Quiz: What Kind of Fairy Are You?

Updated on March 6, 2017
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Kitty is a self-proclaimed folklorist. She has studied mythology and folklore from Europe and America for the past ten years.

Fairies capture our hearts and imagination.
Fairies capture our hearts and imagination. | Source

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Banshees were frightening yet awe-inspiring fairy women.
Banshees were frightening yet awe-inspiring fairy women. | Source

Banshee: Ancient Fairy Woman

You are a banshee! You are fierce, somber, dedicated, and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

The banshee was a fairy woman found in Ireland dating back to at least Medieval times. She is also known as the Washer at the Ford, Keening Woman, and Washerwoman. She is thought to be a fairy, originally a part of the Tuatha de Danaan (Ireland's ancient gods), or possibly the ghost of a murdered woman. She is thought to be a guardian spirit of some of the oldest Irish families, but she is also seen and heard in parts of Scotland too. Legend has it that the banshee will stand outside of the window of the person who is about to die and keen or wail to mourn their death and also warn their family members. She's also been seen washing soldiers' uniforms in the river and creek.

If you are the banshee, you are being called to tune into your darker side...to understand your shadow self. This means to evaluate where your weaknesses are and tackle them head-first. Perhaps it is time to mourn your old habits, but let them be washed away down-river. Let the new you shine!

Dryads were beautiful tree spirits.
Dryads were beautiful tree spirits. | Source

Dryad: Tree Spirit

You are a dryad, a carefree yet wise spirit of the oldest trees in the forest!

Dryads originated in Greece, where people believed the trees had spirits. They often took the whispy form of a woman, whenever they'd leave their tree bodies. Dryads were once thought to be gods of the trees, but were eventually demoted to fairies or spirits. They are said to be wary of humans and other gods, but they were friends with Artemis, Goddess of the Forest. There were dryads known by name in Greece. Eventually the idea of the Dryad found its way to England where the priests and priestesses of the old religious order were known as "Druids"...sounds very similar, doesn't it?

If you got the result Dryad, this means that you have a very playful spirit. You enjoy being in nature and especially being under the shade of great oak trees. Lately you haven't been paying attention to your spirituality and you haven't been enjoying Mother Earth. Now is the time to get outside and re-ground yourself! You will find being in nature heals all sorts of ailments of the modern world.

Elves were tall, breathtaking fairies from Germanic folklore.
Elves were tall, breathtaking fairies from Germanic folklore. | Source

Elf: Trooping Fairy

You are an elf, an ancient and majestic trooping fairy of Germanic and Norse origin!

The belief in elves originates in Northern Europe, most likely with the ancient Germanic and Norse tribes living in Northern Germany and Scandinavia. Today, when people hear the word "elf" they think of Santa's elves or Keebler elves. These images do not fit the original image of the elf. The elf was usually a very tall, majestic looking being who was often seen riding horses with other elves. They looked, acted, and dressed like royalty. They had magical skills and could either help or harm people, depending on the situation and the person involved. Often they were seen in meadows and in the forests. In some stories, they were known to seduce people and whisk them away forever.

If you received the result Elf, it is your time to focus on your beauty—both inside and out. Have you been caring for yourself? Do you take time to honor your own body and beauty? Do you take time out of the week to mentally and spiritually re-charge? Now is the time to tap into your magical side and nurture yourself.

To believe in fairies is to really live.

— Nicole Canfield
Pixies were tiny beings with sparkly wings.
Pixies were tiny beings with sparkly wings. | Source

Pixie: Flower Fairy

You are a pixie—a small, spritely flower fairy found in English folklore!

Pixies originate in England, some say in Cornwall and Devon. The belief is said to date back to the time of the ancient Celtic tribes. Perhaps once, pixies were thought to be gods but have since been depicted as tiny fairies with delicate wings flitting about the gardens. Some say they help the flowers and plants grow. Some say they are mischievous around humans, as they follow different rules than us. Pixies have been known to lead humans away from their paths. The way to protect yourself from being pixie-led is to turn your coat inside out. They are also said to adore animals, particularly horses. Many farmers would awake and find their horses' manes braided in such tiny braids that it would take hours to untangle them. These were the pixies' braids. The belief in fairies, pixies to be exact, still exists in some places in Britain today!

If you received the result of pixie, you are a fun and outgoing person. Sometimes you can get yourself into trouble with your mouth, so you have to be careful of what you say. Think before you speak. Otherwise, try to focus on having fun this week. Take a break from your serious life and do something daring and maybe just a little mischievous!

Selkies were shapeshifters from the ocean.
Selkies were shapeshifters from the ocean. | Source

Selkie: Ocean Shifter

You are a selkie, a beautiful shapeshifting spirit of the sea!

Selkies originated in Scotland but can be found in Irish folklore, as well. Most often they were seen in the highland areas of Scotland along the shorelines...always closest to the sea. Selkies were shapeshifting spirits who were in seal-form when they were in the ocean but could change into human form on land. There are many stories of selkie women captured by sailors and forced to be the sailors' wives. The sailors were said to hide the selkie woman's seal-skin so that she could not shift back into seal-form; however, in one story the woman finds her seal-skin and escapes back to her original home in the sea. Selkie men were said to be very attractive, and for a woman to summon a selkie man she was supposed to cry seven teardrops into the ocean and he would appear to her.

If you received the selkie as your result, you are an emotional and romantic person who also loves the water! Maybe you've been denying your romantic or loving side and need to tap back into it. Let the ocean inspire you to love your significant other by showing it. If you don't have a significant other, perhaps finding one is right around the corner for you! Just remember, once you've found love...don't let it go. Alternatively, now is also the time to re-connect with the part of you that you may have lost in your relationship. Examine your roots and maybe it's time to reconnect with an old interest or hobby.

Fairies are a world-wide phenomenon, spanning cultures and centuries.
Fairies are a world-wide phenomenon, spanning cultures and centuries. | Source

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    victoria111212 4 weeks ago

    hi I'm new so I know used to this I have this quiz was super

    cute in every way I'm a banshee

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    Cynthia B Turner 11 months ago from Georgia

    That was a fun quiz. Very clever of you to come up with that interesting way to tell us about the different types of fairies. Thanks for a bit of fairy fun! Take care.

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    Nell Rose 11 months ago from England

    I am a Selkie! lol! how cool! another great hub Kitty!

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    Heidi Thorne 11 months ago from Chicago Area

    As I've said elsewhere, I can't resist a good quiz. Who knew I'd be a pixie? Fun insight, as always. Have a blessed week ahead!

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    Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon 11 months ago from United Kingdom

    So I'm a pixie, am I? Time for mischief! :D

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    sannwi 11 months ago

    this was cute :) Thanks :) I got Dryad