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How to Banish and Cleanse Negative Energy for the Beginner

Known online as “thePuck”, Neal is an author and poet who spends his time thinking, writing, and solving interesting problems.

Read on to learn how to cleanse and banish magickal, spiritual, or psychic energies.

Read on to learn how to cleanse and banish magickal, spiritual, or psychic energies.

What Is "Negative Energy"?

What does a mage, witch, or shaman mean when they talk about "negative energy"? They aren't referring to anything having to do with electricity or physics (although the jury is still out on that one); instead, they are talking about magickal, spiritual, or psychic energies that have become dangerous and harmful. This can happen for many reasons.

Reasons Why Energies Become Bad

  1. Another person or group, using magick, can cast spells or perform rituals with the magickal intent of causing harm.
  2. An area, home, or structure can become corrupted. Many people will talk about haunted houses and cursed locations, but these are extremely rare, and I would argue that, in fact, ghosts do not truly exist. I have never seen a true ghost, as in a self-aware and disembodied psyche of a dead human. What I have observed were recordings, impressions made by events where people had very strong emotions. What happens in these cases is a great number of extremely painful, angry, or destructive events happen in a given location, and the natural energy of that location is corrupted.
  3. A person can become bound up in their own negative, aggressive, angry, violent, and/or depressed feelings. They can become a fractured and single-pointed being, unbalanced and hurting all of the time. We've all met people like this. If we are in a particularly bad place in our lives, we may be like this.

What Can Be Done?

Now that we have our terms defined, we can devise a strategy for dealing with the problem. For this, we use the I.O.B. Method, popularized by author Donald Michael Kraig in his seminal book, Modern Magick.

  1. Identify—First and foremost, you must figure out what the source of the problem is; a person is very different than a place, and an external threat, like numbers one and two above, is very different than the internal threat described in number three. "Negative energy" is really a category, which means each type of negative energy must be dealt with differently.
  2. Objectify—You need to bring the negative energy out, call it into a form separate from the people or location it has been bound to. This involves controlled visualization, which is just another name for the imagination. This is one of the great secrets of magick. Adults and people in authority often instinctively tell children to curb their imaginations without knowing why they are concerned in the first place—it is because the imagination, especially the imagination of children, is powerful enough to mold reality.
  3. Banish—You cleanse, banish, and otherwise get rid of the negative energy.

Step 1: Identify

When things are going right, we know it, yet when they are going wrong it's often hard to figure out what to blame. Some people want to reach for the supernatural immediately—and they are wrong to do so. Most of the external world obeys the laws of physics as science has explained them (the internal world, on the other hand...), and it's dangerous to believe that everything that happens is because of some malevolent force.

However, sometimes it is an evil supernatural force, or at least a negative one, one we don't want in our lives. What do we do then?

We figure out whether we have a curse, a corrupted location, or a corrupted person. This part is pretty easy. When the events associated with the negativity (bad luck, etc.) happen to you, specifically, and follow you no matter where you go, you are probably cursed. If the events seem tied to a house, some woods, a crossroads, etc. and never seem to happen away from that location, you have a corrupted location (note: locations can be cursed, but this makes no effective difference in how to deal with it). If you find yourself experiencing only one or two emotions, usually rage and depression, then you may have become corrupted with negativity yourself.

Note: Mental and emotional illnesses do exist, and it's important to note that you may need medical, not magickal, help. However, mental and emotional illnesses can cause you to become trapped in negative energy, thus becoming corrupted, and this will help that. In any case, a cleansing never hurt anyone!

Step 2: Objectify

Now that you have the negativity localized to a person outside you, a location, or yourself, it's time to give it a face and a name. Find a place you will have some privacy for a while. Outside in nature is best, but anywhere is fine. All that exists is within nature.

  1. Visualize the source of the negativity, whether it be yourself, another person, or a location. Hold them clearly in your mind's eye, and "see" the darkness as coiling, black smoke, so dense as to be made of darkness itself.
  2. Say: "I call upon you, oh Darkness, by the Words of Darkness. I summon you, oh Pain, by the Works of Pain. I abjure you, oh horror, by the Signs of Horror. Come out! I summon, stir, and call you into visible form before me."
  3. "See" the black smoke rise, pulled by the power of your words, and begin to come together in front of you, a great swirling cyclone of darkness. Allow the swirling storm of smoke to take shape before you (by this I mean "allow the form to come unbidden from your subconscious into your conscious mind"). If this form refuses to manipulate, repeat: "Come out! I summon, stir, and call thee into visible form before me" until it does. It usually either works the first or third time.
  4. Once the form exists before you, examine it. See if it has any features that might give you a hint as to its identity. Then, in a strong, confident voice, say: "I command you by the power of my Will and my Word to tell me your name." Again, "allow" a name to come into your mind. This is the negativity's name. Don't worry if it's nonsense, our names are mostly nonsense, too.

Step 3: Banish

Now that you have the negativity bound up as a spirit, with a name and a form, you can banish it. Again, find a private place and be ready to do some magick!

