Forest Magic: Ways to Use Forest Energy for Manifestation

Updated on March 8, 2018
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Kitty has been following an alternative spiritual path for seventeen years. She encourages others to follow their souls' calling.

Forest magic is potent, healing, and endless.
Forest magic is potent, healing, and endless. | Source

The Forest Whispers...

Some of us are beach people. Some of us are mountain people. Then there are the forest lovers—a brave group of individuals who enjoy hiking through the woods, smelling the scent of conifers, and discovering hidden rivers. The forest is an enchanting, mysterious place full of riddles and adventure. While it can be a dangerous place, it is also a sacred place of healing, grounding, and connection with spirit. We go to the forest to experience all of our senses, including our higher sense of self.

The forest whispers to those who are willing to listen. Take a walk through your local woods and find what magic awaits you. The earth energy in the forest is unlimited and ready to remind us that we are not separate from nature, we are a part of nature. The forest may seem outside of us, but in fact, it is inside of us. It's something we cannot separate ourselves from. The forest will lend its magic to you, if you are ready to harness it.

Simple Forest Magic: Connection and Absorption

As a kid, did you enjoy roaming the woods with your friends? Climbing across fallen trees, picking wildflowers, and discovering hidden creeks and waterfalls? If so, the forest might be where you find the most serenity and a spiritual connection. Even as an adult, you have the ability to find this energetic flow once more by simply getting into nature, going into the forest!

Maybe you live in the city or a suburban area and there are limited forest areas. Find a local park or nature preserve. Take a hike there and simply observe. Take in everything around you in the forest. Take a mental note (or written) of the trees, plants, birds, insects, bodies of water, and other wildlife there. Keep a log of your observations. By simply studying your local forest-life, you are forging a connection with the land that you didn't have before.

By taking a hike through the woods, you are not only connecting with the forest, you are grounding yourself. To really amp up the grounding effects of the forest—take off your shoes at a grassy or soft mossy spot and let the forest-floor's energy permeate your feet and refresh your body and mind. You can also sit with your back against a tree and just be. Listen to the wildlife above and all around you. Listen to the birds chirping, the bugs buzzing, the wind blowing through the oak and pine trees. Feel the breeze against your face. Smell the aroma of the forest. This is meditation. This will not only ground you, but it will cleanse your aura and leave you feeling peaceful and healed. And while you're in the forest, don't forget to hug a tree! Sounds crazy, but this is another method of connection and absorption of that healing earth energy so many of us need so badly in a modern world of technology, toxic fumes, and separation.

Please Note: If you're going into a forest you don't know, be sure to pack a backpack and bring survival gear. A GPS, compass, and map would also be helpful. Never leave a trail in an unfamiliar area. In bear country, don't forget your bear spray!

Just by being in the forest, you are promoting healing in yourself and forging a connection with the land.
Just by being in the forest, you are promoting healing in yourself and forging a connection with the land. | Source

Foraging for Forest Magic

If you are lucky enough to live close to uninhabited woods that are not property of the state, you have the ability to forage for magical items in the forest. What is foraging? It is the action of gathering or collecting things from nature for food, medicine, or magic. Be aware that while many plants are edible and medicinal in nature, there are also those that can be irritating, toxic, or deadly. It should go without saying that whatever you forage in the forest, you should have a keen awareness of the identification of that plant. If you don't know the plant, use gloves when handling and don't make use of it in food, medicine, or topically without consulting a local herbalist first. This is why nature walks with observation and identification of local plants should come before you begin foraging.

That being said, foraging is not only fun it is educational. By gathering pieces and bits from the forest, you are adding powerful magical ingredients to your inventory. For example, pine needles can be gathered from the forest floor, wrapped into bundles, and burned in smudging rituals to purify one's space. Pinecones, acorns, and other tree cones can be gathered and placed around the home to bring success and abundance into your home. They can also be used as decorations on your altar for the Autumn and Winter months.

Wildflowers can be picked and arranged in a bouquet on your kitchen table, altar, or bedroom dresser. Or you can dry them, press them in an album or spiritual journal, or even frame them and hang them on the wall for added earth energy. Foragers and wildcrafters use wildflowers to make cheery spring and summer wreaths to hang on their front doors. This invites positive, uplifting earth energy into your home.

Once you get to know your local plants well, you can use the safe herbs and plants in your magical endeavors. Herbs can be dried and used to dress candles for abundance, success, new opportunities, grounding, friendship, matters of the family and home. They can also be tied up in mojo bags or sewed into poppets for healing and self-love. You have simply to go into the forest and have an entire, huge magical cabinet right at your fingertips! While it might take more work to forage for ingredients in the forest than buying them from a grocery store, you are connecting with the earth in a way that your ancestors did. You are sharing your energy with the earth itself. You will be much more connected to the gifts you've foraged and therefore those ingredients will be more powerful in whatever intention you set out to manifest.

Not only will you find plants and trees in the forest, you might also find moss, rocks, feathers, bones, mushrooms, and more! Bring a bag or basket with you for collecting, and make sure to never take more than you need.

Magical Forest Ingredients

From Trees
From Plants
Pine needles
Seed pods

Working With Genius Loci (Land Guardian Spirits) and Fairies

Another way to connect to the forest and harness its energy is by forging a relationship with the genius loci. The genius loci are the guardian spirits of the land, and they are abundant in forests. Some believe they can aid in healing, success, and more. The first step to working with the genius loci is to show them your care and love for the earth. You can do this by simply visiting the forest, quietly, and leaving no litter behind. If you see any litter, pick it up. If you happen to come across an injured animal or plant and are able to help it, do so. The land guardian spirits will see your heart and kindness and want to help you with your intentions. Just being near them will help you heal and ground yourself.

The fairies are also abundant in the forest, and while many can be mischievous there are some that will help you. Fairies are known to be tricksters, so don't expect to be able to find them in the forest and ask them for their help with magic. Leave them offerings of cream, cakes, ale, wine, milk, butter, and all manner of sweet things. When the forest fairies get to know you, they will help you. You might see them pop up in your dreams to give you advice on a new love, job, or opportunity of some kind. You might even see them pop up in a meditation to aid in healing your body and mind. Either way, you can start this relationship by going into the forest and taking care of the forest.

The forest will speak to you when you are ready to listen. It will put gifts in your path that will aid in your rituals, meditations, and manifestations. Trust in the forest's magic.

The forest calls to those who are willing to listen.
The forest calls to those who are willing to listen. | Source

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