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Working Magick on a Waning Crescent Moon

The Waning Crescent Moon provides a perfect time to do banishment spells or engage in shadow work.

The Waning Crescent Moon provides a perfect time to do banishment spells or engage in shadow work.

Magick and the Moon Phase

Nothing goes together better than moonlight and magick! Witchcraft has long been veiled in mystery, and there's no better place to keep your witchery secret than the dark.

It is only in recent times that everyone has been proud to come out of the broom closet. Just because witches and other pagan folk are becoming loud and proud doesn't mean our relationship with the Moon is no longer relevant. Witches will still be consulting their calendars to figure out what the Moon phase is in order to work their spells or discern how to approach their goals.

Each Moon phase is suitable for certain types of magick. It comes down to striking an affinity with whether or not light is growing or fading. Sympathetic magick is about working with these affinities to improve your chance of success.

What Is the Waning Crescent Moon?

The Moon's illumination grows smaller until the New Moon during the Waning Moon phase. There are 8 lunar phases. The Waning Crescent is a minor lunar phase.

At this time, just a small sliver of the Moon is visible in the sky. It is the very end of the Waning Moon phase—the time right before the Dark Moon.

This is a time to work on major banishments. Let your problems recede and disappear along with the Moon. You might also wish to engage in shadow work.

Magickal Focus

  • Banishing Magick
  • Shadow Work

Banishing Magick

Banishing magick is a somewhat controversial form of magick. It is sometimes considered a baneful variety of magick. It is considered pretty mean to tell someone to get lost or go away. Many witches adhere to the concept of working magick with the escape clause of it not harming anyone. Of course, in real life, it is difficult to do anything without bruising another person's feelings.

Stay True to Your Ethical Code

Always consider your own ethical code before you work banishing magick. We want to avoid social exclusionary behavior. We can't always push an annoying co-worker out of the workplace. It would be unethical. Sometimes we are better off working on banishing the annoyance or our reaction to it rather than the person.

Turn the Page

Working banishing magick can help you find closure on various issues. This is a symbolic way of turning the page. Admittedly, letting go can be one of the hardest things to do.

Take Care With Herbal Correspondences

Banishing magick is genuinely the domain of Saturn's planetary energy. You could use a simple candle spell on a Waning Crescent Moon. Buy a black candle and anoint it with oil. Burn herbs that are under the influence of Saturn. Many of these herbs come under the old baneful herbs category. Be careful as there are a number of Saturn herbs that are poisonous.

One of my favorite websites to consult for herbal correspondences is Alchemy-Works. Check out their page of Saturn correspondences for some useful ideas.


Shadow Work

The moon represents our intuitions and state of emotions. These things are part of our subconscious. We don't always understand what motivates us. Shadow work can help us understand the more mysterious aspects of self.

There are many things going on inside ourselves that we are not conscious of. We may have unexplored fears that have not been processed. We may be unconsciously belittling ourselves.

Embrace Self-Acceptance

Shadow work enables self-acceptance. It helps us figure out the real problems rather than the symptoms of the problem. Working on the shadow during this lunar phase enables us to identify areas where we can grow during the Waxing Moon phase.

What is the shadow? The shadow is the parts of ourselves that we may not share with others. Carl Jung is the one responsible for coining the phrase. The more private and hidden elements of ourselves. In fact, these private elements may be things we aren't conscious of about ourselves. Knowing our shadow can be useful.

My mind goes back to a toxic relationship in my past. I dated a man who, early into the relationship, stated that he knew me better than I knew myself. This is the kind of scenario that can become painful with time if we don't sort it out. There are lots of people who establish these bonds with us in the name of love, but they almost dictate our identities to us. If we do shadow work, we are less vulnerable to these types of relationships. It can prevent us from getting gas-lighted.

Stop Self-Sabotaging

The shadow is comprised of parts of ourselves that we don't accept. There are various things that we relegate to the shadows. Not all of them are bad. Think of teenage girls who dumb themselves down so people don't think they are nerdy. Being brainy is obviously a positive trait, but sometimes we are afraid of how others will react to it.

A personal example for me is when I became disenchanted with being perceived as an artist. I had felt so criticized by the idea of being this flaky dilettante that I became closed about discussing my education or describing the art I created with those who showed interest. You probably have lots of positive qualities that became a burden to bear. In fact, a lot of self-sabotage is the result of not doing enough shadow work.

The shadow can also be about traits or feelings that are embarrassing. Sometimes we have character flaws that we don't want to be honest about. But, I feel that more often than not, people tend to beat themselves up over their perceived deficits and flaws. The only people who truly refuse to acknowledge their negative traits and completely shun Shadow Work are what we know as narcissists.

Image by Alexa from Pixabay

Image by Alexa from Pixabay

How to Do Shadow Work by Journaling

There are many different ways that you can explore your shadow. Journaling is one of the easiest. When you journal, there are key areas that you can focus on. You could focus on writing about people you have negative feelings about.

Often we project our own negative qualities that we don't wish to examine onto others. This doesn't make those who upset you innocent saints who are blameless. You still need to listen to your feelings about them and maintain boundaries. It just gives you a spiritual clue as to what is lurking in your own shadows.

You can also explore embarrassing aspects of the self in your journal. Dig up those suppressed areas so you can gain greater insight into what makes you tick. You also might want to dig up talents you have neglected and make them part of your intentions for the upcoming New Moon.

Journaling in sight of the Waning Crescent Moon can be a great way of adding an element of ritual to your investigative work. You can bless the process, burn incense, drink a cup of herbal tea, and light up a candle. All of these little nuances add ritual and sacredness to the work you engage in.

May the Waning Crescent Give You Light!

I hope you found my ideas interesting, informative, and helpful. I would further suggest using a calendar to write out a magickal focus for each day of the Moon phase.

You can get a lot done over a lunar month if you set your mind to it. The Moon is fleeting just as the passage of time. It is so easy to miss that little window of opportunity. After all, the Moon is the fastest-moving planet from the perspective of earth.

Working with your shadow or doing banishing magick is a wonderful way to gain understanding. Magick can't always be about drawing the money to us or attracting the perfect relationship partner. Sometimes we've got to peer into the dark or set limits on what we let in.

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