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How to See and Communicate With Fairies in Your Garden

Updated on October 07, 2016

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Ways to See Fairies in the Garden

Read on, fairy lovers, to learn how to see fairies in the garden and communicate with the Fair Folk of your local area!

One of the most common questions I get asked as a fairy writer is "How do I see Fairies?"

While this is not an easy or straightforward question to answer, one of the things I strongly advise is to grow a fairy garden if possible. Even if you are only able to grow a few tiny plants in a window box, this is a superb connection to the world of the fey.

Fairies are creatures of nature, and by bringing together the elements of earth (soil), water, fire (sun) and air, you have a much better chance of seeing fairies.


Learning to See Fairies

The first thing to understand about fairies is that, although they are real, they are not of the physical plane; they are of the spirit realms, or Otherworld. So it is not generally possible to see them with the physical eye, unless they undergo the rare process of manifesting themselves into the Physical. Occasionally they may take human or animal form, but this is rare in modern times.

So how does one see a fairy? In the same way that mediums connect with spirits, guides, ghosts and angels. Psychic ability is made up of four "clairs" -

  • clairvoyance (clear seeing)
  • clairaudience (clear hearing)
  • clairsentience (clear feeling)
  • claircognizance (clear knowing)

So to "see" entities from the astral or spiritual planes, one must work on their clairvoyance. To "hear" fairies, clairaudience, and so on.

But hang on, I'm not a psychic! I hear you cry. Well the good news is that everyone has psychic ability, it's just that most people never tap into it. You can find an excellent introduction to this concept at the end of this article.


Places to See Fairies in the Garden

So, once we know how to "see" fairies, where to go about finding them? If you have a garden, however small, you can maximise its attraction to fairies. I shared much of what I learned about designing a fairy garden in "How to Make a Fairy Garden." The things I discuss there are what I implemented in my own garden, and I now have a fairy paradise! The fairies have their favourite spots, however, and they have also divulged their secret hiding places to me over an acorn cup of mead or two.

Fairies are more often than not found here:

  • Perched in leafy trees
  • Hiding in the knots and furls of ancient trunks
  • Talking in the long grass (leave those lawn edges wild!)
  • Supping the nectar from their favoured flowers
  • Dipping their toes in the secluded edge of a pond
  • Dancing amidst mushrooms or toadstools
  • Riding on the backs of insects under rotting log piles
  • Chatting to birds in berry-filled bushes

The key to a successful fairy garden is to create lots of hidden, secluded places. Fairies are shy of humans and prefer to have lots of hidden nooks where they can conduct their revels in private, away from the prying eyes of humans! Of course, if you work hard at looking after the nature in your garden, and at building your relationship with the Wee Folk, they may let you take a peek into their realm now and again!

Do YOU See Fairies in the Garden?


I want to hear your views on fairies!

Have you seen a fairy in your garden?

See results

Times to See Fairies in the Garden

Fairies are, of course, in the garden all year round, but there are certain times of day and year when fairies are more active, and more likely to be spotted by an eagle-eyed fairy-spotter!

  • Fairy revels often take place at midnight—look out for fairy rings!
  • Dawn and dusk are favourite fairy times as they love to watch the sun rise and set.
  • Fairies will be dancing and making merry on the 1st May—the festival of Beltane
  • Samhain Eve (more commonly known as Halloween) is the night of betwixt and between - the time when the veil between worlds is thin and spirits are abroad! If you want to actually "see" a fairy, tonight is a good time to look!
  • Midsummer's Eve is also a prime time for spirit activity, especially from fairies. And the fairies of winter will be celebrating at Midwinter—so brave the cold to see some chilly fairy activity!

When designing a fairy garden, try to factor in a secluded area for yourself, so that you can join the fairies in their secret spots and get to know them better!

How to See Fairies in the Garden - Look for Them here!

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I'd love to hear from you! Please leave your fairy sightings and general comments on this article here! Fairy blessings.

© 2010 Missmerfaery444


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    • WhiteOak50 profile image

      WhiteOak50 6 years ago

      Oh, my friend... love you lens!! "Blessed by a SquidAngel"

    • grannysage 6 years ago

      When we lived in CA we had a huge back yard with lots of wild grass and bushes and a circular area enclosed by oleander trees. That is where my camera decided to take its own pictures. We also had a friend who was hit on the head by a fairy (we think) when he was trying to decide whether to move into the vacant house next to us. Of course, they were saying...we need fairy friendly folk living there. And once we moved in, the whole yard became more abundant and vibrant.

