How to Attract Fairies

Updated on May 3, 2019
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Jennifer has been a practicing Witch and Priestess of the Goddess for over 20 years.

Dandelion Fairies
Dandelion Fairies | Source

Getting to Know the Fair Folk

Not all Faeries are sweet and kind—there is often a mischievous, trickster element among them. The more you know about Faerie and the diverse types of beings there, the more successful you will be in working with them. If they choose to befriend you, the energy they lend your magick is quite an extraordinary blessing!

Faeries and nature are intimately connected. They are a part of nature. Every single action and aspect of nature has a corresponding Faerie attached to it. The main task of most Faeries is to encourage, support, guard and protect nature in all Her glory and wonder.

There are Faeries for each season, each Element, and every type of weather. Each flower, herb, tree, plant, cave, rock, crystal, stone, river, lake, stream, waterfall, and sacred place has a Faery or Faeries connected to it. Most winged creatures and animals have a Faery attached to them as well.

Faeries are always just under the surface in all aspects of the natural world. The more you honor and surround yourself with nature, the more the Faeries will be around as well.

What's in a Name

  • The word Faerie or Faery refers to both the Realm/Land of the Fae, where Faeries and other Magickal creatures come from; as well as the Faeries themselves.
  • The words Fae and Fey refer to creatures of Faerie and can be used interchangeably along with Faery or Faerie.
  • Fairy and Fairies tend to refer to the Victorian style of diminutive winged Fairy.
  • The archaic Faerie or Faery tends to refer to the wilder, sometimes darker and more dangerous type of Faery.
  • There are also household Faeries and Faeries who are connected to a specific family, tribe, or clan. These are often referred to as Brownies.
  • Other older terms for the Fae include: the Wee Folk, the Wee Ones, the Good Folk, and the Fair Folk.

There is a trickster element in Faerie
There is a trickster element in Faerie | Source

Faerie Offerings

A wonderful way to begin connecting with the Fae is through Faerie offerings. These are given in love and blessing, not to request something in return.

Given their connection to nature, one of the best ways to honor the Faeries is to honor, love, respect, & protect nature.

Other Faerie offerings include:

  • Cream or Milk, Honey, Alcohol (such as Whiskey or Mead)
  • Tobacco, Herbal Offerings, Flowers, Sweet or Floral Incense, Feathers
  • Ribbons, Shells, Holy Stones, Crystals
  • Laughter (especially children’s), Music, Dance
  • Sweet Treats, Sparkly Treasures and Trinkets
  • Miniature Clothes especially Hats, Small Twigs so they have wood for their fires, build them a Faery House, and many more…

There are times when you may not wish to leave Faerie offerings. Faeries that are charged with a specific task such as household Faeries, and those who help craftspeople as in the story of the Shoemaker and the Elves, will often view offerings as payment for a job well done and promptly leave the area once the offerings have been received.

An example of a Faery House
An example of a Faery House | Source

Entering Faerie

The Realm of the Fae and our own physical realm on Earth overlap and exist together. The Faery dimension simply operates at a different vibration than our own therefore we usually cannot see it with our physical eyes.

There was a time however when our two worlds co-mingled and interacted regularly. However, since Faeries are truly wild, they are usually only found in truly wild places and as man cultivated more and more of these wild places, the realm of the Fae began to recede from our own.

The most common ways to enter Faerie are:

  • Through a hole at the base of a tree, especially an Oak, Ash, or Hawthorn
  • At the mouth of or inside a cave or old rock formation.
  • Through a Faerie Ring such as a ring of mushrooms.
  • Mirrors and Dreams can be entrances to Faerie.
  • You can also enter Faerie by going into a trance like state.

Mirror can be portals to Faerie
Mirror can be portals to Faerie | Source

Some Cautions About Entering Faerie Rings

Time operates differently in Faerie and some who get caught in a Faerie ring may find that while it seemed they were only gone for minutes, when they return, they find years, even decades or more passed while they were with the Fae. And all of their loved ones and friends are no longer around.

Faeries can also cause you to get lost, or play tricks on you. This is most common when someone who is disrespectful, greedy, or rude enters their domain.

Another danger of Faerie rings is that the Faeries can dance you do death. They can have you run ‘round and ‘round and ‘round - endlessly ‘round the Faerie ring until you are exhausted and spent. So do beware before entering their Realm.

An example of a Faery Ring
An example of a Faery Ring | Source

How to See a Faery

These days true Faery sightings are extremely rare. More often they will appear out of the corner of you eye, just a glimpse for just a fraction of a moment. Or you might sense their presence. This can be with your inner sense, or you might hear music playing or laughter but be able to find its source in the physical, or you might smell sweetness or flowers on the air, again with no discernable source. These are often Faerie encounters.

Wild places are still the best place for a Faery encounter. As are all ‘in between’ times, such as dusk, dawn, and midnight. There are certain power days in which the veil between the worlds is thinner and Faerie sightings are more likely, these are Beltaine, Litha (Midsummer), and Samhain. It is said that the Fae still hold processions on these nights. And it is thought that if you wash your eyes with fresh dew at dawn on any of those days you are sure to see the Fey.

There are also certain trees in which Faeries are more likely to be found, these are Oak, Ash, and Thorn (Hawthorn), the older the tree and the wilder the location, the more likely this is.


I’d love to hear some of your experiences with Faeries. Comment below with any encounters you’ve had. What are some of your favorite Faery offerings? Have any of you ever seen a Faery or entered Faerie? What was your experience like? What would you recommend to others?

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      • Jennifer Jorgenson profile imageAUTHOR

        Jennifer Jorgenson 

        13 days ago

        Indeed they are!

      • Fayleen profile image


        13 days ago

        The little light twinkly lights are aroynd to

      • Jennifer Jorgenson profile imageAUTHOR

        Jennifer Jorgenson 

        2 weeks ago

        That sounds like a truly enchanted Beltaine! The veil has been really thin this year - very active. Beltaine is such an auspicious time to see Faeries too. I saw my first faerie at Beltaine many many many moons ago. Thank you for sharing your experience!

        Blessed Be.

      • Fayleen profile image


        2 weeks ago

        Hi jenniefer, very readable & enjoyable article. I think i had a fairy sighting this beltane. I went for a walk in the woods, lit a campfire. Then walked on to a field and had a picnic & a smoke. Then noticed black things flying around in the air. They looked unusual and as i focused on one it had a fairy shape. :-)

      • Jennifer Jorgenson profile imageAUTHOR

        Jennifer Jorgenson 

        2 weeks ago

        Yes! Just about every culture in the world has myths and lore about the fey. The indigenous people of Australia referred to them as the "Mimi". The Mimi are describe as being very long and thin, so thin they could break in a strong wind so they tend to dwell in rocks and crevices.

        Thank you for this question. I had been debating as to whether or not I should include lore about the fae from all over the world. Your question has inspired me to consider adding that. Thanks again!

      • Emhtn06 profile image

        Emma Houghton 

        2 weeks ago from Somewhere

        Do the fey live in Australia?


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