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New Moon/Full Moon Gratitude Ritual

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Read on to learn why you should have a New Moon/Full Moon gratitude ritual

Read on to learn why you should have a New Moon/Full Moon gratitude ritual

Be Thankful for What You've Got

It is easy to center our rituals around manifestation, especially when we are seeing our manifestations magically appearing in our lives. As good as it feels to receive these wonderful gifts from our moon rituals, it feels spiritually peaceful after you've done a moon ritual centering around gratitude instead.

You should always be thanking the moon and whoever/whatever you've called upon to protect and guide you during every ritual. However, expressing only gratitude for an entire month of moon rituals shows the universe and those who are protecting and guiding you that you are aware of the help that you are receiving.

When done with authentic gratitude, gratitude rituals bring a benefit to all. Feeling grateful lightens the energy within and around us, which makes us more approachable and open to new things and people coming into our lives. Our lighter energy creates a ripple effect for those that we come into contact with so it picks up a little momentum with each person. This lighter energy makes it easier for the universe to do its work in the best interest of all of us.

Make It a Habit

Of course, you can do a gratitude moon ritual whenever you want, but to create a habit, I recommend choosing months that you would like to set aside to become your traditional gratitude months. I like to choose the solstice months of my favorite seasons, (March and September). Or you can choose months that are important to you, such as your birth month and when the full moon is in your astrological moon sign.


  1. Regular note book and pen
  2. Thank you card and stationary
  3. Sage stick/smudging tools
  4. Lavender incense
  5. White candle (symbolizing gratitude and love)


Spend seven days before the full moon to think about what you have received with the help of your moon rituals. What manifestations were you blessed with? Have you noticed any synchronicity which lead you to the right place or person in line with what you were trying to manifest? Are you seeing signs that who/what you've called upon for protection and guidance are hearing you?

Write them all down in a notebook. Add to it every day, and remember that nothing is too insignificant. It doesn't have to be formal. Just a word or a sentence about what you have received or what you are receiving.

Read your notes first thing every morning and right before you go to bed. Take some time to feel gratitude by reliving the feeling of each item on your list. For instance, think about how happy you felt when you manifested the love that you were asking for.

Purchase a thank you card and stationary. You can also use your gift of creativity and create your own. Put thought and love into your choices and creations. Choose or create a card and stationary with extra care just as you would for someone near and dear to you.

Full Moon Ritual

On the evening of the full moon, smudge and cleanse the area while you ask for protection and guidance. Light your candles and incense.

Using your notes, write a formal thank you letter on your stationery. Word it as if you were writing a thank you letter to a close friend. Once you have read it out loud or to yourself, take some time to feel gratitude for everything that you've written about.

When you are finished, put the letter inside the card and place it on your altar or in a spot where you will see it every day.

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In Between the Full Moon and the New Moon

Continue to add new blessings to your notebook. Read them all every morning and night. Take a few minutes to think about how grateful you are to be blessed with so many wonderful things in your life.

New Moon Ritual

On the evening of the new moon, smudge/cleanse the area and ask for protection and guidance. Light your white candle and incense.

With your new notes, write another thank you letter the same way that you did with the full moon. Read both of your thank you letters out loud or to yourself. Take some time to meditate on everything that you are thankful for.

Once you are finished, take both letters and put them inside of your card. Address the envelope to the universe and seal it. Send it to the universe by burying or burning it.

A Sample Letter

Dear Universe,

Thank you for all of the gifts that you have given me. I appreciate that you send me exactly what I need for the better good of all. I especially would like to thank you for sending me comforting signs letting me know that I am not walking through life alone.

Thank you for sending me the love that I had been yearning for. The journey to meet him/her was both exciting and magical.

My career is taking the positive path that I have been wanting. Thank you for sending me the right people and the right situations.

Most of all, I would like to thank you for the beauty of the glorious nature that surrounds me and brings me joy every day. Thank you for the sparkling stars and the luminous moon. Thank you for the warm sun and the meditative movement of the sea. Thank you for everything in between the mystical sky and the mighty earth.



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