      Here in Kansas, they seem to hide more. It is cold right now so I think they are keeping warm in the fairy world. But now and then they like to pull the cat's tail. Great lens....the fairies love you.

    • callinsky lm profile image

      callinsky lm 6 years ago

      Yes. I've only seen them twice but I sooo look forward to seeing them again. The first time was in the sky on a cloudy night and the second time one was dancing on my porch rail. Every year I say I'm building a big Fairy garden and I never do. I am this year for sure.

    • WhiteOak50 profile image

      WhiteOak50 5 years ago

      After finally catching up with the Angel School Bus, I am fluttering around Fairy Folklore-ville to drop off some Blessings. Just wanted you to know I am here because your page caught my attention. Leaving you with a *Blessing* for doing such a great job on this page.

    • awakeningwellness profile image

      awakeningwellness 4 years ago

      I have occasionally seen flashes of light shaped like a fairy which is very exciting, I always assume they are there when I am in nature so I talk to them even when I don't see them. :)

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      We have fairies in our garden that leave notes and little treasures. My son would like to learn how to play with the fairies----what sort of games, other than hide and seek, do they like to play and will they play with a human? Can our dog sniff out fairies? Thank you!

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      @anonymous: What doyou have planted in your garden to draw them to you?

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      i want tttttooooooooo ssssseeeeee aaaaaaa ffffffffffffaaryyyyyyy

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      What do you plant to attract fairies???

    • Missmerfaery444 profile image

      Missmerfaery444 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Anywhere there are flowers, plants and wild places there will be faeries, however those flowers especially attractive to them include foxgloves, bluebells, lavender, honeysuckle, snapdragons, wildflowers native to your area, and native trees. Good luck!

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Hi Everyone,

      Just wanted to see how it's going and if any ofyouhave sighted any faries....

      I'm so interested in them and tring to get my back yard in shape and if you know how the dirt can be in Arizona, you know what I mean...

      Looking forward to hear your stories... Thanks

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      ...I have fairies in my flowers....they appear after I have taken pictures of the flowers

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I don't have a garden,so can i attract faries by making a mini fairy garden on my balcony?

    • Missmerfaery444 profile image

      Missmerfaery444 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Absolutely yes! Anywhere you can grow a little greenery or flowers, the faeries will appreciate it very much! :)

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @anonymous: yes

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      i like faires very much i wish i am .fairy

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      focus pure love in the heart chakra, and take it out as an orb, fairies will immediately show up. if you learn to see aura you can see them too, they seem to like taking form for us to see :)

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @Missmerfaery444: I am always looking for fairies, but i never seem to be able to find them. I have tried looking around trees and flowers, but they don't seem to work either. Do you have any tips for attracting them to you, besides a fairy garden? (I already have one:))

    • Missmerfaery444 profile image

      Missmerfaery444 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Be open of heart and mind. They are attracted to people who genuinely want to help nature and work with them. Remember that you will very rarely actually "see" a fairy with the physical eye - it will be more a case of sensing them, or feeling them around you, or perhaps seeing them in your mind's eye if your psychic ability is awakened. They may also leave signs of their presence.

    • alot-of-lemmons 3 years ago

      @anonymous: well just plant flowers any kind. if you want try to make a little house for them or but one.

    • Kelly 9 months ago

      Hi. Some strange stuff is happening in my garden. I once chucked bread out for birds and by midnight I found it all in a pure circle....I have two connifer trees and in between them is natural and wild things growing with a bird house. For some reason I can't cut it down. My dig is buried in my garden and I've got fairy solar lites..They started working on there own despite being never able to work again. He's next to the two connifer trees. I feel drawn to look between the two trees every now and then.

    • Ava 9 months ago

      How do you attract fairys into your home

    • Donna Kay Griffitt 8 months ago

      my house and garden is full of fairys. but i can only see them looking thru my camera or playing back my video i can see them.i have one video i thought was mostly was a bunch of fairys instead. coul see them good on computer

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