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Common Superstitious Beliefs About Itchy Fingers

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Fingers that itch are believed by some to be signs from the Universe.

Fingers that itch are believed by some to be signs from the Universe.

Possible Reasons for Itchy Fingers

Have you ever felt your fingers itch, even though there is no apparent cause? Believe it or not, there are some superstitions about itchy fingers and what they can mean. If you can't explain why your finger (or fingers) is itching, perhaps one of these superstitions can. It may seem that this is an ordinary sensation of little-to-no importance, but there are special meanings behind this feeling that you don't want to miss! Some people believe there are spiritual messages behind itchy fingers, and ignoring them could make you miss the opportunity to learn what the Universe is trying to tell you. So pay attention when you find your fingers inexplicably itching.

Possible Spiritual Meanings for Itchy Fingers

Many people believe that signs are sent out by the Universe to give you insight about what might be to come. And an itching finger(s) is one way the Universe could try to communicate with you. But being spiritually disconnected can stop the flow of this communication. Therefore, it is always a good idea to pay close attention and keep your spiritual senses active.

An itchy sensation on your fingers may occur whenever you fail to stay in touch. You might suddenly feel itchy fingers as a reminder from the Universe to become spiritually conscious once again. It's one way the Universe informs you that you may want to tap into the spirit world as it may have a sign of what lies ahead.

It's easy to miss the message if you're not paying attention to the signals the spiritual realm is trying to tell you. But the universe will make your fingers itch to make you aware of the spiritual message that needs your attention. If you don't pay attention, you will miss that warning from the spirit world.

There are times when we ignore the spiritual signs around us—it's easy to get caught up in the busyness of day-to-day life. That's why the Universe will sometimes send you a reminder to pause—and keep an eye out for signs—by causing your fingers to itch. Whenever you feel that unexplainable itchy sensation on your fingers, remember that it could be a sign that you may need to pay attention.

Some superstitions hold that an itchy ring finger is related to love and marriage.

Some superstitions hold that an itchy ring finger is related to love and marriage.

Itchy Fingers and Their Possible Meanings

Like other superstitions, superstitions surrounding itchy fingers do not necessarily follow logic. After all, superstitions do not have to be 100 percent grounded in empirical fact for people to believe in them. Each finger has different superstitious beliefs attached to it. Below is a list of what some people believe itching of these specific fingers might mean.

1. Itchy Fingers on the Right Hand

It is generally considered a good sign when you're having itchy fingers on your right hand—the right hand only receives the good spiritual messages. Some believe that when one of your fingers on the right hand itches, it is a sign that you will either be lucky, have good fortune, or receive money soon. As such, it is recommended to take this as a sign to be hopeful and and not let yourself feel discouraged. Even if you're having difficulties in your life right now, many believe that a sudden itching on your right hand could be a good sign.

2. Itchy Fingers on the Left Hand

Unfortunately, some believe it is a bad sign when the fingers on your left hand itch. It can be considered a warning that you will be experiencing difficulties in your life soon. The left hand holds the negative signs. If you feel an itch in your left hand, it is a good idea to gather a lot of protective energy around you. Be careful because it could be a sign that evil forces are working to get into your chakra.

That said, it is important not to immediately jump to negative conclusions as the itchy sensation on your left hand could hold another meaning. This itchy sensation—similar to a hiccup—can also occur when somebody misses you. If this is the case, the Universe often sends you a sign that the person is missing you by making you think of them or by them showing up in your life unexpected ways.

3. Itchy Thumb

Superstitions work in mysterious ways and they often have a double meaning. Some superstitions say that it is a bad sign when your thumb is itching and should be taken as a warning that bad things that are about to happen. However, others believe that an itchy thumb means that money is about to come your way. So it's a good idea to always be curious about these sensations and considering what you think it might mean before jumping to conclusions.

4. Itchy Index Finger

An itchy index finger has been linked to the belief that you are approaching the end of a phase in your life. It could be a sign that a new beginning is about to come. When your index finger itches, it is therefore a good idea to be prepared for possible coming changes as a major transition might soon occur. It could be life-changing (either for good or bad), so prepare yourself for anything.

Feeling the itch on your index finger has also been believed to mean that negativity is already inside of you. If you think this is the case, know that this negativity will likely affect everything around you, so try to generate more positivity in your life.

5. Itchy Middle Finger

The middle finger is the tallest finger, and it is generally believed to be a good sign when it starts to feel itchy. When your middle finger itches, some believe it is a sign that something good will happen in your career. This could be a job promotion that you have been wanting for a long time.

When you get promoted, more responsibility will follow. Prepare yourself and do the best that you can to deal with this opportunity. As such, an itchy middle finger could be a sign that you should be more responsible and consistent with work. This message is telling you to get ready.

6. Itchy Ring Finger

This superstition is related to love and marriage. When your ring finger suddenly feels itchy, some believe it is a sign that you are soon about to get married. It might mean that your significant other will propose to you soon, and you will accept the proposal. An itchy ring finger can be a useful tool in understanding what could be about to happen with your love life.

7. Itchy Pinky Finger

When the smallest finger itches, it could be telling you about things that you have ignored. Some believe it could be a sign that the Universe wants to redirect your attention to these issues before you start to experience certain consequences as a result of your actions. Don't ignore an itchy pinky finger because it can tell you about some important details in your life.

