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7 Superstition and Old Wives' Tales About Cats

Cindy is an author and paranormal enthusiast who has published numerous books and articles on the subject of true unexplained phenomena.


1. Cats Fighting at a Funeral

While cats can be gentle and loving towards their humans, some are not nearly as tolerant when it comes to interacting with their own species. While seeing or hearing two felines in the throes of battle is not unusual, these altercations are believed to take on a whole new meaning when they take place in the vicinity of a funeral service.

It is said that to witness cats fighting at a funeral is to see the forces of good and evil in action. In this situation, the combatants are not cats at all, but agents of Heaven and Hell sent to vie for the soul of the dearly departed. The same holds true if cats are heard fighting outside the window of someone who is reaching the end of life.

Fortunately, this only occurs in cases where the targeted individual led a less-than- honorable existence. With their final destination up for grabs, the cat willing to go the distance determines the fate of the decedent's immortal soul.


2. Stealing a Baby's Breath

Cats are notorious for sleeping when and where they want, as anyone who has shared their home with one of these headstrong furballs will tell you. While some are content to nestle on a sofa or in a comfy chair, others will go out of their way to slumber in areas they know are off limits, such as the crib of an infant.

Centuries ago, in parts of New England, rumors circulated that cats, working at the behest of practitioners of evil, would take the life of a newborn child if given half a chance. As a result of this concoction, when an infant was found unresponsive in its crib for no apparent reason, the family cat often took the blame. Before long, the fear of nefarious felines stealing the breath of babies became so prevalent that some parents got rid of their pets, humanely and otherwise, as a precaution.

Though it is true that some cats like to make themselves at home in cribs, it is not because they wish to harm the occupant. Felines crave warmth, so it is natural for them to be drawn to these tiny bodies that seem to exude heat from every pore. It has also been speculated that they are attracted to the aroma of milk that wafts from the mouth of a sleeping infant. When a cat is seen curiously examining a baby's lips, their intentions, rather than being sinister, are more likely an effort to find the source of the delectable smell.


3. An Uninvited Guest

To witness a stray cat wandering around a neighborhood is an all-too-common occurrence. If, however, one of these vagabonds happens to dart into your home, consider yourself lucky; your fortunes are about to change for the better.

If a street cat enters a dwelling of its own accord, good fortune will follow on its heels, especially if the unexpected visitor happens to be black or gray. Even if the homeowner is not a cat person, they would do well to make their guest comfortable. Apparently, the longer the impromptu visit lasts, the more lucrative the rewards. If the occupants offer the nomadic feline a permanent home, they will be assured continued success for years to come.

So, if you are fumbling to get in the door and a cat rushes passed you, don't be too quick to shoo it away. Fate just might be smiling on you.


4. Cats in Cemeteries

Outside cats, whether they are strays or free-roaming, sometimes show up in the strangest of places, cemeteries being no exception. As superstition has it, to see a lone cat among the headstones is to witness a transplanted human soul in action.

The discarnated essences of those who have passed on, but cannot find their way home, are fabled to dwell in graveyards; constantly on the lookout for bodies to inhabit. Since cats are said to live their lives with two feet in this world and the other two firmly planted in the shadow realm, they make perfect hosts for lost spirits.

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A cat that has taken up residence in the garden of the dead is usually given a wide berth by those who err on the side of caution. After all, a disembodied soul that has chosen a feline as its vessel is a force to be reckoned with.


5. The Protectors

Cats, besides being loving companions, are also thought to be natural-born mystics. As such, they sense things that humans either can't or won't acknowledge. It is for this reason that people who fear the dark side often keep a feline close by. A cat, you see, is believed to have the capacity to not only detect the presence of evil, but also to keep it at bay by sheer force of will.

An animal's innate ability to sense danger is essential to their survival. With predators lurking around every corner, they must remain diligent or suffer the consequences. Cats are especially gifted when it comes to this sixth sense, due in part to their awareness of the vile beings that dwell in the outer reaches of our existence.

If a cat suddenly bows up and hisses at a presence only it can see, this is believed to indicate that a malevolent entity has attempted to enter the space. Realizing that it has been seen, and making no distinction between the feline protector and the humans that reside within the home, the interloper will normally opt to do its bidding elsewhere. This also holds true if a low growl emits from a cat for no apparent reason. Although the owner may observe nothing out of the ordinary, their pet knows that something is up and reacts accordingly.

With this in mind, the next time your cat exhibits behavior that makes you question its sanity, know that this was probably by design. After all, if the performance frightened you, imagine what it did to the sinister presence that was sent packing.

6. Stepping on a Cat's Tail

Even though they are wonderful additions to a home, felines have an uncanny ability to get underfoot. When this occurs, it isn't unusual to accidentally tread on their tail, resulting in an indignant screech or, in some cases, a retaliatory swat.

Besides the obvious repercussions, stepping on a cat's tail is said to have unforeseen consequences for the person responsible. For single women, this means that they can expect to wait a year before meeting an eligible partner. If they make a habit of the careless act, they might want to consider joining a convent.

In general, stepping on a cat's tail is a sure sign that bad luck will follow. Broken romances, strained finances, job loss and any number of misfortunes will supposedly plague those who offend their sensitive feline in such a manner. In order to avoid the mishap, those who find themselves in the presence of a cat would do well to watch their step. Even the most forgiving of felines has its limits.


7. Messengers of Death

Stories in which cats have allegedly predicted deaths before they occurred have made the rounds for years. While most of these accounts were rooted in superstition, a handful of cases have come to light that are enough to give anyone pause.

In one well-publicized case, a nursing home in Providence, Rhode Island was the site of a series of deaths that had a common denominator: they had each occurred shortly after the patients were visited by one of the facility's resident cats, a gray and white beauty named Oscar.

Oscar, it would seem, has an uncanny ability to sense when death is approaching. Rather than shying away from it, the mixed breed ball of fur is said to curl up next to the person whose time is coming to an end. After offering them comfort, he goes about his way. Within hours, the patient he visited takes their final breath.

Over a five-year period, Oscar's presence foreshadowed the deaths of fifty patients. Sadly, while it isn't unusual for nursing home residents to pass away, the fact that the cat was seen lying beside these particular patients just prior to their deaths has made a lot of people wonder if he somehow knew that they were about to transition into the afterlife.

Those who are familiar with Oscar claim that he has a reputation for being somewhat aloof and standoffish, making his uncharacteristic displays of compassion all the more intriguing.

The cat's ability to sense death as it draws near is said to be so accurate that, to be on the safe side, staff members now routinely contact the families of those with whom Oscar chooses to keep company. This gives them the opportunity to see those they hold dear one last time, should the outcome he is believed to foresee come to pass.






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