

The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration is among my favorite of the Hermetic laws. While many people have a hard time understanding it, it's really quite simple. Everything vibrates. You, the chair you're sitting in, your house, your cat, the planet. Everything in the universe is in motion, and everything that vibrates has a frequency. Everything with a frequency has an effect (we'll get to that later in the Law of Cause and Effect.)

If this sounds like new age hogwash to you, there is actually a very scientific basis for the Law of Vibration! All matter is composed of molecules, all molecules are composed of atoms and all atoms are composed of subatomic particles. Within an atom, there is a proton and a neutron that make up the nucleus, and outside of that is at least one electron moving in an elliptical pattern around the nucleus. This movement is constant, and the source of the vibration in all things. No matter how large or small, all material is made up of the same building blocks. The compactness of the atoms is what determines whether something takes on a solid shape, but everything, from rock and crystal to water, has a vibration.

How to Use the Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration is at the core of the Laws of Attraction and the Law of Polarity. All the universe was created by the thought of God. From ancient Egyptian philosophy to Christianity and other major world religions, this is the distilled essence of the creation mythos in every religion. Thought creates reality.

Understand this. Thought creates reality. Thought has a vibration, just as objects in the material world have a vibration! In fact, everything in the universe, from physical items to your thoughts, has a vibration! Vibration can be altered. You can use vibration to attract or repel (in a sense). Whether you want them to or not, your thoughts are always sending out a vibration to the universe, telling it what to match and send back to you. You can either go on living passively and as if you have no control over what you attract, or you can learn how to be an alchemist by taking control of your thoughts and subsequently, the vibrations they emit.

The Universe

How to Control Your Vibration

Thoughts have a frequency, which means that people tend to get unnecessarily cerebral about altering their vibration. While it's important to be able to visualize and master your thoughts, the shortcut (as with the Law of Attraction) is to master your feelings first! Emotional triggers are powerful on both ends of the spectrum. A song can take you to the sweeping heights of joy or plummet you into the depths of despair. A scent can take you back to a wonderful day in your life or remind you of something you'd rather forget. Beautiful scenery can put you in a state of calm energy and hope, while a cluttered office can make you feel icky and unproductive.

You are the world's leading expert on you. You know which emotional triggers make you happy and which ones fill you with dread. Avoid negative emotional triggers and instead fill your life with the music, people, smells, sights, materials and activities that bring you joy and you will automatically raise your vibration frequency to attract more joy, more happiness, more peace.

The Law of Vibration in Magic

The Law of Vibration is woven all throughout magic and general occult practice, especially when it comes to the nature of correspondences. From herbs to crystals and symbols, witches use items that vibrate on the same frequency of the outcome they want their magic to influence. If you're doing a love spell, you want to use correspondences that vibrate on the frequency of love. If you're doing a money spell, you want correspondences that vibrate on the frequency of abundance (clove, cinnamon, etc.) and so on.

How to Sense a Vibrational Frequency

While everything vibrates, some things have stronger frequencies than others. Have you ever been somewhere that just made your skin crawl? Ever been around someone you couldn't get enough of, whose energy just seemed to glow? Conversely, have you ever been around someone who made you feel drained after just a few moments of talking to them? That's frequency. Frequency is infectious, and those feelings are your vibration field responding to another. Recognize this as intuition and honor it when it comes up in your life. Avoid prolonged interaction with people and things that lower your vibration, and invest your time and energy in those that raise it.

Create Your Reality

In a Nutshell

The Law of Vibration holds that everything moves and everything has a frequency (even couch potatoes!) This means that everything can change. Your thoughts produce powerful frequencies that create your reality. As sons and daughters of God, it is our birthright to create our own realities as God created this universe with His thought. Rather than going through life helplessly and passively, know that everything you do and everything you think and feel has a vibration that affects your life--and that is a good thing! What moves can change direction. If you don't like your life, change your vibration! It's never too late to begin. Vibration is not time sensitive. Whether you have been vibrating at a given frequency for seconds or decades, you still have just as much power to change it!


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