Though it may feel insignificant because the pinky finger is small, the Universe could be gently reminding you that the small things in your life are also important. This itchy pinky could be a reminder not to ignore the small things, even if they seem unnecessary or unimportant. When your smallest finger itches, it is a good idea to consider the things you have been ignoring and spend some time tending to them.

What if all of your fingers itch?

What if all of your fingers itch?

10 Itchy Finger Superstitions

There are a wide variety of superstitions about the possible meaning of itchy fingers. Awareness about these various beliefs can offer you possible guidance about what the Universe might be trying to tell you. To some, these are considered Divine messages that will allow you to make sound decisions about your life.

1. Good Luck With Money

Some believe that an itchy finger is a sign that you will have money coming your way in the future. Interpret the meaning in whatever way makes the most sense in your own personal experience. If you're always buying lotto tickets, maybe you will finally have the lucky numbers! Or if you have an itchy finger in the morning, perhaps you will have financial good news before the day is over.

2. Somebody Misses You

An itchy finger could also be a sign that a special someone misses you. Some believe that itchy fingers on the left hand mean that someone close to you is thinking about you—this could be your friends, family, or even your soulmate.

Having an itchy finger could be the Universe's way of inviting you to call or visit the special someone who is thinking of you. It could also be reminder that you are special and loved.

3. Arrival of Good Fortune

If it's your middle finger that feels itchy, some people would interpret this to mean that good fortune is coming. If you get this sensation this while in the middle of hardship, perhaps better times are about to come soon!

More specifically, some believe that this good fortune will be related in some way to your career if the itch occurs on the middle finger of your right hand.

4. Opportunities Are on Their Way

Some believe that if all five fingers on your right hand are itchy in the afternoon, then positive opportunities are coming your way. Keep in mind that you could lose these opportunities if you're not prepared to take them. So be sure to prepare yourself, work hard, and practice consistency to increase your chances of claiming these opportunities.

5. Finding Love

An itchy ring finger on your left hand could be a sign that you will find love and maybe soon meet a soulmate. If you are open to this possibility, prepare by focusing on positive thoughts about attracting a soulmate into your life!

If you already have a significant other, an itchy ring finger might instead suggest that marriage is in the near future. Perhaps there will be a proposal soon! Obviously, the meaning of this particular itch depends on your unique experience and circumstances.

6. Balanced Emotions

Another superstition is that when the index finger of your left hand itches, it's a sign that you need to balance your emotions. Perhaps you've been through an emotionally turbulent experience recently (e.g., betrayal of trust; heartbreak). Some people believe that the itchy index finger is a reminder from the Universe that it is time to heal from your experience and calm any emotional instability that is holding you back.

7. Somebody Is Speaking Ill of You

It's hard to believe that somebody close to you could be speaking ill of you. However, one superstition is that itchiness on your lefthand fingers at midnight is a sign that somebody is saying bad things about you. This could be a suggestion from the Universe to be on your guard and careful about who you trust. Never share your fears with people you don't believe are trustworthy. If you already did, this could be a suggestion that you guard yourself against these people in the future.

8. Blessing From the Universe

Though this is likely a rare experience, some believe that it is a good sign when all of your fingers start itching. It could be a sign that the Universe will bless your work or that you will enjoy whatever it is that you're doing. Perhaps the Universe is telling you not to worry right now.

9. Spiritual Awakening

At midnight, you may feel that your left hand is hot and itchy. It could be a sign that you are being called to a spiritual awakening. If you think this is the case, it might be a good idea to tun in and be especially sensitive to any spiritual aspects in your life. It could be a call from the Universe to focus on your spiritual journey so that you can better understand and realize your Divine abilities.

10. Protection From Harm

Many believe that the Universe will attempt to send you a sign if negative forces are trying to harm you. One superstition is that itchiness on both your index and pinky fingers is just such a warning from the Universe. According to this superstition, this simultaneous itching is a suggestion from the Universe to secure yourself by praying for protection from any negative attacks that could be coming your way.


What Are Superstitions and When Did They Start?

Superstitions have existed for a very long time and are very widespread and diverse. They are often rooted in cultural and traditional beliefs that have evolved over the years. These beliefs don't always follow the rule of logic or scientific reasoning, but many people believe in them and find value in them. Even in modern times, there are still many people who believe in superstitions and place great stock in them.

Many superstitions started way back in ancient times as ways of explaining that which could not be understood. Due to a lack of understanding about everything that was happening around them, humans found ways to make meaning out of that which they experienced and believed. These beliefs were not established out of ignorance, but more out of a need to have something to hold on to. Many of these beliefs help us to feel more in control of our lives and our fate.

It's human nature to try to understand what's happening around us. During ancient times—when science was still not as advanced as it is now—humans needed to find a way to explain things. For many, superstitions involving the supernatural became the way to understand and explain various phenomena.

What Do I Do When I Have an Itchy Finger?

To some, an itchy finger is believed to have a spiritual meaning. If you are a believer, then pay attention to these signs as it could help you pick up an important message from the Universe. Use these signals for your own advantage by identifying what you think the message means and preparing/responding accordingly.

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