  1. Say: "I call upon you, 'insert spirit's name.' Come before me now and obey my commands." "See" the shape of darkness form before you. Notice that, between you, there is a small cord, like a string or a piece of webbing. It hangs in the air, connecting you, and this is the magickal or astral link between you and the negativity.
  2. If it was you who is bound up with the negative energy, go on to step three. If it's a spell or a "haunted/cursed/possessed" house, bring up your right hand. Visualize it burning with a golden-white energy as if it were composed of starlight. Bring it down on the cord connecting you to the spirit, cutting the cord between you. After all of this magick, the entity will most likely be happy to run off; if it came from a spell it will return to haunt its master, and if it was "haunting" a location it will simply disperse, cleansed by nature itself.
  3. If you are bound up in negativity, don't feel bad; it happens to everyone. But our beliefs about ourselves define us, and our beliefs about the world define our world, so we have to make sure we take care of sick hearts and souls as much as bodies. In your case, the process is different; you are not going to banish this entity of darkness, you are to reclaim it. Breath deeply, and with each breath, visualize the light of existence coming into you, filling you with a warm, bright, golden-white light. As you breathe, let that light fill you and spill out into the cord connecting you and the negativity. Let the light travel across this cord, cleansing it, changing it from dark to light, and then, as you continue to breathe the light in, let the light begin to fill up the shape of the entity. Continue until the negativity "spirit" is completely filled with light and you and it are the same color, then absorb it into yourself, cleansed. Note: You may have to do this several times to fully cleanse and reincorporate that part of yourself.

Final Word

With this simple bit of magick, you can deal with most low-level issues with negative energy, no matter which type. However, if something reacts strongly and aggressively to these attempts and you can't get rid of it in this way, you should contact your local occult shop because you need a professional.

Good luck, and as my other readers have found, feel free to ask questions in the comments; I almost always answer.

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Lawson on December 16, 2019:

pls. how do i deal with unwitted spirit on me n nagative energies around me that obstruct my luck money and love.

Chief Counsel on March 13, 2019:

I call the High Priest for protection and to be energized.

jeci on December 31, 2018:

For Alicia Hanley - I hope you get to read this - if it appears as a child, be very careful. Quite frequently very negative Things try to appear as a child to get people to let their guard down, or even befriend them. Consult a professional to know whether it is a child who doesn't know they're dead (or is just strongly connected to you, an object, or a place), or whether it is a negative energy in disguise.

Dannyexplicit on December 05, 2018:

This is perfectly spot on, you could use a good scare though. I've seen so many ghosts in my life time, sometimes I wish I could share lol. As long as you know what you're doing and believe in yourself (and in what your doing), you'll be perfectly okay. (:

Again, this is my the first of your writings I've stumbled upon, of course I have pointers (I'm not any better), but I truly adore how in-depth you are with your writing. It's a talent not everyone has.

Keep the good work.


Mario Legault from Toronto, ON, Canada on November 04, 2018:


I used a deck or playing cards to see if I was cursed and discovered that the odds that I am are very high. Truth is, in my youth...I was a vicious little brat. As I grew older I've come to change and mature as much as I can. But one thing I've never done was "thrive" in any way. I've lived, barely making ends meet and it feels like I'm only allowed to live as so long as I never "gain" anything. Now I'm 33 years old, desperate to make my life MOVE forward instead of just watching everything go by like I'm on pause. I need help. Yes, I suffer from extreme depression...However my basic intellect has taken no damage. Thank God or...Whatever's out there.

If it means anything, I see "111" or "1111" several times a day.

For Bethanie on October 31, 2018:

I am in the same situation but you have a gift like you said. We are sensitive to other energies but we can also generate our own. Look in a mirror and say this to yourself every morning and every night. “I am beautiful, I am strong and I am bold” go to the bathroom during your breaks and say this, whenever you feel a sign of weekness. Sometimes it is other energies and sometimes it’s us allowing the other energies to manifest.

Abdulganiru on October 09, 2018:

Please am suffering from negative energies please cast spell to remove this bad thing which have been blocking my way to success for me am from ghana now everything about me is down so if you ask for money before you will help me please my situation is worse please help me and when i see result that my success and goog luck have started i promiss to pay you i no if you need money to perform the rituals but please now am not having financial problem .please do help me and am seerious


Bethanie on September 13, 2018:

I need to figure out how to remove spiritual blocks. From birth I have been very sensitive to other people’s energy and Until recently didn’t understand its a gift not a curse. This has made life very painful. Overtime I shut down little by little and eventually realized I was numb to myself. I wanted to stop feeling and be “strong”, but it’s not who I am and it turned very dark for many years. Now I’m on this journey to reclaim my souls expression but feel blocked somehow. It’s like I’m right there but a wall is blocking my view. What could I do?

Alicia Hanley on August 29, 2018:

I think my house has a ghost. I believe it is a child. I burned sage and commanded it to leave my house. What else can I do?

RYN on August 13, 2018:

I have a property that has been one grief after another for 13 years but I really dont think it is the house itself. There is something to do with the land and there is someone dissing me as well. After all this time I really do feel as if I have anliteral monkey on my back. I have cleansed myself property and gently bound those that speak ill of me yet there is simply no movement anywhere. House has been for sale 8 mos and no offers of any kind. It is located in an okd mining town where there used to be a lot of strife between immigrants, poverty, and possibly inbreeding. HELP!

Eleigh on July 28, 2018:

Thank you for the level headed info.

Do you do consultation at all? I know someone struggling with some type of possession. The "darkness or curse" whatever it may be, posses them at serious inopportune times and destroyed their life consecutively for 5 years now. I literally watched them describe a plan which they intended to do and it was perfect. Their plan if executed would have been exactly what they predicted. Astonishingly to my amazement, When they went to execute the plan, for some reason they did the exact opposite of what they had just told me they were going to do. They did the exact oposite of what they knew and said they were going to do. I asked what happened. And they replied I have no idea. It's as if I was temporarily possessed and it possesed my mind to go against all my knowlage and underatanding.