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6 Superstitions (and Their Meanings) About Love

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Love is something humans crave, so of course there are lots of superstitions about how to get it, lose it, or keep it.

Love is something humans crave, so of course there are lots of superstitions about how to get it, lose it, or keep it.

1. The Gift of Pearls

There are several superstitions revolving around pearls, one of the sea's most valued treasures. What these beliefs mean for those hoping to find love is almost entirely dependent on the gem's color and whether it was purchased or given.

White pearls, according to Greek mythology, represent the tears shed by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, after her heart was broken by an unfaithful paramour. From that point on, if a woman was gifted white pearls, any romantic relationships she pursued were doomed to end badly.

There was, however, a way around this unpleasant outcome. If the recipient of the pearls offered the giver a few coins in exchange, her love life would take a turn for the better. Having purchased the pearls outright, she had avoided offending the gods and therefore would find happiness in the arms of the next person who caught her fancy.

If an unattached female is given black pearls on a special occasion, she will soon find herself being showered with attention from a number of eligible suitors. These gems are symbols of love and devotion and can be gifted without worry. To receive black pearls is to know that your soulmate is nearby and will find you when the time is right.

A gift of black pearls foreshadows love on the horizon.

A gift of black pearls foreshadows love on the horizon.

2. Dropping Scissors

Having a pair of scissors slip from your grasp can be dangerous for reasons other than the obvious. According to superstition, if a woman drops a pair of scissors, this means that her significant other is seeing someone else behind her back. The secret the lothario carries, coupled with the fear of what might happen if the truth comes to light, prompts his subconscious to do everything in its power to keep sharp objects out of the hands of the one he is betraying.

In order to put an end to his two-timing without causing a scene, the put upon partner can sew the feather of a monogamous bird, such as a mourning dove, owl, or swan inside the pillow on which her lover sleeps. The theory behind this is that, as he slumbers, he will be reminded that faithfulness is a virtue not to be taken lightly. After several nights spent with his head resting upon the feather, the cheater will reach an epiphany. Upon recognizing the error of his ways, he will vow from that moment on to remain true to the person with whom he shares the bed.

Dropping a pair of scissors has a hidden meaning that can spell disaster for a budding romance.

Dropping a pair of scissors has a hidden meaning that can spell disaster for a budding romance.

3. A Rabbit's Influence

Rabbits are soft, fluffy, timid, and all around adorable. They are also, as most of us know, somewhat randy and exceedingly fertile. Their reputations as rapid reproducers make them perfect fodder for superstitions regarding love in all its forms.

It is believed that if a couple who are courting happen to encounter a wild rabbit that shows no fear of humans, this indicates that they are destined to spend the rest of their lives together. Not only will they marry and live happily ever after, but they can also expect to fill their home with children.

If a lone individual comes across a rabbit that seems to be studying them intensely, that person has recently met their soulmate or soon will. As a result of the encounter, the union foreseen by the prolific animal will be fruitful, producing a large number of offspring.

So, if you ever find yourself being judged by an exceedingly curious rabbit at a time when your love life is struggling, take it as a sign that you are about to be hit by Cupid's arrow. If, however, you cross paths with such a creature, but are not yet ready to settle down and start a family, you might want to make a quick detour. To do otherwise could put you on the radar of nature's most fabled matchmaker.

According to some superstition, rabbits can be a sign of much procreation to come.

According to some superstition, rabbits can be a sign of much procreation to come.

4. Keeping Broken Items

Most of us have broken a cup or other household item at one time or another. When these mishaps occur, rather than throwing the fragments away, it is tempting to reach for the glue and attempt to repair the damage. As superstition has it, this often futile effort can lead to the fracturing of the relationships of those living in the home.

Objects that are broken into numerous pieces, no matter how sentimental they may be to the owner, should be thrown out immediately. Not only are they considered to be bad luck in a general sense, but the cracks and shattered bits are said to mimic the lives of the people around them.

Once something is broken beyond repair, it can never really be made whole again. Even though it may come close, the cracks will remain. In lore, these fissures are thought to represent the hearts of those who share space with the item.

If a couple resides in the home, as the seams deepen, so too will the space between them. As time passes, the patchwork will crumble, destroying both the furnishing and the relationship it has come to symbolize.

If the broken item is a picture frame that holds the image of the main pairing in the household, their union is doomed to fail if the frame is not replaced with a new one. Any attempt to make the splintered piece whole again will end badly for all those involved.


5. A Seating for One

Some people prefer to sit in the aisle seat in a movie theater or on an airplane. While this might be a practical choice for those who enjoy easy access of movement, unless they wish to spend their lives alone, they may want to rethink their position.

To sit in solitude sends the message to the powers-that-be that you prefer your own company to that of others. While this may be well and good in the interim, it doesn't bode well for those who desire to someday find a mate.

Likewise, if a person reserves a table for one in a restaurant, they have announced to the universe that they are happy being alone. Since the eyes and ears of fate are always upon us, our wish is their command. If we are constantly making it clear that we want to be left on our own, they will make it happen, with a vengeance.

For those who are unattached at the moment, but hope to find everlasting love at some point, they would do well to mingle rather than set themselves apart. Not only are they more apt to meet a kindred spirit, but their actions also inform any unseen busybodies who might be watching that they are not solitary beings. Once their position is made clear, the love they seek will find them.


6. When Things Unravel

Just as a broken furnishing is believed by some to foretell the future state of a relationship, so too does the fraying of clothing worn by the parties involved. This is why pulling on a string that has begun to unravel from a garment is considered tantamount to ringing the death knell for a romantic pairing.

Apparently, nearly everything around us has at least some influence on the status of our love lives, including the clothes on our backs. If these articles begin to unravel, this is providence's way of telling us that the hold we once had on the one we adore is waning. As the garment falls apart, bit by bit, the feelings we once shared follow suit. If the loose strings are cut away, this only serves to prolong the inevitable. It would seem that, once the process has begun, there is no turning back. Thankfully, however, all hope is not lost.

Supposedly, if the garment is destroyed in its entirety before the flaw is allowed to gain momentum, the events that would have taken place are halted in their infancy. Rather than ending the relationship, the action signals a time of rebirth from which the union emerges stronger than ever.


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The unraveling of a piece of clothing is said to imitate the state of a relationship.

The unraveling of a piece of clothing is said to imitate the state of a relationship.

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